Flash Post: Fortunately

What It Is: You’ve heard of crystal balls and fortune cookies – this little gift combines the best of both worlds, as part of an ancient form of fortune telling that’s still practiced in some Far East countries today. The gift-ready container has 78 fortunes translated from Chinese poetry. To find yours, simply shake the tube until one fortune protrudes above the rest. Makes a great party game, or simply a guiding force for your giftee’s upcoming day, month, or year.
Who It’s For: The hostess of your next potluck party for a no-calorie alternative to fortune cookies. Your new age-y friend that’s slowly convincing you crystals and spirit animals may be real. Your sibling that’s hitting a milestone birthday, as a prediction for the year to come.
What It Costs: The gift set costs a very affordable $8.
Where It’s At:  Canadian shop Front & Company stocks this particular set, but your favourite bookseller likely has a variation on the theme (including a handy how-to book).

One Response to “Flash Post: Fortunately”
  1. Susan says:

    What a great, inexpensive idea. Will have to consider this for my Chinese friends! #CGG

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