Groomsmen Gifts

Do I really need to spell out what today’s post is on? Nein. Without further ado, here are a handful of ideas to treat the gentlemen that’ll be standing by your side when you get hitched this summer, next season, or the summer after this. I will throw in a quick note. With bridesmaids gifts, the ladies tend to spend a little more on their maids than what I’ve seen guys will spend on their men. The logical rationale is twofold. First, girls tend to be more gift-y in general when it comes to treating their lady friends (how often does one guy buy another, non-blood-related guy a present?). Second, bridesmaids easily shell out 2-3x what a guy would to be in a wedding – the potential to splurge exists for the dress, hair, shoes, nails, accessories, and of course, shower gifts. So treat your ladies right! With that in mind – all of today’s gifts are under the $100 mark, some well under. It just depends on how fancy an idea you’re going for in gifting your groomsmen.

Ties – $64+ each @ Stalward Ltd. 
If your groomsmen aren’t the type to don suits & shirts on a regular occasion, your wedding attire may be some sort of novelty to them. Make a positive change in their lives and gift them with the first piece of stylish, elegant menswear for their wardrobes with one of these delightful USA-made ties, available in dozens of fabrics and prints that evoke a coastal, beachy feel. Hey, they also work for the guy in your party that is slogging it out in a 9-to-5, and they’re a stylish piece of post-wedding paraphernalia they’ll actually use again. Bonus – you can select a style that matches each guy’s wardrobe, to give it a personal touch.

RFID Blocking Wallets – $82.50 each @ Wurkin Stiffs
Thanks the dudes in your wedding party with a wallet that’ll keep their cash close – closer than they imagined. Little-known fact: your debit and credit cards actually transmit info about your shopping habits simply by walking by a radio frequency signal. These wallets feature a thin alloy panel that’s hidden inside to block out prying marketing types, and look mighty pretty in Italian leather and five manly shades (red not shown). Again, since most parties are under the five-guy count, you can make this feel a little more custom by giving each groomsman a wallet in his favourite colour.

BBQ Sauce Pot w/ Brush & Fresh Gourmet Condiments – $15.95 @ Ashton Green &  $2.79 each @ Loblaws / Superstore
For the guys that love to command the grill, how about a fun BBQ kit? If they love to slap on the marinade, this stainless steel tin makes it easy to transport and apply to your favourite dishes. Liven up the table with some gourmet condiments from President’s Choice, from their collection inspired by Canadian ‘street eats’ – including flavours like rich smokey ketchup and tangy caramelized onion relish. Top things off with a gift card to your local butcher or grocery store, or a grilling cookbook so they can rule the backyard BBQ scene this summer.

Customized Mustache Flasks – $92 for five @ The Hair of the Dog
Guys & their staches…they have a whole month dedicated to mustache-growing pride, so why not honour it in a fun and memorable way with these customized flasks? The neat thing about this product is how customized you can get. Change the background colour, the stache style, the typeface, what’s printed on them, and of course, how many you need – the shop owners are completely open to your ideas, just as your groomsmen will be completely revved up by these party favours. I’ve been a part of a wedding where the gents received flasks – but this puts a whole new spin on that classic concept.

VitalGrill Stove – $69.99 @ VitalGrill
Anyone that’s watched Breaking Bad (and that would probably include a good chunk of your guy friends) has seen the amazing things you can do with batteries. Enter the VitalGrill Stove – an extremely lightweight and portable solution for outdoor chefs. It doesn’t require fuel (making it pretty darn eco-friendly) and it can function even in extreme, Survivor-esque situations. All you need are organic materials from your campsite – wood, paper, straw, twigs, etc. – to get a roaring fire going that’ll easily roast everything from your morning eggs to your evening catch of the day (just make sure you bring a skillet!) If you’ve got an outdoorsy bunch of guy friends, they’ll love this one – or you can splurge for the equally cool VitalGrill BBQ at a sizzling $154.99. Bonus! The products are made by a Canadian company based in Quebec – meaning they’re that much more accessible.

2 Responses to “Groomsmen Gifts”
  1. Susan says:

    Wow — great ideas! I also learned something new about the radio frequencies picking up signals as you are going by! Yikes — big brother is watching! #CGG

  2. Victoria Ess says:

    Definitely passing these awesome ideas on to those who need them — although I don’t know how anybody would chose just one!

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