Wishful Wallets

What It Is: Handcrafted leather wallets and cardholders from US leathersmith (yup, I made up a job there) Barrett Alley. Available in four different styles – from the classic billfold style (‘Devilish’) to the streamlined, cards-and-cash-only sleeve (‘Revelation’), these manage to straddle the line between rugged masculinity and chi-chi metrosexual…they may even have a place in your favourite lady’s purse as a nod to the menswear trend.
Who It’s For: Your husband, who’s still hanging on to his velcro-strap wallet from god-knows-when. Your dad,  as a sweet birthday treat that he’d probably never splurge on for himself. Your boss, as a lovely retirement gift from the whole team so he can spend his hard-earned pension.
What It Costs: Depends on the style and finish you opt for. Prices start at $95 and go up to $490, but most are in the $120 – $190 range.
Where It’s At: The Barrett Alley website, which does indeed ship all over the world.  If you live in or are visiting Vancouver, you can also pick them up at Lark.

One Response to “Wishful Wallets”
  1. Susan says:

    Very pricey, but would certainly make a wonderful gift for the important man in your life! #CGG

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