Flash Post: Green Pages

box-john-green_1What It Is: A box set of four incredible titles from Printz award-winning author John Green. I first encountered his spellbinding debut, Looking For Alaska, a couple of years ago and instantly fell in love with Green’s writing style (apparently, so did the rest of the world). Since then I’ve been slowly savouring his titles, reading An Abundance of Katherines and his holiday collab with two other authors Let It Snow. The beginning of 2012 also marked the release of his buzziest title to date – the cancer patient story The Fault In Our Stars which has been capturing the hearts and minds of literary critics, adults, and teens alike. Green’s four standalone titles (he has another collab book that’s not in this set) are available together for the first time in a must-have addition to any avid reader’s library. For serious, can’t say enough good things about the guy.

Who It’s For: Your wannabe writer teenage niece, to break her heart and open her mind simultaneously. Your friend that loves the surge of YA fiction, but hasn’t strayed too far from the overly popular fantasy realm just yet. Your teacher sibling, to help them get teens, even if it’s written by an adult.

What It Costs: List price is $79 for all four books, although I found it online for about $52.

Where It’s At: I spotted the collection at my local Indigo and knew I had to write about it, given Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. You can of course, also buy it online.

Hey readers that are looking for extra Love Is Art entries! Just leave me a comment below with the John Green title from this box set most piques your interest. Hint: telling me a bit about what elements of the plot you’re interested in let me know you’ve actually looked into them.

10 Responses to “Flash Post: Green Pages”
  1. Natalie says:

    It sounds like the books are very captivating and I definitely going to put them on my list. I think I might like Paper Towns, a good mystery is my favourite type of book, Margo seems mysterious!

  2. Victoria Ess says:

    I’d want to read The Fault In Our Stars most. I’ve heard so much about this book in the media, and it sounds like a really sweet, yet tragic, book.

  3. Erin says:

    Paper Towns looks awesome!

  4. Suzanne G says:

    I would like to read The Fault in Our Stars. I am a sucker for a great story about love and tragedy.

  5. Joan G says:

    The Fault In Our Stars would be my choice of reads.

  6. Christine S says:

    The Fault in OUr Stars is the one I’d be interested in. Poignant, tragic & sweet & about cancer.
    Most of us will be touched in some way by cancer

  7. diane p says:

    The Fault in Our Stars sounds like an interesting story of a young woman with cancer.

  8. This is on my wish list !

  9. Dreena says:

    I’d like to read “Looking for Alaska” – read the story line and it has me intrigued. Who is Alaska and why is Pudge so fascinated by her?

  10. sarah p says:

    I have had The Fault in our Stars on my TBR list for a long time…have read quite a few reviews, and cant wait to dive into Hazel’s story.

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