Flash Post: Master Of Mystery

What It Is: 15 films from the world’s greatest master of horror and psychological thrillers – Alfred Hitchcock. All the classics are here – from the so-bizarre-it’s-terrifying ‘Birds’ to the all-time scary movie ‘Psycho’, the collection spans 30 years of some of the best-known movies from that era. Beyond that, you’ve got a crazy cool package to gift here – the vintage art look is applied to the box and individual designs for each film,  as well as a 50-page collector’s book. Did I mention that this is the first time almost all of these films (lovingly restored) have been available on Blu-Ray? Cause it is.
Who It’s For: Your mom, who made you watch Birds as a child and deserves a little horrifying payback (true story, in my case). Your horror-loving husband, cause they just don’t make ’em like this anymore. Your film auteur son or daughter, as the very coolest thing they could pack in their suitcases when they trek off to college this fall (and will keep them away from at least a dorm party or two).
What It Costs: This 2,182-minute set is $244.99.
Where It’s At: Nowhere, just yet. You can pre-order it on Amazon and it’ll be shipped on September 25th.

3 Responses to “Flash Post: Master Of Mystery”
  1. Crystal Stevens says:

    My friends and I are horror fanatics, I would love to get this or give it. Great find!

  2. Susan says:

    Great gift for any Hitchcock or horror fans! #CGG

  3. Victoria Ess says:

    No one I know is a Hitchcock fan, but a great gift set to keep in mind. #CGG

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