Rev Up Your Ringlets

It’s Christmas Eve which is always a funny place for the Canadian Gift Guide. I really feel like I’ve given y’all a bunch of swell ideas to carry you through to this point: gift-giving mecca. But I also recognize there are December babies with birthdays to be had, tired hostesses to be given tokens of gratitude, anniversaries to celebrate, and so on. The reason why I write this blog is gift-giving truly is an everyday occasion. So with that, I’m throwing one last idea at you – whether you scour a local salon to snap it up for yourself, or you order it online for a near-future gift-giving occasion, today I’d like to extend a hand to all you curly-haired gals out there.

Rev UpMeet RevUp!, a one-two punch created by hair artist Jonathan Torch, designed to tame even the most unruly of tresses without the use of silicon and sulfates. What it does contain is a whopping 84 natural trace elements designed to make your hair even more touchable, healthy, and voluminous than before. Simply use the shampoo as you would normally, and finish off your power shower with a few spritzes of the Volumist spray. Whether your air or blow dry, you’ll be amazed at the huge amount of tamed, sleek volume your hair gets – similar to spending a day by the sea.

Curly Hair GalsIt’s worth noting that although RevUp! is designed for ladies looking to rock their ringlets, it also works wonders on gals with wavy hair (the woman in yellow above is from the brand’s hair gallery, wherein her ‘before’ picture showed dry, fluffy follicles), or women simply looking to combat the frizzies and revive lank locks come wintertime. The secret behind RevUp! is it not only protects your hair from breakage and daily wear, it allows moisture to penetrate each strand to eliminate frizz and lock in volume and softness. Because the products are all water-based, you can use them every day without worrying about build-up (hint: my hairdresser gave me a stern lecture eons ago about how brands like FRIZZ-Ease leave a serious waxy residue that kills your hair).

RevUp Combo

RevUp! is just one of many products from Jonathan Torch’s Curly Hair Solutions shop – and works beautifully with some of the brand’s other products. Not only do they sell you what you need to finally manage your mane, but they teach you what products work best for what hair types, provide styling tips, and the have a line of tools and clips to round out your would-be at-home hair salon. RevUp! comes in two sizes – 2 oz for $19.50 or four times that, 8 0z, for $39.90. Plus if you order online, you actually get a free Curl Keeper to stop frizz in its tracks. It makes a great pick for any lady in your life that loves her hair but has never really sought out products specifically geared to treat curls the way they deserve to be loved – just in time for New Year’s Eve to boot!

So there you have it kids, my final gift idea for you in this very hectic holiday season. As I mentioned above, this is a particularly timely gift if you’re looking to whip your hair into shape before NYE, or if it’s only just cooling down where you live and you need something to treat your tresses through the long winter months. If you fall into that category – curly-haired or not – you may be in luck: I’ve got FIVE full-size volumizing systems to give away. Here’s how you can be one of those enviable winners:

1) Leave a comment by January 8th with your biggest hair challenge – is it lank locks? Split ends? Pesky greys? Dull curls? Will RevUp! be your miracle product?

2) Entries are limited to one per person / per email address / per household (or more if you score bonus entries). A random draw will be conducted on or around January 9th to select the winner, who will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen in their place.

3) Entries are limited to Canadians that have reached the age of majority in their province. Quebec is not eligible to participate in this promotion.

4) Bonus Entry: Give the gift of the Canadian Gift Guide – it’s free, first of all. For every friend you recruit to sign up to be a subscriber + leave a comment nothing that they are a subscriber / who referred them (ex: I’m a subscriber & Sarah P recruited me), you’ll earn yourself a bonus entry. You can bring on an unlimited number of referrals, but not fake ones – I can see your IP Address!


94 Responses to “Rev Up Your Ringlets”
  1. JENNIFER HART says:


  2. leah says:

    Biggest hair dilema is pesky grays and one side that always looks a little flat!

  3. Julie G. says:

    I’m finding that the older I get, the wavier my hair is becoming. It used to be board straight & now is a mass of wild waves & curls and I am finding it a challenge to learn how to control it. Help!

  4. janicour says:

    I have naturally curly hair, but in the dry cold winters it can be very frizzy.

  5. My hair is always flat on the sides and super, super curly in the back. Yikes for sure πŸ™‚

  6. KittyPride says:

    My hair has frizz issues!

