Flash Post: Dream House

What It Is: I know what you’re thinking. WHAT IS THAT? Believe it or not, it’s a seven-bedroom, modern-inspired dollhouse for kids (or playful adults) by brinca dada. Gone are the gingerbread & lattice-work dollhouses of yesterday, and here is a stunningly elegant dream home for any little girl or boy to start telling stories with. Oh and it comes with matching, bachelor pad-aesthetic furniture as well.
Who It’s For: Your own kid with an overactive imagination. Your granddaughter, as an heirloom to give to her own kids one day. Your girlfriend that just graduated from interior design – it actually makes a pretty stunning statement installation piece when propped up on a console table or buffet in your home.
What It Costs: Depends on where you get it / what you get. I found the Emerson House (pictured above) and a furniture set for $649 + $30 shipping at Canadian retailer Play Value Toys.
Where It’s At: brinca dada products are sold at several Canadian retailers, and likely products beyond the one I’ve singled out here. Check out one of their retailer locations to do some price shopping / in-person drooling.

5 Responses to “Flash Post: Dream House”
  1. Talex says:

    Wow! It’s quite a departure from the traditional ‘doll house’, but it’s a concept long overdue I guess if we’re keeping up with the times. #cgg

  2. Dreena says:

    Beautiful modern design Doll House. I’d have to charge the dolls rent!!! #cgg

  3. Sophia says:

    Forget the dolls! I would love to live here if it came in my size! #cgg

  4. Susan says:

    Amazing how doll houses have changed. A thoroughly modern place! Would love to see the inside all decorated too. #CGG

  5. Emilia Turner says:

    Bright, sunny, natural modern love it for anyone #cgg

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