At First Blush

It’s time for another retailer spotlight! This time I’m taking you over to New Brunswick, land of three major cities, gorgeous beaches, and tons of beautiful cottage & fishing communities for you to dip your toe into. Also, mecca for beauty mavens, at least when it comes to Made You Blush, an independent cosmetics boutique with locations in both Fredericton and Woodstock (right near the US border), plus a great online shop for us Canadians to browse at our heart’s content. Aside from the fact I’m clearly a lover of all things beauty, here are three other reasons to love Made You Blush:

1) New Brunswick is currently without a Sephora. As such, Made You Blush is *the* destination for cosmetics queens to stock up on province-exclusive products from the likes of Bumble & Bumble and Too Faced.

2) They ship all over the world, and naturally their Canadian shipping rates are a scotch lower than if you went with an international shop. You can also earn free shipping on orders over $100 (and believe me, it’s no problem to do so).

3) If you’re lucky enough to visit the shops in person, you’ll find they’re employed by professional make-up artists that are far more interested in making sure a product works for you (by teaching you how to apply it) over simply selling you things. I recently had a chat with a pro artist myself, and she noted that many people will return a product because it simply doesn’t work for them, when in fact, it’s a question of learning how to apply it. Problem solved with a visit to Made You Blush.

Now I’ve spent some time scoping out the shop, and here are my top 5 gift picks for all your summertime / beauty gift-giving needs!

Too Faced Summer Eye Palette – $45
I *love* summer makeup palettes more than any other season – they’re almost universally flattering and last well past the easy breezy months. This limited edition set from Too Faced includes 9 high-pigment shadows in shimmery highlights, toasty darks for your crease / liner, and tropical splashes of lid colours, as well as 3 instruction cards to help you master perfect daytime, nighttime, and classic looks. The price makes it ideal for your sibling or best friend’s birthday – who doesn’t love to be spoiled with a little make-up?

Cake Sweet Escapes Set – $32
I love Cake – not the food in this case, but the luxury beauty brand from right here in Canada. Their profusely girly packaging and indulge-your-senses fragrances make their products a treat for the body and the soul. So obviously their summer-inspired gift set ‘Desserted Island’ deserved a mention. Creamy coconut & Tahitian vanilla are the fragrant backdrop for a rich shower gel and hand creme to keep you basking in the proverbial rays all day long – even if you’re stuck in the office. Consider this a sweet pick as a thank-you or houseguest gift.

Farmhouse Fresh Shea Butter Soap – $18
Truthfully I had a really hard time picking just *one* item from the Farmhouse Fresh collection to feature – their too-cute country-style packaging and multi-purpose products are to die for. I eventually landed on this little 2-in-1 item, as a perfect hostess gift. It may appear to be just a simple bar of soap (in ‘Front Porch Punch’) that’ll sit well in the guest bathroom, but the rustic container it comes packed in also happens to be a real planter, complete with soil and flower seeds. Not only are you gifting someone with a pretty planter for their front porch, you’re equipping them with some lovely, hand-moisturizing soap to scrub that dirt off their fingernails afterward. Pretty genius.

Bumble & bumble Surf Spray – $29.50
Would you expect anything else? This is the top seller at Made You Blush, and for good reason – it’s also the product that put hair gods Bumble & bumble on the map. A few spritzes of this saltwater-based formula and you’ll easily capture that ‘spent the day on the sand’ look of tousled, sexy beach hair, even if all you really did was roll out of bed and into the shower. Pretty much every gal I know has this on their wish list, so consider it an easy pick for a stagette, birthday, or bridesmaid gift.

Brag Company Bra Bag – $50
Any lady knows that a good bra is hard to find – and often expensive when found. Protect your investment with these girly cases designed to protect your most precious undergarments from the bumps and shuffles of traveling. Each bag can hold up to six bras (depending on size and shape) and you’ll get to keep what you wear under your clothes under wraps from pesky customs officers. Gift one to the bride-to-be for her honeymoon as a fun addition to her lingerie trousseau.

