Today’s picks are inspired by country living – farm fresh ideas that’ll suit any small town or big city gal alike. Bacon and farm picks in one month? I guess I’ve got a country craving kittens.

Cow Series Double Oven Glove – £17.40 @ The Jersey Cow Company
This sweet UK-based shop has tons of gift ideas featuring quirky printed bovines. I particularly love these fetching oven mitts – just looking at them channels up the smell of fresh-baked bread being pulled out of a cast iron oven.

Wire Shelf – $125 @ Brook Farm General Store
Bring country living into your home in a subtle way with this chicken wire-infused shelving unit. Perfect for bring a rustic aesthetic to a foyer or bathroom, this unique piece manages to both pop yet fit in with just about anyone’s decor. Awesome splurge-y housewarming gift for your kids.

French Milk Bottles – $27.95 – $34.95 @ Oak Canopy
Add a little farm freshness to your front porch, back patio, or the home sweet home in between ’em with these old-fashioned French milk bottles. Mix and match with red and blue styles for a more authentic look, or snap one up as a special treat for your vintage-loving mom.

Personalized Sign – $20 @ The Lonely Heart
Give your sweetheart a bit of old-fashioned loving with a piece of history inscribed with your initials, a date, or a special word between the two of you. Carved into a piece of old horse barn in Arizona, customize this to suit your own anniversary, your best friend’s pending nuptials, or even a sweet idea for next year’s Valentine’s Day.

Spring Chicken Muscle Rub – $8.50 @ Niche Marketing Group
Feel good as new after a hard day’s workout with this cinnamon-scented rub. Infused with natural ingredients like soothing calendula, this is a choice gift for your kid that’s really kicked some butt on the court (or field, or rink), or for your best friend that’s clocking overtime at the gym.

Rooster Measuring Cup – $9.99 @ Kitchen Kapers
Get cracking on a delicious breakfast with this ode to the earliest birds of them all – the almighty rooster. Consider this a fun housewarming gift for a pal that’s just purchased a cottage, or a hostess gift for the next book club brunch you’re invited to.

Midori D-Clip Paper Clips – $7.25 each @
Sure I know there are some not-so-farm-oriented animals in the mix (elephants and penguins anyone?), but these animal-shaped paper clips are too cute to resist as a nod to life on the farm whilst working in an office. Consider picking up a set for a friendly coworker welcome gift.

Calf & Half Creamer – $29 USD @ Generate Design
How’s this for a friendly reminder as to who’s making that fresh-brewed tea or coffee taste extra creamy over breakfast? This petite glass jug is one part whimsical and one part sleek – pick it up as a cheerful gift for that bean-obsessed auntie of yours.

5 Responses to “Farmhouse”
  1. Anne Taylor says:

    Omgosh the Calf & Half Creamer and the Rooster Measuring Cup are hilarious! (in a good way!) #cgg

  2. Sophia says:

    My favourite is the calf & half creamer! It would definitely be a conversation piece at brunch and dinner parties. #cgg

  3. Susan says:

    Love the cow oven mitts and the Calf and Half creamer! #CGG

  4. Huguette E. says:

    Cool and different products, liked the calf & half creamer the best 🙂 #cgg

  5. Dreena says:

    Nice products for a great country look. I like the milk bottles and the personalised Barn sign.
    Cheers. #cgg

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