Bacon Bits

By now you probably know I eat a primarily vegan diet – my few occasional vices being the odd bit of cheese or fish. However I fully appreciate the joys of bacon, having eaten and loved it for the majority of my life. Bacon is one of those weird cult foods that has a ridiculous following – there are Facebook groups, blogs, and tasting groups all over the place, and plenty of gifts to go with. So in the spirit of the tastiest part of piggies, today’s gifts are for the bacon lover in your midst.

Bacon Hot Sauce – $5.99 USD / bottle
This one’s a no-brainer, particularly for the BBQ fiend in your household. This tasty sauce is a blend of spicy hot and savoury bacon and makes an ace choice as a on-the-cheap gift for your best guy friend or your co-worker’s birthday.

Bacon Soap – $7.50 / Slice @ Soapier
Canadian soap shop Soapier has crafted a completely vegetable-based solution that’ll allow you to enjoy the sweet waft of crackling bacon even if you aren’t able to indulge in it yourself. Make every shower feel like a prelude to Sunday brunch with these fun and fragrant bars. Consider bringing a slice a tongue-in-cheek hostess gift the next time you’re invited to a neighbourhood BBQ.

101 Things To Do With Bacon – $10.99 @ Indigo
What would a Bacon post be without tips on how to cook it? This vintage-inspired cookbook is an affordable entre into the world of frying, sizzling, slicing, and munching on crispy goodness. From familiar favourites – like crispy fried rice – to creative reinventions – like asparagus, onion, and bacon pizzas, this is a fun gift for your gal or guy pal that loves to cook them some bacon.

Bacon Toothpaste – $5.95 @ Danna Bananas
Oh yes. I’m skeptical on this one. But hey, it makes for a fun gag gift for your pesky little brother. Just…don’t give it to a guy or gal you’re looking to kiss okay? I suspect you might regret that particular gift-giving idea.

Bacon Tees – $19 USD each @ Raygun
Have fun with your food with these goofy, designer-y tees that spoof pop culture and allow you to still show your bacon-y pride at the same time. Ladies AND gents can order these bacon-emblazoned tees, so if you want to be super hardcore, get one for you and one for your spouse and go out for a greasy breakfast together.

Everything Pack – $49.99 USD @ J&D’s
If someone you know subscribes to the belief of these cuisine-minded men that ‘Everything Should Taste Like Bacon’, you’re in luck with this extensive gift set that includes just about everything J&D’s makes. From bacon salt and bacon popcorn to bacon croutons and bacon mayonnaise, you’d be hard-pressed to find an everyday dish that can be seasoned up with bacon-flavoured goodies.

Epic Meal Time Bacon Tees – $20 each @ Nexttime Productions
If you’ve never seen the Canadian boys behind the YouTube sensation Epic Meal Time nosh on a bacon sandwich wrapped in bacon, or make a candy BBQ out of donuts, frosting condiments, rice krispie patties, and sugary ‘gay bacon strips’, you’re in a for a treat. Or a toothache. If you get their brand of decidedly Jackass-inspired humour however, you’ll dig their endless bacon strip tees, available on their eShop for $20 a pop.

Bacon Toothpicks w/ Dispenser – $9 @ Front & Company
Need to get those bacon bits out of your teeth? Use these bacon-flavoured toothpicks to prolong the taste and clean your teeth – and store ’em in a dispenser that shows your bacon pride.

Vosges Bacon + Chocolate Gift Box – $69
Consider this the ultimate in decadent bacon eating: gourmet chocolate shop Vosges has packed a bunch of their beloved bacon-infused products into one luxurious, gift-wrapped package. Enjoy bacon chocolate bars, flying pigs, bacon toffee, and even a unique bacon + pancake mix – saving you the hassle of making two separate dishes on weekend mornings. Gift this one to your sweetheart for his birthday.

6 Responses to “Bacon Bits”
  1. Dreena says:

    Wow, all things bacon! Cool.
    I’ve had the Vosges bacon chocolate. I’d love to try the hot sauce.
    Thanks for putting the list of goodies together.

  2. Anne Taylor says:

    Omg @ the Bacon Toothpaste! hahaha My eldest daughter is a bacon fanatic and I may just have to look into this for her! #cgg

  3. Huguette E. says:

    I love bacon, but WOW, never knew there were some many bacon products out there! #cgg

  4. Sophia says:

    Bacon toothpaste. Kind of disgusting but also so awesome at the same time! #cgg

  5. Susan says:

    You’ve certainly found some unique gift items for the bacon lover on everyone’s list! Not sure I’d want to try the bacon toothpaste, but the hot sauce intrigues me! Love those punny T-shirts too! #CGG

  6. Dreena says:

    O, I forgot to put #cgg on my above comment!

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