Every girl has a little bit of an inner princess inside of her – in part groomed by years of watching our favourite Disney princesses on the screen. It seems some crafty companies out there are catching on, and coming up with all sorts of ways to bring fairy tale-inspired products to the forefront as fun gift ideas. Today I’ve got four of them to share with you, and may all your gift-receiving dreams come true!

Disney Reigning Beauties Cinderella Collection – $23 – $210 @ Sephora
One of my main muses for this post is Sephora’s amazing new collaboration with Disney. The two brands have recently come together with plans to release seasonal, limited-edition collections featuring classic Disney princesses, starting with the legendary Cinderella, circa the 1950 Disney film. With pieces ranging from Swarovski crystal-embedded perfume bottles to compacts and make-up kits featuring one-of-a-kind artwork and referential quotes to an eyeshadow palette that draws colours right from the film’s animation cels (and comes in a storybook-like package), this is a collection meant fit for a queen or princess alike. What I love about this set is how thorough the creators have been. Each product comes with a fairy tale-esque title – like the Storylook Palette or the Moonlit Kiss Lipstick Set – and is packaged in romantic baroque gold-and-blue cases. Of course, the actual products themselves reference Cinderella as well – the polishes pictured above have fun shade titles like ‘Blue My Curfew’ while the shadows are given glam names like ‘Ball Gown’ and ‘Rococo’. A total winner whether you’re gifting a Disney collector, your princess-at-heart girlfriend, or your make-up obsessed sister.

Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Party Favours – from $2.37 each @ Beau-coup
Have a wedding coming up in the next year? Infuse it with a little fairy tale magic as you celebrate your own happy ending, with one of these unique party favours. Doll up each guest’s place setting with a Snow White-inspired picture frame or Cinderella’s slipper bottle opener. No matter what Disney film is your favourite, there’s a gift idea at a way-affordable price available. Something about the styling of these makes me feel like they’d go over extra well at a Winter wedding, so if your date’s just around the corner – look no further!

Disney Villains Designer Tee Collection – $25 each @ The Disney Store
If you’re not on board with the whole princess theme of this post, may I introduce you to Disney’s equally fun line of villainous products? Lest we forget, many of the worst witches & sorceresses of the Disney Kingdom had equally aristocratic blood, as evidenced by these three illustrative tees that make an avant garde addition to your wardrobe. Wear one with a sleek black blazer for a classic-meets-quirky look, or don one for a trip to the gym so everyone knows not to mess with you. A really fun spin on the whole Princess theme!

Glass Slipper Collection – $59.95 – $89.95 @ DSW
Keeping on the aforementioned wedding theme, why not get a pair of fairy tale-inspired shoes to cap off your look? Whether you’re a bride looking for the perfect way to incorporate ‘Something Blue’, or you’re a bridesmaid or guest simply looking to glitz up your outfit, these Cinderella-inspired shoes might just be the perfect fit. Each of the five styles comes in several different colours as well, making it a snap to find the right one for your look. DSW does ship to Canada, and has dozens of locations throughout the states. If you’re making a pre-holiday shopping run, be sure to pop in and see if anyone on your gift list is in need of some fine new footwear.

9 Responses to “Fantasyland”
  1. leah leitch says:

    I’m so in! Love the black “lace” shoes and the pretty makeup packaging. #cgg

  2. Victoria Ess says:

    Oh, I love those collections at Sephora…#CGG

  3. Susan says:

    This would be fabulous for anyone that is a Disney Fan! CGG!

  4. prim says:

    The shoes are cute but I don’t totally see Cinderella. Not that that’s a bad thing!

  5. kittypride says:

    The Disney villan tshirts are a hoot! #CGG

  6. MissT says:

    Need to get those disney villian tees

  7. Susan says:

    Love that little Aladdin’s lamp and the Disney/Sephora collaboration! #CGG

  8. Daneet says:

    This entire collection is amazing!!! the first time I saw the make-up in Sephora stores my mind was blown. Its everything a girl could want! #cgg

  9. Everything up there is swoon worthy. The Sephora makeup packaging is absolutely beautiful.

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