  7. Victoria Ess says:

    My biggest challenge is getting curls to stay in my hair.

  8. Adina H. says:

    My curls are floppy and frizzy, and I do get the dreaded build-up despite using few hair products. I’d like to try RevUp!

  9. Natalie says:

    My biggest hair challenge is to gt my waves to look sleek and manageable. Half the time I think my hair looks like I’ve gone for one of the those convertible rides in the movies where the actresse’s beautifully done up hair comes out looking like a rat’s nest after a 5 min ride!

  10. Gemma says:

    My curls are often dull and frizzy! I’d love to try this product.

  11. Brenda Penton says:

    My biggest hair problem is unruly curly, thinning hair.

  12. Anne Derkat says:

    Biggest problem is hiding the gray and one side that always sticks out

  13. Jennifer Deol says:

    Curl Keeper would be good to try.

  14. thomas rusinak says:

    my biggest hair problem is i am losing it…..hey baldy!!!!! so there you go!

  15. Joan G says:

    My biggest hair problem is pesky greys.

  16. Elaan says:

    Grey hair! Arghhhh.

  17. Louise says:

    I’ve got fine thinning hair and now that I’m older I’m battling with the greys.

  18. Anne Taylor says:

    My hair just lays there; its super limp!

  19. mousecat says:

    My hair problem is that it always looks like I forgot to comb my hair! But I do!! I used to have the 2nd best hair in town, but not anymore… Its also dull and a bit frizzy… I do have wavy hair so this COULD be the stuff I’m looking for…

  20. Wendy Dickinson says:

    I have very long thick dry hair that has a natural curl to it so this would be wonderful to bring out the curlies.

    msdickinson28 at hotmail dot com

  21. Debbie Petch says:

    Split ends and damaged hair.

  22. Patricia says:

    Fine straight hair

  23. It’s frizzy with no product or straightening and the ends are dry and damagaed.

  24. Vicky D says:

    My biggest challenge with my curls is frizz

  25. April Campbell says:

    this would be very interesting to try.

  26. debra says:

    frizzy thin curly hair

  27. Alison K says:

    My biggest hair challenge is getting my hair to behave. If I head out the door after washing my hair, it gets all puffy, fluffy & frizzy. When I try to manage it, there are always sections that just never go the right way. I’m resound to living life unpolished unless RevUp! really does become my miracle product.

    Bonus Entry: I’m on the case!

    Thanks & happy holidays πŸ™‚

  28. sarah perry says:

    My biggest hair challenge would definitely be limp hair that doesn’t want to do anything. My hair is really fine and doesn’t like to stay put, just falls. Would love to try something that could give me an extra boost.
    Will definitely be passing the word along for that bonus entry πŸ™‚

  29. jcmoffatt says:

    Thank you very much for thinking of us curly-haired gals! My biggest problem is the incredible amount of frizz I have. If only I could tame the frizz and enhance the curl! Help me out with this giveaway Canadian Gift Guide!

  30. intensev5 says:

    I have fine hair and always need VOLUME!!! This product is very possibly my solution!

  31. Crystal Kordalchuk says:

    My biggest challenge is not having frizzy curls. This might be my fix-er up product! πŸ™‚

  32. Lisa says:

    My hair challenge is it goes frizzy with humidity.

  33. Heidi says:

    Getting my fine, frizzy curls to look shiny/less frizzy.

  34. Jessica Lord says:

    my biggest challenge is definitely limp locks

  35. darci says:

    fuzzy wuzzy curls, so i tend to straighten it, would love to have smooth satin curls!

  36. My Daughters hair is very curly, so nice locks would be awesome for her.
    sue2sueper (at) gmail (dot) com

  37. Sean Pynaert says:

    dry scalp

  38. Barbara B says:

    Wispy little fly-away bits are so annoying when I have to put my hair up.

  39. I have super curly hair that is frizzy most of the time 😦
    rebthecatsitter at gmail dot com

  40. I tweeted

    rebthecatsitter at gmail dot com

  41. Debbie Petch says:

    I have very straight and fine hair. It is always a challenge to get curls!

  42. crescenza2 says:

    Going to bed with waves and curls and waking up with FRIZZ!

  43. Linda Chaput says:

    i have fine hair and need more volume

  44. Nancy says:

    fine, thining hair

  45. Burcu says:

    my hair is frizzy

  46. Beata D'Agostino says:

    My hair is so fine that i need to add more volume and rev up would be perfect for me.