Now my pretties, my gift to you (on behalf of Made You Blush) is two of the gorgeous products featured above – the Farmhouse Fresh Shea Butter Soap set AND the Bumble & bumble Surf Spray are up for grabs to one lucky winner.  Here’s how to enter:

1) Tell me which of the awesome gift ideas featured in this post you’d give the green light to – and why. Leave a comment on this post by May 30th and you’ll be entered!

2) Entries are limited to one per person / per email address / per household (or more if you score bonus entries). A random draw will be conducted on or around May 31st to select the winner, who will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen in their place.

3) Entries are limited to Canadians that have reached the age of majority in their province. Quebec is not eligible to participate in this promotion.

4) Bonus Entry: For every comment you leave on all new (i.e. posted after today), non-contest posts over the contest period, tagged with #cgg, you’ll earn a bonus entry. Please don’t x-post them back to this post – your ballots will be tallied, rest assured. 

5) Extra Bonus: Follow Made You Blush on Twitter – @MadeYouBlushMYB – and drop your Twitter handle in the comments so I can make sure you get your bonus entry!

Love prizes? Check out what else you can win through the Canadian Gift Guide by visiting the Winner’s Circle.
126 Responses to “At First Blush”
  1. Donnas says:

    I like the Cake beauty products because they are Canadian-made.

  2. Donnas says:

    I follow @MadeYouBlushMYB on Twitter as @Dawnalees

  3. Tegan says:

    Anything by bumble & bumble is amazing in my book. How can you go wrong with beachy hair?

  4. Amy says:

    The surf spray sounds awesome… love that wavy beach look hair

  5. Tasha Jamie says:

    I most like the Too Faced Summer Eye Palette, because I love trying new colours ❤

  6. Tasha Jamie says:

    Following on twitter ~ @TashaJamie23

  7. Louise says:

    I would like the Cake beauty products just because they are Canadian made:)

  8. Leah M says:

    I’ve tried the surf spray and love it, so I would gift that any day. I also love the summer eye palette by too faced because i am a fan of their products.

  9. Leah M says:

    Following on twitter- @leahmukai

  10. Arash Naghdi says:

    Cake beauty products

  11. Vi Che says:

    Cake Sweet Escapes because I think it would smell wonderful. Thanks

  12. Holly Sproule says:

    The cakes sweet escape beauty products!

  13. flycastin says:

    Would love the Cake Sweet Escape set – the bath froth sounds fun!

  14. flycastin says:

    Following you – my handle is @steelheadred

  15. flycastin says:

    I would love the cake sweet escape set – the bath froth sounds fun!

  16. I like the Shea Butter Soap. I sure would like to put it to the test…

  17. Donna Lyn says:

    Farmhouse Fresh Shea Butter Soap set because I have dry sensitive skin

  18. Lori P. says:

    I like the Cake Beauty Sweet Escapes Set — The Desserted Island (Creamy Coconut and Tahitian Vanilla) fragrance would be a great little sensory escape while doing daily activities!

  19. Jennifer C. says:

    I would love the “Cake Sweet Escapes Set!” I totally need some new hand cream and I love new shower products!

  20. Josie says:

    Wow they are all awesome! I would go with Cake Beauty if I had to pick one because it smells divine!

  21. Emilia Turner says:

    I love the “Cake Sweet escapes Set”. The coconut and vanilla scents are very soothing. I love the plane in the corner, cos it is fun, and it is Canadian

  22. Emilia Turner says:

    Emilia Turner @travelluna follows @MadeYouBlushMYB

  23. StellaR says:

    I really like the Too Faced Eye Palette. Not only does it have 3 instruction cards, but it is Canadian made!

