Of The Month Clubs: Kitchen Gadgets Edition

Another month, another glimpse of a dozen ideas to create your own ‘Of The Month’ club for a loved one. So far we’ve covered men’s boxers and rings for the ladies, this month I thought I’d zero in on kitchen gadgets for the culinary-inclined. I myself have quite the collection of gizmos to make slicing, chopping, and seasoning that much easier and I absolutely love getting them as stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, and thank-you trinkets (if you’re planning to buy them as one-offs). Like always, no commentary – just prices, sources, and a quick description.

Top Row (L to R)
Chef’n Ez Squeeze Can Opener – Quite possibly my favourite kitchen gadget ever. Open cans with one hand in under ten seconds. Amazing. $19.99 @ Kitchen Stuff Plus

Joie Veggie Steamer – Adjusts to fit most pots & pans for easy veggie-steaming action. $12.99 @ Joie

Pixel Oven Mitts – Channel your favourite video game characters with these oversized, pixel-inspired oven gloves. $21.95 @ Rolo

Microplane Herb Tool – Easily mince fresh herbs and sprinkle them as a garnish. $24.95 @ Microplane

Middle Row (L to R)
Spritta Apple Slicer – Instantly chop apples (or onions) into easy-to-eat wedges. $2.99 @ IKEA

Spiral Slicer – Craft gorgeous spiral garnishes for soups, salads & more. $29.99 @ Raw Nutrition

Cutting Board With Scrap Board – Skip mid-chop garbage bin dumps with this handy scrap bin add-on. $25.85 @ Amazon

Clongs – Keep your kitchen tongs off the counters between uses & locked between meals. $21.99 @ Household China & Gifts

 Bottom Row (L to R)
Prepara Herb Savor – Triple the life of your favourite fresh herbs with this innovative container. $29.95 @ City Chef

Utensil Pot Clip – Keep your utensils off the countertops while waiting for a stew to simmer. $8.99 @ Trudeau Corporation

Bacon Press – Keep bacon from curling up and get an evenly crisp-cooked slice. $13.76 @ Golda’s Kitchen

Stainless Steel Rub-A-Way Bar – Eliminate lingering garlic & onion smells from your fingertips by simply ‘washing’ your hands with this bar. $10.25 @ Sears

2 Responses to “Of The Month Clubs: Kitchen Gadgets Edition”
  1. Susan says:

    I love kitchen gadgets! There are a few here that I’d love to get — the clongs, the bacon press and the stainless steel rub-a-way bar to start! #CGG

  2. Emilia Turner says:

    Kitchen gadgets are fun. There are so many here I have never seen #cgg

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