  47. Carolyn Flanagan says:

    I have very fine, fizzy curly hair, I’d love to try this product to see how it works!

  48. CLC says:

    I would love to rock ringlets and rid myself of static cling hair.

  49. Crry VanHooft says:

    permed hair like to keep it looking nice and full

  50. April says:

    My biggest hair problem is split ends. I brush my hair too roughly and flat iron it too often. I am ridden with split ends no matter how often I cut it.

  51. sue ursel says:

    My biggest problem is lacking volumn

  52. Tina L says:

    My biggest problem is my hair is thinning out.

  53. tova says:

    I need this product to tame the unruly curls that I get!

  54. stacey h says:

    i have dry hair

  55. Juliee F says:

    I have oily hair and it’s very fly away when just washed

  56. Brenda says:

    I have very flat hair.

  57. Edward says:

    I don’t have curly hair but my sister does – I think she could use this to tame her curls.

  58. stacey dempsey says:

    my biggest challenge is that the waves in my hair would be very nice but they get firzzy at the slightest dampness in the air

  59. Susan says:

    My biggest challenges are: covering the gray hair, and keeping the frizz down. Sounds like this product would do a fabulous job on the frizz and I love that it is water based and allows the hair to stay healthy! #CGG

  60. leah says:

    my biggest challenge is dry hair and split ends

  61. Marlenej says:

    Split ends Frizzy & keeping the curls looking fresh

  62. Rhonda B. says:

    My biggest challenge is thick fuzzy red hair. How do I maintain no fuzz?? URGHHH!

  63. Freddy says:


  64. My hair is really crazy, it is thick and wavy, if I do not take the time to actually put product in it, it comes out frizzy or limp and dull looking .. or fly away. I think this will help my limp wavy hair be a little bit more regimented and give it a boost !

  65. lori butler says:

    I have natural curly hair, i live on the west (wet coast) this product could be a life or hair saver

  66. Sandra D. says:

    I have curly hair but there isn’t any body to it.

  67. krista maksymchuk says:

    Those are both neat products

  68. Brook says:

    I have the curls and it’s the friz that gets to me, the rain and humid weather does not help!

  69. Susanne says:

    I have curly hair that turns into frizzy hair.

  70. I have wavy hair with a lot of split ends and frizz, been looking for a good product to control it all

  71. Heather Wright says:

    My hair is naturally curly, however as of late (like the last 10 years!), I have dead straight locks for some odd reason…. I even got a perm to get them back, but it has since grown out. If I’m in very humid weather, they come back a bit, but are monstrously frizzy, and no amount of conditioner/serum/masques seem to tame… I’m at a loss, and would be ecstatic to finally have something that would work, and give me the confidence to wear my hair out of a pony tail for at least one day… I know, I’m a sad, sorry character! πŸ™‚

  72. My biggest hair challenge is those greys. I am only 30 but I already have a thick streak of grey that even blonde dye doesn’t really hide

  73. Glogirl says:

    My biggest hair challenge is frizz!

  74. Sydney says:

    Split ends for sure 😦

  75. Taps says:

    i would love ringlets ( easily) for my wavy hair!! adding this to my list of things to check out!

  76. Jayne M. says:

    I would love to have more volume because I definitely have lank locks. Also lots of gray coming in.

  77. Sarah says:

    I actually have frizzy hair so it’d be nice to see if this could tame it.

  78. Quinn says:

    My biggest hair challenge is the humidity and frizz where i live.

  79. 3angels3 says:

    My hair is prone to split ends and get very dry in the winter.
    angelsspot at hotmail dot com

  80. Audrey Skinner says:

    Fine, limp hair that lacks volume

  81. Colleen C. says:

    The mane problem with my hair is lack of volume

  82. henglish says:

    My biggest problem is pesky greys and split ends.

  83. Tracey says:

    Frizzy curls

  84. Sherri F says:

    My hair is really fine. It really needs help to get more volume.

  85. darci says:

    i have the curls and live in a dry northern area so definitely fight the frizzies and static

  86. Bonnie says:

    Unmanageable curls!

  87. aimee says:

    flat hair

  88. Dry hair all the time.

  89. May hair is so curly – it’s not even funny – need all the help I can get

  90. Ruth says:

    Where can I purchase Curl Keeper?

  91. beewbedard says:

    i need more volume

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