Super Ridiculously Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts

It’s Father’s Day kids! While May’s Mother’s Day is typically spent sipping tea and enjoying a delicious brunch – meaning you better well damn have your gift in hand cause the stores don’t open till noon – you could catch a lucky break with Father’s Day. Most Father’s Day outings are either early afternoon – let’s go catch a game! – or in the evening – family BBQ anyone? That gives you a precious few hours to snag a last-minute gift if you haven’t done so already…and here are five last, last-minute ideas for those of you still scrambling. I’ve stuck to retailers with a strong national presence, but my apologies and good luck if you’re in a smaller market.

Danby 17-Bottle Wine Cooler – $149.99 @ Future Shop
If the dad you’re buying for also happens to be a wine connoisseur (or is simply deserving of a bottle after a long week at work), consider this impressive, sleek storage unit that keeps a bottle of vino an uncorking away from a perfect meal accompaniment. With two sliding racks and plenty of space for a minor wine collection, this is a great choice for empty nester types that love to unwind. Hint: get another member of your family to chip in by purchasing a bottle or two to kickstart his new mini wine cellar.

The Gentleman’s Collection – $16.50 @ DAVIDsTEA
Who says tea isn’t manly? After all, DAVIDsTEA was created by a guy, and the flavours brewed in a single cup can be just as intense and robust as a strong cup of coffee. If the fellow you’re shopping for is among the enlightened, pick up this affordable, sleek gift set from Canada’s top tea experts including three loose tea flavours – creamy Buttered Rum, nutty Brazillionaire, and sophisticated sweetie Salted Caramel. Not sure if who you’re buying for has the equipment to make loose tea? DAVIDsTEA has got you covered with dozens of options for kettles and individual-serve cups.

Dads are the Original Hipsters – $14.95 @ Indigo (or your favourite bookseller)
Suitable for newly minted dads that actually ‘get’ hipsterdom, this silly book is a fun find. Based the popular blog of the same name, it features way-retro photos of everyday dads rocking looks currently appropriated by your local advertising agency employee / college student / coffee shop barista / weekly news journalist, along with semi-biting commentary aimed more at today’s hipper-than-thou than yesteryear’s so-bad-it’s-hip crew.

Coleman Portable Propane Stove / Oven – $249.99 @ Canadian Tire
Look, I already gave you plenty of ideas for the dad that loves the great outdoors, but I didn’t really touch on camping equipment like this hella cool stove / oven that takes campfire cuisine to a whole new level. Forget cans of baked beans or roasted weenies, with this marvellous propane-powered mini-appliance you’ll get up to 90 minutes of cook time to make everything from pizzas and chili to biscuits and eggs. Way cool, and as of writing this post, on sale for $179.99.

Lollipop Chainsaw – $59.99 (on Xbox 360)
The Amazing Spiderman – $49.99 (on Nintendo Wii)

Mario Kart 7 – $39.99 (on Nintendo 3Ds)
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 – $59.99 (on PS3)
Video games are a perennial dad’s day favourite, and for good reason – with summer holidays on the horizon, you can help fill your father figure’s free time with hours of web-slinging, go-karting, golf-swinging, chainsaw-shaving action (to name but a few newer options on the market). Just pop down to your local big box retailer – Wal-Mart, Loblaws, Future Shop, and Best Buy are a few good bets – and pick up the game that’ll most light up his life.

5 Responses to “Super Ridiculously Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts”
  1. aly3360 says:

    The Davids tea isn’t something my father would enjoy, but it’d definitely something my boyfriend would #cgg2

    ayoung3360 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  2. Susan says:

    I think my dad would have loved the coleman stove! #CGG2

  3. LOVE the Coleman Portable Propane Stove / Oven! I want one for myself! #CGG2

  4. my father is dead but i have other fathers in my family that would enjoy it.

  5. Armando Holak says:

    when it comes to camping equipments, i always buy the ones that are made in usa because they have very high quality compared to chinese crap. .`:’:

    Best regards

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