Flash Post: Steppin Out


What It Is: Bestill my heart. Loafers are having a bit of a fashion moment right now, and Gap, bless them, has jumped onto that trend full-force. With over a dozen options rendered in suede, calf hair, canvas, and herringbone, you’re sure to find a pair that will fit into any lady’s wardrobe that happens to be due for a present. Loafers, like their more girly counterpart, the ballet flat, are wonderful because they can easily be worn to work for a new take on menswear styles, or can be paired with a weekend outfit to dress things up a bit. They’re also great for the in-between weather of it being too cold for sandals, and too warm for boots.
Who It’s For: Your sister, since you know her shoe size and you do have to pick out a pretty fabulous thank-you gift. Your mom, after a peek in her closet to figure out what lovely shade or style is missing from her wardrobe. Your best friend, as a budget-friendly recessionista birthday gift.
What It Costs: The embroidered loafers (bottom row, middle) are $29.95, the suede ones (beige & pink) are $39.95, and the calf / herringbone are $49.95.
Where It’s At: The Gap – both online and in-stores.

2 Responses to “Flash Post: Steppin Out”
  1. Susan says:

    Great prices! I wonder if they come in wide widths? #CGG

  2. Victoria Ess says:

    Ooo I need to stop into the Gap and try these on posthaste. Flats have never been my thing, but if they’re comfy, I know somebody who would LOVE the herringbone ones. #CGG

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