  24. anita f says:

    The surf spray sounds cool… the summer look

  25. Arielle says:

    I would love the Bumble & bumble Surf Spray. It look cool, never tried this product so it would be amazing. My twitter account is: @arielle_daigle

  26. Tammy says:

    I like the Cake Sweet Escapes Set, I love hand creams and body washes,and I like that its canadian made!!
    dalleykt at live dot ca

  27. Tammy says:

    I follow @MadeYouBlushMYB on twitter as @mommaoftwoboyz

  28. sean pynaert says:

    butter soap looks like something my wife would like

  29. I like the cake products!

  30. paula ritchie says:

    My favorite gift to receive is a massage

  31. glenda says:

    would like to try the shea butter soap – looks and sounds wonderful.

  32. sandra says:

    I would like the butter soap. I love cake beauty products.

  33. Ashley says:

    I LOVE IT ALL!!!
    The Brag company Bra Bag is very Unique and Useful ALSO The Too Faced Summer Eye Palette Looks like ENDLESS fun 🙂

  34. Susan says:

    I love the Farmhouse Fresh Sheabutter soap with planter/seeds/soil! Shea butter is great for the skin, and that packaging is great for the planet! #CGG

  35. cheryl h says:

    Ive got to give the green light to Cake Sweet Escapes Set because I love shower gels and best of all its made in Canada 🙂

  36. cheryl h says:

    Follower of Made You Blush on Twitter @cherdons56

  37. Jessica Lord says:

    Bumble & bumble surf spray because i love the smell and the way it works

  38. Ines says:

    I love the Farmhouse Fresh Shea Butter Soap. After a long day full of work and exercise I love to take a bath, and this soap sounds like it would be the perfect relaxant.

  39. danosor says:

    I would love to try the Shea Butter Soap.

  40. mousecat says:

    The Brag Company Bra bag is ingenious! I like it!!

  41. Rachel Selwood says:

    Oooh… The Cake products for sure! I love them!

  42. i can’t wait to come to the store in person, would love to try any of these products, i love the shea butter soap .

  43. Marija says:

    I love both the bra bag and the Too Faced Summer Eye Palette. They are both awesome!

  44. Drina says:

    Oh my!!! I love them all…but I’d choose the products by Cake in a heart beat!!! Coconut and vanilla are my favorite scents and who doesn’t want to smell like they’re on a tropical island all summer?!? 🙂

  45. Safiya says:

    My mom introduced me to shea butter not too long ago and I have to say my skin has never felt better!! I’d love to try the Farmhouse Fresh brand. Super fantastic idea for the packaging too!

  46. Leslie says:

    would love to try the Shea Butter Soap, and then plant the seeds in my garden! Awesome idea!

  47. Romana S. says:

    I would love love love the bumble and bumble surf spray!

  48. Sharon Smith says:

    The Farmfresh Shea Butter Soap is such a excellent idea! To add the soil and the seeds are genius! I would buy that!!

  49. Romana S. says:

    I am now following @MadeYouBlushMYB! my twit handle is @littleredro

  50. Kim DeNaeyer says:

    Farmhouse Fresh Shea Butter Soap – i would pick this hand down, it so cute and would make a really nice gift for just about anyone, including showers, and i just love shea butter, smells nice and makes skin feel great

  51. Shelley Hire says:

    I would love to try the Too Faced Summer Eye Pallette

  52. sylvia Shaw says:

    I love Cake Beauty products, their foot and hand cream are fabulous!

  53. Chantelle M says:

    i love the Bumble and bumble Surf Spray, my hair usually look s a mess, so at least it will smell like there is a reason for it! 🙂

  54. Janine says:

    brag company bra bag is so legit, tots want it

  55. Vesper says:

    Farmhouse Fresh Shea Butter Soap – always on the look out for new soaps which will not affect my skin

  56. AK says:

    I would like to give (or of course receive) the Farmhouse Fresh Shea Butter Soap, mostly. Just typing it out makes me wonder how luxurious my skin would feel afterwards … oh, I mean how my mother’s skin would feel afterwards 😉

    Following @MadeYouBlushMYB on Twitter …!/SoulSeeker0

    Thanks for the opportunity. Good luck everyone!

