Treats Over Sweets

Truthfully I co-opted today’s post title from one of today’s gift ideas, which are promoting ‘Treats Without The Sweet’. You know what? I’m okay with that, because I’m fully in support of some non-chocolate gift ideas for Easter. Typically speaking Easter gifts are for kiddies, but you can also pick up some fun stuff for hostess gifts (especially if your mom or mother-in-law is hosting an Easter meal), or if you and your spouse are making like a certain bunny and hiding baskets for each other, top off your sweets with a few calorie-free treats.

Play-Doh Spring Eggs 10-Pack – $7.99
If you’ve got lots of nieces and nephews or grandkids or even friends with kids to buy for, go for this easy peasy affordable solution – pastel-coloured plastic eggs filled with spring shades of Play-Doh. Get a couple of packs and host a house-wide egg hunt to not only keep the kids on their feet for a few minutes, but have them occupied for hours as they create endless imaginary worlds. Pick them up at most major toy retailers nationwide.

The Carrot Reusable Bubble Bar – $7.95 @ Lush
This nifty bathtime accoutrement is a fun spin –┬áliterally – on the Easter Bunny’s fave treat. Grab a hold of the green tassles on this re-usable bar and whirl it around your bath for an instant burst of buchu, lemon, and bergamot bubbles infused with nourishing carrot oils. The price makes it an excellent tongue-in-cheek pick for whatever kind lady is hosting you for Easter dinner, or gents, sneak a few into the little Easter basket you’re preparing for your sweetheart.

Peeps Bunny Adjustable Rings – $10.20 each @ Bit Of Sugar
Easter just isn’t Easter without a package of sugary marshmallow Peeps…or in this case, cute rings topped with replicas of your favourite holiday sweets. Little ladies-in-training will proudly show off their new hardware well into the spring season, while your girlfriend or wife will appreciate the kitschy throwback to her childhood.

Personalized Easter Notecards & Envelopes – $18.36 for 10 @ The Stationery Sisters
I love these festive, customizable notecards for a number of reasons. Option 1? Buy them for yourself and send out thank-you notes to those that invited you over for Easter dinner, or use them to invite friends and family over to your place for one of the big meals. Option 2 – give a set to your mother-in-law to send out Easter notes to her grandkids, or to her friends that are finally coming out of hibernation. Option 3 may be appealing to me because as a kid, I was stocked up with Disney and Lisa Frank (!) stationery and loved writing letters to my out-of-town cousin / celebs, but why not give your niece or nephew their first set of stationery, and encourage them to write stuff down the old-fashioned way?

Hare Grooming Kit – $24 @ Mortimer Snodgrass
I’m speechless with cuteness overload. This cute little set is a wonderfully appropriate gift for young girls – the first-ever addition to their vanity table, if you will. Whether brushing their own locks or using the set on their favourite doll, I’m pretty sure any sweet young thing would gladly overlook some sugar for the chance to have a bunny set of their own.

4 Responses to “Treats Over Sweets”
  1. Susan says:

    What a wonderful selection of non-sugary Easter treats. Love them all! #CGG

  2. Dreena says:

    Nice selection – thanks for posting these great ideas!
    I just have to try the LUSH carrot bubble bars!! #cgg

  3. Brianna says:

    That bunny hair kit is precious.

  4. Sophia says:

    I love the hair grooming kit…..adorable and practical! #cgg

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