Flash Post: Avant Garden


What It Is: I thought it would be a little too morose for me to do a full post on gifts to combat seasonal affective disorder (SADS) but I did want to point out that it’s been shown having signs of great, green life can help perk up those spirits. So when I spotted ‘Postcardens’, I knew I had a winner. What is a Postcarden? Well it’s a slightly chunky, fully sendable postcard (although fair warning, you’ll pay a little more than normal to send it) that unfolds into one of three landscapes (the ‘Botanical Garden’ isn’t pictured). Simply add the enclosed seeds and some water and sunlight, and within days you’ll have a sprouting cress garden that’ll keep for up to 3 weeks.

Who It’s For: Your faraway friend that you’re missing like crazy. Your kinda blue coworker, to brighten up their desk with some green space. Your green thumbed mom, because she’s itching for the snow to melt right now.

What It Costs: Each Postcarden is $15 (plus about $2 postage for you to ship it out in Canada).

Where It’s At: Canadian gift store Kelly’s.

Last few days to score some bonus entries into Rodial! Today all you have to do is visit the Kelly’s website, check out the 3 Postcardens, tell me which one you’d send and to who!

22 Responses to “Flash Post: Avant Garden”
  1. What a cool idea! Would be a cool gift for my sister! She must miss the green as she’s surrounded by snow for a few months! 🙂

  2. leah says:

    Hi, checked out the site but for the life of me could only find one. I’d choose the black and white cover and send it to my awesome sister!

  3. janicour says:

    I would send Postcarden garden to my son where the temperature is around – 30 at the moment. A reminder that Spring is just around the corner.

  4. Donnas says:

    I’d send Postcarden Botanical to my sister; she could use some cheering up!!.

  5. Dreena says:

    I like them all! But if I had to pick, then it would be the one with the pumpkin scarecrow and I would like to keep it for me!! Well, I’d send one to my mom too. This is such a neat idea.

  6. Natalie S says:

    I like the Botanical Postcarden, it is romantic and makes me think of my favourite greenhouse that I visit on cold wintry days. I would send it to my dad.

  7. Julie G. says:

    I like the Postcarden Garden the best & I would send it to my sister.

  8. Rose says:

    What an amazing idea! I would select the Postcarden Garden and send it to my friend Vanessa who just moved for a new job.

  9. Tania B says:

    I am loving the Postcarden Botanical and I would love to send this to my girlfriend Amber out on the west coast who has two little boys who would absolutely love this!

  10. Grace F says:

    Great pick me up to send to anyone living back East right now. Ottawa -22° yesterday….come on really? Ouch. I would send the Postcarden Botanical to my cousin who lives in Halifax.

  11. Erika E says:

    I like the Postcarden Botanical, I’d send it to my aunt.

  12. wisteriagirl says:

    I went to Kelly’s website and I really love the Postcarden Botanical…I would send it to my daughter because we live together and I might be able to share it with her…it is so beautiful!!

  13. diane says:

    I would send the Postcarden City to my daughter.

  14. Joan G says:

    I’d send the Postcarden Botanical to my daughter.

  15. Rajbinder Kaur Dhugha says:

    Brilliant idea, very creative…Gosh, I wish I had an imagination like this artist!

  16. Victoria Ess says:

    I’d send Postcarden Botanical to my mother. So creative!

  17. sarah perry says:

    These are such a unique gift idea and reasonably priced too! 🙂 I would send the Postcarden Garden to my mom, she would love it…she has a collection of post cards so this would be a really cool addition.

  18. Suzie M says:

    I like the postcarden city what a great idea

  19. Danielle says:

    I would send the Postcarden Botanical to my friend in California that I haven’t seen in a couple of years.

  20. Alison K says:

    Find Of The Month: Rodial bonus entry #2: visited the Kelly’s website & out of their 3 Postcardens, I’d send “Postcarden Garden” to my city friend in BC. I know she would enjoy the cuteness of it ‘cos she doesn’t have a garden of her own. Thanks for showing us.

  21. Elaan says:

    Postcarden Botanical! And I’d send it to my nieces and nephew. They would love it. 🙂

  22. Debbie Petch says:

    I like the Postcarden Botanical.

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