  57. retromusic says:

    I am such a HUGE fan of Bumble & bumble Surf Spray! I have typical Asian hair (heavy, slick, straight) and this is the only product that I have found which will give me those “beach waves” that lasts the whole day!!! I could go on and on about how much I love this product!!!

  58. retromusic says:

    I am now following @MadeYouBlushMYB!
    I am @retromusic

  59. 409cope says:

    I would love the Cake Sweet Escapes set as I love the quality of Cake products and the smell can’t be beat!

  60. Anne Derkat says:

    I like the cake beauty products. Good to support Canadian made products.

  61. stacy says:

    i love the bra bag. it’s too cute! all of the other products look great too. love that hey are canadian made

  62. Nancy says:

    the bumble & bumble surf spray, love tousled hair

  63. Claudette Bonaccorso says:

    Fabulous contest ! My two picks would be the “Cake Sweet Escapes Set’ and the super fabulous ag Company Bra Bag” how cool are those handbags..:-) Thank you so much for contacting me regardng the contest, I can be reached at and thank you so much for a chance to win this awesome duo I picked…:-) TTFN

  64. Lloyd The Man says:

    yes yes

  65. Renee Lacasse says:

    Cake beauty products

  66. Melissa Graham says:

    cake sweet escape, coconut an vanilla smells nice 🙂

  67. Lori B says:

    Love bumble & bumble products. Everything rocks. Would love to try the surf spray!

  68. Marlene V. says:

    I would love to have the Brag Company Bra Bag — I always have my bras folded up in my dresser drawer. I also would love to try the makeup — I would like to try a new make-up look.

  69. I’d have to say the Cake but all are awesome ideas each with different people easily in mind.

  70. tammy goodwin says:

    i would like to have the brag companycake beauty products and thebra bag

  71. Jeannie Smyth says:

    I would love to try the Too Faced Summer Eye Palette. The colors look fun and great for a brighter summer look.

  72. Jeannie Smyth says:

    I follow you on twitter as jasmyth10.

  73. Gilly11 says:

    I would love the Cake Sweet Escapes Set

  74. Sue says:

    Love Cake products, I use the desserted island shower froth daily so would welcome having more. It smells so fabulous, and leaves your skin feeling great.

  75. shirley reeds says:

    cake beauty have good quality Canadian products.

  76. Jennifer R says:

    I really like “Cake” but I also love shea butter so I’m torn. I think the shea butter soap would be a nice gift to give.

  77. marlene says:

    Love the Brag Company Bra Bag – $50 – its such a great idea.. so cool 🙂

  78. Madelyn says:

    love the bra bag & the bumble and bumble! followed on twitter. @madelynpks

  79. darbsm says:

    I would love the two-faced summer eye palette and would LOVE to try the surf spray 🙂

  80. Lindsay says:

    i like to try the summer palette of the too faced makeup. i have the Marie Antoinette palette and its great

  81. nikki robak says:

    would love the bra bag

  82. Ryan B says:

    The cake sweet escape set cause cake products are awesome!!!

  83. jennifer capin says:

    Brag Company Bra Bag– is unique and would be awesome to have

  84. thomas rusinak says:

    canadian cake beauty products are my fav!

  85. I’d be aaaallllll over the bra bag. I travel a LOT and so many times I have arrived at my destination to find my expensive bras with dented, crinkled or flattened cups. This would be a great addition to my travel kit.

  86. favgreen says:

    I love the Too Faced Summer eye shadow set…Follow@vintagebased…and share

  87. Andrea Amy says:

    As a mom, out of these I would be most happy if one of my sons gave me Farmhouse Fresh Shea Butter Soap – $18 because i have sensitive skin and this looks like it would be useful for me.

  88. Natalie Parisee says:

    I would like the Cake beauty products just because they are Canadian made:)

  89. Claudia Mendez says:

    I think the best gift is the Cake Sweet Escapes Set. All the cake products are excellent and smell so nice you really escape! I would be very happy to get it as a gift!

