Flash Post: No Pressure


What It Is: Don’t be fooled by its generically cheery appearance – this mat is anything but your basic blanket. Spend 20 to 40 minutes lying down on thousands of little acupressure points (the white circles you see below) and you’ll release tension and stress to feel energized in the morning and ready to sleep like a baby at night. Made with natural materials and loaded with eco-friendly features, these unwind-your-mind mats also earn props for being assembled in Canada.

Who It’s For: Your underworked and overpaid spouse, to help them get through those seriously tough days. Your new mommy friend, so at least when she sleeps it’ll be super deep and relaxing. Your earth-loving mom, to complement her yoga and pilates.

What It Costs: Both mats come with eco foam, but the cover is totally your choice – Organic Hemp ($69) or Cotton ($59).

Where It’s At: The Spoonk Store,  which has a Canadian entity.

4 Responses to “Flash Post: No Pressure”
  1. leah leitch says:

    I would love to try this. Tried an acupressure machine at a home show and it was surprisingly energizing! I like the colours as well. #cgg

  2. MissT says:

    I’m willing to try it out

  3. Sophia says:

    I wonder if it will hurt or if it will just feel like subtle pressure!? Either way, I wouldn’t mind giving it a go! #cgg

  4. Susan says:

    Sounds like something I’d love to try! Also great to know that they are made in Canada. #CGG

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