Flash Post: My Ears Are Burning


What It Is: Kill two wintry birds with one fuzzy stone in the form of these wool earmuffs that also double up as headphones! Whether you’re waiting for the bus, walking the dog, or simply running errands around town, keep your ears toasty warm and listen to your favourite tunes with one these fantastic pairs of earmuffs. Available in nine different styles that work for both boys and girls, this is an amazing pick for just about any music lover on your holiday shopping list.

Who It’s For: Your little sister, so she can peace out on her way to college via the bus. Your best friend, as a way-affordable and unexpected gift selection. Your big brother, who cycles and runs even when it’s below zero, and always has his favourite mixes blasting.

What It Costs: Believe it or not, just $24.80 a pair.

Where It’s At: Sears locations across Canada and Sears.ca!

11 Responses to “Flash Post: My Ears Are Burning”
  1. Sandy says:

    These are adorable! I love the pair in the middle! #cgc

  2. These are super adorable =) #cgc

  3. tegan says:

    This is going on my Christmas wishlist… these are so cute!

  4. MissT says:

    Cute and double functional. I wonder if they sound good though?

  5. leah says:

    Seriously love these. Definitely keeping these in mind for my daughter and niece! #cgg

  6. Victoria Ess says:

    I love these!! And they’re so reasonably priced!! #CGG

  7. linny pennie says:

    These are brillant! – i think i spelled that wrong lol
    anyhow super usefull! #CGG

  8. Melanie D says:

    $24.80!?! That’s it?? A pair of earphones alone cost at least $10. I’m actually debating about buying this. I run a lot (12k daily), and can never find earphones in my room. Would I be able to wash these tho… #cgg

  9. Susan says:

    Super cute. I love those cable knit ones. A super idea. #CGG

  10. Sophia says:

    How cool is this?! I love gifts that are both fun AND practical! #cgg

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