  90. Claudia Mendez says:

    I followed! @tgyiubg

  91. Genevieve says:

    The best gift would be the Cake kit!!! Amazing products I could really use!!! ❤

  92. shawna says:

    Cake Beauty Products!!!!!!!!! :):):):)

  93. nana says:

    Cake by far…my fave product line ever for bath and shower goodies…nice article by the way! I’m lucky enough to live in Freddy and visit this store much too often 🙂 Good to have a guide for when I go, otherwise it’s a free-for-all dash.

  94. Lisa North says:

    Hi there I would love to try out the CAKE products, it made in Canada, and good quality I bet, plus sounds lovely! thanks,Lisa

  95. Lisa North says:

    Hi again! I follow “Made You Blush” on twitter , I am @LisadueNorth on twitter

  96. Janet says:

    I love The Cake Beauty Products!!!

  97. beewbedard says:

    The Farmhouse Fresh Shea Butter Soap sounds wonderful – I love shea butter

  98. ryan powell says:

    I wish i still had time to order the shea butter for my mother. She says that stuff is amazing!!

  99. Amy Scott says:

    What amazing prizes – I would love the Too Faced Palette as well as Bumble & Bumble Spray. I am going to NB this summer, will check out this shop.

  100. Leah says:

    I love a super low maintenance looks so I’d love the surf spray.

  101. I love the two faced eye shimmer!! Anything with shimmer is good!

  102. prairiebelle says:

    It would be the Cake Sweet Escapes Set for sure. Cake products are great quality and amazing!


  103. prairiebelle says:

    following @MadeYouBlushMYB on twitter as prairiebelle


  104. Anne Derkat says:

    I’d like the butter soap

  105. Theresa says:

    the Surf Spray is something I would really Like to Try!!!

  106. Bee L says:

    The Shea Butter soap, just sounds really divine to clean your skin on.

  107. Nicole says:

    The Brag Bra Bag is my favourite – so stylish and clever……every girl and traveler needs one!!

  108. aimee p says:

    bra bag is so cute

  109. Glogirl says:

    I like the Cake Sweet Escapes Set because Cake makes great products and they’re Canadian too!

  110. lovebugs85 says:

    I would like to try the too face products. One of my friends swears by them.

  111. lovebugs85 says:

    Follow @MadeYouBlushMYB on twitter. @lovebug_85

  112. Ali says:

    The bra bag would be great: I travel tons and would really love something that would make that part of packing easier!

  113. tennille says:

    Ok that Surf Spray sounds amazing!

  114. Janet says:

    Cake Beauty products are fantastic!!!!

  115. Aleksandra says:

    I think the Cake Beauty set would be the best bet for gift giving..however I’ve never tried the product..hehe! For myself, I think the eyeshadows..cause hey we can buy ourselves gifts right? The bra keeper is a GREAT idea…love that too!

  116. Dee says:

    Cake Beauty Sweet Escapes…Great products and an escape to a Deserted Island sounds like what I need right now:-)

  117. Olivia says:

    I LOVE the Too Faced Summer eye pallet. I am a huge fan of Too Faced – they carry high-quality products that bring out your ‘natural’ beauty.

  118. Brook says:

    Love the bra bag! It is always a dilemma for me when I try to pack my intimitates! I need this!

  119. aimee p says:

    surf spray looks great

  120. marionellen says:

    sweet escape sounds good to me, reminds me of maui.. all those wonderful smells

  121. Maegan Morin says:

    I love the Bra Bag! Its something that every woman could use and who doesnt love a little whimsy!

  122. amymbrown says:

    I’d love to try the Bumble & bumble Surf Spray!!

  123. amymbrown says:

    I’m following @MadeYouBlushMYB on twitter, I’m @amym_brown

  124. Debbie P says:

    I like the Bra Bag. Super cute and would be great for traveling.

  125. Debbie P says:

    Following you on Twitter, @Sprinkledbydeb

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