Flash Post: Pigskin



What It Is: In the spirit of Superbowl, this stylish football may look pretty, but it’s actually meant for everyday use, packing in both serious durability and playability. Designer Paul Cunningham spent years perfecting his materials and the actual design of the football, each of which he handcrafts from tough American-tanned leather, originally meant for work boots. Aside from the traditional materials, Cunningham’s design actually fits better in your hands, making that family game of football more fun for everyone.

Who It’s For: Your hubby, to admire during the winter and toss in the summer. Your football-playing son, as a way to show an interest in his favourite sport. Your sports-obsessed brother, for his weekend games of football with his bros.

What It Costs: $120 + $12 shipping. It’s not cheap, but remember, it is handcrafted, plus a NFL ball can easily set you back $100.

Where It’s At: You can order directly from Leather Head, the manufacturer of the balls + you can also get other types of vintage-inspired balls and customization!

8 Responses to “Flash Post: Pigskin”
  1. pacificnxnw says:

    I love the look of it.

  2. leah says:

    Nice quality.

  3. Joan G says:

    I can’t justify paying this much for a football.

  4. Susan says:

    I can’t imagine ever spending this kind of money on a football, however, expect many men wouldn’t blink to buy this! #CGG

  5. Hannah says:

    My husband collects sports stuff, so while I can’t see him playing with this I can see a place for it in his man cave.

  6. Victoria Ess says:

    That’s gorgeous — you can tell it’s pricey.

  7. Elaan says:

    It’s lovely but I don’t know how much use it’d get. 🙂

  8. sarah p says:

    I love playing football!! 🙂 This looks like itd be really comfy to use

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