Flash Post: Hug It Out

Hug A MugWhat It Is: I’ll admit it, I don’t quite know what came over the CGG this year. I don’t know that I’ve ever been so smothered with lovey dovey ideas. And here we are on Valentine’s Day, and I thought I’d throw one last, not-so-saccharine option your way, in the form of the Hug A Mug. If, like me, you wish you could wrap your paws around your morning brew but don’t for fear of getting burnt, shout a hallelujah! Just tuck your hands into the inlays and, with the power of the mug’s double walls, rejoice as your hands get a bit of ambient heat. A winsome choice for its semi-sweet sentiment, particularly when paired with her (or his!) favourite coffee beans or tea.

Who It’s For: Your hubby, to encourage him to slow down in the mornings and get wrapped up in his favourite drink (and you). Your parents, as a thank you for raising you to be such a lovely person. Your still-aching-over-a-breakup coworker, as a particularly apt hint if they happen to be someone you fancy as well.

What It Costs: $14

Where It’s At: I imagine it’s available across the nation, but I found it at Vancouver-based shop Front & Company, fount of endless gifting ideas.

Finally if you’re still looking for a Love Is Art bonus entry, it’s simple: just tell me what your big plans are for Cupid’s favourite day!

13 Responses to “Flash Post: Hug It Out”
  1. Natalie says:

    My plans for valentines day is to take it slow and make a romantic dinner for 2 at home. Today is the day my husband proposed over a romantic home cooked meal!

  2. Hannah says:

    Love this mug. My Valentine’s plans are to stay in and watch a movie with my guy.

  3. Victoria Ess says:

    We are celebrating on Saturday with partner yoga and ice skating 🙂

  4. pacificnxnw says:

    No plans, we don’t celebrate V-Day!

  5. Suzanne says:

    We are having a romantic home cooked meal tonight

  6. Joan G says:

    Steak and shrimp at home with a bottle of Merlot.

  7. linnett says:

    having bbq lobster and shrimp with a nice bottle of wine, this is going to be a surprise to my hubby.

  8. diane p says:

    Quiet night at home with my husband and daughter.

  9. Dreena says:

    We had a nice night in of champagne and take-away sushi.

  10. Leah says:

    We had a nice Valentine’s day, I made a yummy dinner that we ate by candlelight!

  11. Elaan says:

    Homemade dinner. That’s it!

  12. Susan says:

    This would be great for my mom’s arthritic hands.

  13. sarah p says:

    We made dinner and dessert together and ate at 1am lol my husband had to work

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