Flash Post: Book A Trip

What It Is: Taschen’s tres ritzy travel guides for Paris, Berlin, New York, and London encompassed into a pretty art box gift set. Each book has been split into three pocket guides covering shopping, dining, and hotels to make it easier to slip into your purse for those jaunts abroad. Although not designed with the frugal in mind, the gift set is still a worthy pick for anyone looking to truly treat themselves on their next big adventure, at least a little.
Who It’s For: Your graduating-from-college niece, as encouragement to spread her wings before getting saddled down with work. Your favourite about-to-be-married couple, as a shower gift to help them plan their honeymoon. Your darling aunt & uncle, as a 25th wedding anniversary gift to encourage them to celebrate the occasion in style.
What It Costs: $51.99
Where It’s At:  Amazon.ca but they’ve only got one left! Rest assured, for a few bucks more you can also grab it from Indigo.

2 Responses to “Flash Post: Book A Trip”
  1. Emilia Turner says:

    Love everything to do with travel, thans #cgg

  2. Susan says:

    What a great idea for world travellers! Love the idea of any easy to use guide that can tuck into a purse. The boxed set would be pretty on a shelf too. #CGG

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