Flash Post: Instant Photification

What It Is: Remember the joys of actually sitting and looking at hard copies of photos? Digital cams & photo-sharing applications have made it way too easy for us to skip the printing step (not that my green-minded side is protesting) – but don’t you sometimes wish you could get that same feeling of instant gratification via film instead of bits & bytes? Well the folks at Polaroid (still) agree with you, and they’re still producing their instant-film cameras, including this entry-level super affordable model, the PIC-300. With auto-flash and four settings to help you snap the perfect shot, this purse or backpack-friendly camera instantly prints business-card-sized images for you to share and smile at on the go.
Who It’s For: Your brother that’s about to go backpacking for the first time, and wants an easy way to capture instant memories (or places he’d like to return to). Your son-in-law that’s recently given you a grandchild, so he can snap plenty of smiley photos for your fridge. Your wedding party, so they can create a photo collage the night of your wedding.
What It Costs: $69.99 a pop, although you have to buy the (relatively expensive) film separately.
Where It’s At: You can buy ’em on Amazon.ca.

2 Responses to “Flash Post: Instant Photification”
  1. Susan says:

    Wow — I didn’t realize you could still get Poloroid cameras and film. Expensive but fun! #CGG

  2. Would be usefull when camping in the wood with no store around,and no internet to share photos.

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