Flash Post: Sunkissed

What It Is: It’s rare I name a post after a product, but there were few other ways to describe this latest entry into the Guess ‘Seductive’ fragrance collection. The scent is a veritable fruit basket with everything from fresh pear and raspberry to tangy pink grapefruit and black currant, all kissed with exotic floral notes of Brazilian orchid and and earthy ebony wood. In other words? It’s sunshine in a (very cute) bottle.
Who It’s For: Your size two BFF that can actually fit into Guess clothes – and covets just about anything to do with the brand. Your Maid of Honour, as a reminder of your summery wedding day that will last long past the nuptials. Your mom, as a glam addition to her perfume collection.
What It Costs: $69 for a 50 mL bottle
Where It’s At: Sears & drugstores across the nation, starting this month.

One Response to “Flash Post: Sunkissed”
  1. Susan says:

    I’ll have to visit the perfume counter and try a spray! #CGG

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