All You Need Is Love

I’ve been meaning to do this post for awhile actually. A big part of writing this blog is doing research, and sometimes recurrent motifs just keep on popping up. That’s not to say there’s a particular trend circling around them, but moreso that they’re just icons we all continually gravitate to, and some smart product developers out there have capitalized on it. Case in point? Today I’m highlighting items inspired by Robert Indiana’s rather iconic Philadelphia sculpture known simply by its name (and subsequent shape) – LOVE. Millions of us who haven’t been to Philly, let alone seen the sculpture in person, still tend to admire this quirky piece of pop art that has inspired the likes of Google and Oasis today. The cool part about giving LOVE gifts is you can use them to express how you feel about a loved one – whether you’re telling her (or him) for the first time, or simply reminding your hubby or your parents how much you care, here’s a few picks to help you feel the love.

LOVE Cookie Cutter – $5.50 @ Spoon Sisters
If someone you care about is having a rotten day / week / month / year, brighten their day with a  reminder they are indeed loved by you. Hint: keep the cutter for yourself and use it to whip up a batch of delicious sugar cookies, then frost them with bright red icing for a truly sweet treat.

Love Stepping Stone Necklace – $66 @ Patina
Have a special anniversary coming up? She’ll adore this sweet way of showing your affection – which, let’s face it, is way more modern and chic than a heart gemstone necklace. Made of 14K Gold and handcrafted by silversmiths in Thailand, this brings new meaning to the term precious metals.

PS Collection Robert Indiana ‘Love’ Dessert & Salad Plate Set – $26 (on sale) @ Nilima Home
Robert Indiana’s work was also famously applied to a USPS stamp that has made its way around the world many times since its inception, signalling the love between those that choose to write the old-fashioned way. This groovy design has been applied to this set of punchy side plates that work equally well for dainty desserts or freshly prepared salads. Buy them for your daughter that’s moving out (finally), or furnish your new home and surprise your spouse with them.

Love Hook – $8 @ Urban Outfitters
Moving in with your sweetheart for the first time? Signify your new partnership with a wall hook for two – he can hang his keys, she can leave her purse handy, and everyone can pause when they walk in your front door and ooh and ahh about how cute the thing is.

Custom Love Cake Topper – $116 @ Blue Butterfly Design
Forgo the traditional bride & groom figurines for your wedding cake and opt for something classy and designed-to-match with these cute cake toppers that can be dyed to match any colour of your bridal palette – including the very fabrics the most common bridesmaids dresses are made from! Mothers-in-law-to-be, take note, this is a sleek way to help out the happy couple in the little details of their big day.


2 Responses to “All You Need Is Love”
  1. aly3360 says:

    cute post. 🙂 I like the cake topper. It’s simple, but sweet. #cgg

  2. Susan says:

    I like the cookie cutter and the key holder. Thanks for the info on where this iconic symbol is from! #CGG

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