Taste Of The Tropics

I’ve been planning this post for such a long time that truthfully the list of items to include got a little outta control. The theme started with one particular product and spiraled out from there, but I narrowed it down to, quite simply, goodies that evoke the tropics. Gifts that will both transport you to a far-off sunny destination, or simply get you set for summer. And with that…

La Vie En RoseLa Vie En Rose Tropical Flower Bikini & Beach Towel – Starting at $19.95+
No trip to the tropics is complete without the requisite swimwear, and La Vie En Rose has some of the cutest picks around. I fell for this delicate Hibiscus flower-print bikini and even scope out a matching towel to go with. Gents, surprise your lady with a day at the beach and a new suit to match. Friendlies, gift your best gal a fresh towel and matching sunnies for an afternoon by the pool.

Fruits & Passion Coconut Collection – $6 to $45
Before you go thinking you *know* coconut, consider this new collection from body boutique Fruits & Passion tropical with a twist. At its heart is that earthy, nutty scent you know and love, but a deep inhale of the brand’s line of perfumes, body lotions, and bath products reveals exotic notes of lemon, jasmine, and amber wood. Also cool? F&P is all about all-natural, ethically harvested products, so you know that what you’re slathering on your skin isn’t only good for it, but good for the planet as well. Coconut is particularly popular with the younger set so consider purchasing something like the divine Body Souffle ($22) to introduce your little sis to Fruits & Passion!

Laughing Man Tropical Tryst Looseleaf Tea Gift Set – $35
Hollywood heartthrob Hugh Jackman is putting his star power to good use with his new Laughing Man venture – products designed to generate a smile on any man (or woman’s) face, and not just the recipient. 100% of the profits actually go to fostering entrepreneurship and education both in developing countries, and North America. This trio of looseleaf tea tins includes lush Mango Swirl, tangy Pomegranate Swirl, and delicate Coconut Creme. Warning – shipping’s pretty steep on this site for Canucks, but it’s all for a good cause, right?

Tropical Destiny iPad Case – $22.99 @ Ruche
No matter the time of year, let your imagination head to the beach every time you pull out your treasured iPad with this retro-inspired cushioned case. Festooned with a lush botanical print by Anna Griffin, this is an ace choice for your best friend’s birthday, or if you’re spoiling someone with an iPad of their own, as a fun accoutrement.

Marc Jacobs Tropical Splash Perfumes – $49 each @ The Bay, Holt Renfrew, Sephora & Murale
Get ’em while they’re hot: Marc Jacobs has released a limited-edition set of three tropical-inspired perfumes, including a re-release of fan favourite Rain, which blends fresh cut grass with fruity notes of wild strawberry, zesty clementine, and passion flower. Newcomers Hibiscus and Kumquat are equally light and daytime-friendly. The former definitely lives up to its name with a full bloom of hibiscus flower in every spritz, coupled with freesia and tiare flower for a scent that evokes a quiet tropical garden. Quirky Kumquat is a great pick for citrus scent wearers – along with the exotic fruit, expect to find juicy orange and tangerine to round out this fruit basket scent. The price is insane for not only the brand name, but the size, so pick one up for your best friend’s birthday, or if you’ve got three bridesmaids for your summer wedding, these make great bridal party gifts.

Kitch Towels Retro Flour Sack Tea Towels – $8 each
Because every house needs dish towels, and with all the cute options out there, this is a no-brainer for an easy, affordable housewarming gift for that co-worker who invited you to their first house party, or as a fun treat for a friend that’s just moved in with a boyfriend and still wants to keep some girly touches in tact in their cohabitation. Bonus – the cute-yet-simple packaging eliminates the need for gift wrapping.

Tri-Colour PC Hibiscus Plant – $29.99 @ Loblaws
Turn your indoors into a tropical lagoon with the newly expanded line of President’s Choice exotic tropical plants, including this breathtaking tri-colour flowering tree with interweaving vines. Grown in Florida in what I can only imagine is a gardener’s oasis, you can now bring these blossoming beauties into the comfort of your own home and expect them to flourish with minimal care and plenty of sunlight. Consider buying one for an ailing friend to perk up her bedside table, or gift your daughter or spouse with the plant to take with them to a new job to spruce up their workspace.

9 Responses to “Taste Of The Tropics”
  1. Dreena says:

    I love it all! Great selection of tropical ideas. Cheers + Thanks. #cgg

  2. Brianna says:

    I’m not even sure what my favourite thing on this list is…that tree is beautiful!

  3. Prim says:

    Rain was my fave perfume, so glad to see it’s back

  4. Talex says:

    These images evoke yearnings for summer (sigh). The hibiscus tree is beautiful! #cgg

  5. C.C. Rutley says:

    Makes me glad summer is getting closer and closer!! #cgg

  6. Sophia says:

    Can Hugh Jackman be any more amazing?! #cgg

  7. Susan says:

    Fabulous selections today. Thanks!

  8. Talex says:

    Nothing says summer like the scent of coconut. #cgg

  9. I love those Marc Jacobs shades! WANT! Thanks for the review! 🙂 #CGG

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