The Smell of Success

For the last seven years, Cosmetics magazine has been honouring the top perfumers in the world via the Canadian Fragrance Awards – the country’s premiere event and awards show recognizing which scents have captured the noses of the nation. I’ve perused the scents and many of them are ones I’ve featured right here on the Canadian Gift Guide. After perusing everything, I came up with a few categories of my own to help guide you to some gift-giving success! Advance warning – I definitely grouped these scents together by the ‘look’ and not the category. Although in some cases, they overlap (see: Prettiest Bottle!)

CFA Prettiest BottlePrettiest Bottle: BCBG MAX AZRIA – $86
Never underestimate the power of a perfume’s bottle in convincing you of its perfection. Of all the nominated scents this year, I was definitely drawn in by the debut fragrance for BCBG MAX AZRIA. The romantic fluttery pink petals (with a butterfly at the core representing the brand’s own logo) channel the very pink sweetness of the scent itself: strawberries and cherries float to the top with hints of sandalwood and violet.

CFA Intoxicating Exotic

Most Intoxicating Exotic: Roberto Cavalli – $80
I’m not a huge ‘oriental’ scent person usually (although my sister, the expert on that scent category, certainly is), but this, this I like. The layers are remarkably simple and shockingly equally detectable – African Orange Flower is ramped up with lush vanilla and exotic tonka bean, all with notes of benzoin and the still remarkably trendy pink pepper. The result is a notice-me scent best worn by bold girls.

CFA Made For Men

Made For Men: Calvin Klein Encounter – $87
The entries into the men’s category may be fewer, but the colognes are no less delightful to take a deep inhale of. Personally I love the dark storminess of Calvin Klein’s Encounter. Maybe it’s because Alexander Skarsgard is the face of the fragrance, but there’s something very mysterious and nighttime (and sexy!) about this blend of cardamom and agarwood mixed in with powerful notes of cognac and rum. Despite the boozy undertones, don’t think your guy will walk around smelling like a gentleman’s club – instead, picture a sifter of brandy in one hand and a sexy smile on his face, and you’ll get the sophisticated feeling with just one spritz.

CFA Drama Queen

Most Dramatic: Lady Gaga Fame – $59.99
Typically speaking the fragrance world is dominated by petal pinks and champagne golds. So when you add black into the mix you know you’re getting something special. And when you add black liquid to the mix? Well that’s one-of-a-kind. What else would you expect from Lady Gaga; one of the music industry’s most singular personalities? I originally described Gaga’s debut perfume as ‘springtime at night’ and I stand by that descriptor. It’s got a surprisingly honey-sweet side despite the exotic ingredients, but don’t be fooled: it’ll still cause a splash.

CFA Best In Show

Best In Show: Florabotanica by Balenciaga – $90
Sure technically no one asked my opinion, but the fun of the Fragrance Awards is that every last one of us has a voice. And since I know you were all dying to hear my top pick, I can tell you that my vote would definitely go toward the fresh woodsy floral of Balenciaga’s new release (with Kristen Stewart as the spokeswoman). It’s earned top honours on my vanity table, and I hope it earns the same nationally!

Want to cast your vote + view all the nominees for the 8th Annual Canadian Fragrance Awards? Two such places you can do so are the Chatelaine website and the Loose Button Facebook Page (hint: you can actually win an insane fragrance prize package from Loose Button). Want to win two of these sensational scents for yourself? One lucky lady will soon be smelling like Roberto Cavalli’s bold & gold scent, while a dapper gentleman will soon be mirror Alex Skarsgard’s musk when they walk away with a bottle of Calvin Klein Encounter. Here’s how to enter:

1) Leave a comment by March 26th with your top female & male fragrance picks. (You can see ’em all here)

2) Entries are limited to one per person / per email address or IP address / per household (or more if you score bonus entries). A random draw will be conducted on or around March 27th to select the winners, who will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen in their place.

3) Entries are limited to Canadians that have reached the age of majority in their province. Quebec is not eligible to participate in this promotion.

4) Bonus Entry: Get your friends in on the voting process! You can Tweet about this contest up to 5 times over the promotion period. Just leave a link back to your Tweets in the comments and be sure to tag @cdngiftguide in them. 

