Flash Post: Rubber Soul




What It Is:Who ever said fine jewelry couldn’t be fun as well? These diamond-inlaid rings are made of an unconventional material (rubber) and come in a bevy of bright, translucent, and metallic colours to add a pop of fashion flare to your fingertips. The idea behind the gems is to stack ’em up and buy a few, given their relatively affordable price for diamond jewelry. In addition to the rings, the company behind the designs, Duepunti Jewelry, also sells some equally bold and bright bangles.

Who It’s For:Your wife – give her one for each year you’ve been married (within reason!) Your bridesmaids – match your wedding colour scheme to the shades you buy. Your children – get them rings in their favourite shades or to match their birthstones, and wear one yourself for a twist on the ‘family ring’.

What It Costs: Each ring is $98 USD. Shipping is $8.

Where It’s At:You can score Duepunti Jewelry at a bunch of places online and off, but their actual website guarantees the stock you want is actually in, so you may as well just order from them directly.

4 Responses to “Flash Post: Rubber Soul”
  1. leah leitch says:

    What a twist! I think they’d make great bridesmaids gifts too. My only concern is how well is the diamond going to stay in! Colours are fun and mod! #cgg

  2. Susan says:

    I don’t think I’d want a rubber diamond ring, but they are certainly a cutting edge idea! #CGG

  3. MissT says:

    Not sure I like them as its not my style

  4. Sophia says:

    Cute accessory for high school aged girls or women in their early 20s, but I’m not sure more mature ladies would be into it. #cgg

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