114 Responses to “The Smell of Success”
  1. nikki robak says:

    Ed Hardy skulls and roses is my favorite woman’s fragrance and Calvin Klein’s Encounter is fav men’s

  2. Juliee says:

    So Elixir Purple for woman and James Bond 007 for men

  3. Annie Demill says:

    Calvin Klein’s Encounter for the men’s and BCBG MAX AZRIA for the woman’s favourite. (Valentino was a close second 🙂

  4. Victoria Ess says:

    BCBG Max Azria for women’s, and Boss Bottled Sport for men.

  5. Victoria Ess says:

  6. Julie G. says:

    My top female pick : BCBG Max Azria
    top male pick : Calvin Klein’s Encounter

  7. Louise says:

    My top female pick-Gucci Première
    Top male pick-Fan Di Fendi pour Homme

  8. Louise says:

    I tweeted- tweet name wildcardacehigh (louise gilbert)

  9. Donnas says:

    My fave female scent is Burberry Body and for the male scent I choose Kenzo Homme Sport.

  10. Donnas says:


  11. Erin says:

    My female pick is Elie Saab La Parfum and my men’s choice is Viktor and Rolf Spice Bomb

  12. Erin says:

  13. cookie3 says:

    BCBG MaxAzria for women & Hugo Boss Sport for men

  14. TWEET1

  15. Kaylee says:

    Favourite female scent is BCBG MAXAZRIA and fave men’s is Calvin Klein Encounter.

  16. Alison Braidwood says:

    My faves are Fan di Fendi for men, and La Petite Robe Noir by Guerlain, for women.

  17. Suzanne says:

    My favorite female scent is Givenchy Dahlia Noir and in men’s it is Nautica Aqua Rush

  18. leah says:

    Florabotanica by Balenciaga – $90 For ladies, hugo boss sport for men.

  19. Susan says:

    My top female pick is Vince Camuto Women (gorgeous bottle) & my top male fragrance pick is Lalique Hommage a L’Homme.

  20. Jessica says:

    Women’s: BCBG Maxazria
    Men’s: Hugo Boss Sport

  21. Gucci Premier for women and Calvin Klein Encounter for men

  22. linnett says:

    Calvin Klein Encounter for Men and Lady Gaga for women, I have this one and love it, thanks for the contest

  23. Joan G says:

    for females Burberry Body for men Calvin Klein Encounter

  24. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    Calvin Klein’s Encounter and BCBG MAX AZRIA

  25. beewbedard says:

  26. Glenn Maguire says:

    spice bomb

  27. KellyPC says:

    Marc Jacobs Dot for her & Ed Hardy Skulls & Roses for Him

  28. Kelly Gordon says:

    Womens: Dot Marc Jacob
    Mens : Calvin Klein Encounter

  29. Beverly says:

    Marc Jacobs Dot for the ladies and Calvin Klein Encounter for the men!

  30. neha gupta says:

    aah amazing its just amazing to have it on earth

  31. Chris Lafrance says:

    Calvin Klein Encounter smells nice.

  32. Andrea Williams says:

    I would choose – Boss Bottled Sport for the men and Burberry Body for the women.

  33. Lynn A says:

    Womens–Byredo Black Saffron, Men–Viktor + Rolf Spicebomb

  34. The Robert Cavelli for women and the Calvin Klein Encounter for women.

  35. Elva Roberts says:

    March 13–I like the ‘Floralbotanica by Balenciaga for women and Encounter by Calvin Klein for men.-Elva Roberts

  36. Marlene V says:

    James Bond 007 and Forever Red

  37. Brenda Penton says:

    I like Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire for women and Calvin Klein Encounter for men

  38. Linda A says:

    Women- Chanel Coco Noir

    Men- Calvin Klein Encounter

  39. Alicia M says:

    Ed Hardy skulls and roses for women and Calvin Klein Encounter for men are my top picks

  40. Andrew P says:

    Men – Calvin Klein’s Encounter
    Women – Marc Jacobs Dot

  41. Pat B says:

    Ed Hardy Skulls & Roses For Her AND Kenzo Homme Sport

  42. Dayna Wilson says:

    For her, Givenchy Dahlia Noir and for him, Calvin Klein encounter.

  43. Vanessa says:

    Hugo Boss Sport and Ellie Saab Le Parfum

  44. Holly says:

    Ed Hardy Skulls & Roses for Her and Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb.

  45. Hannah says:

    Lady Gaga & Calvin Klein for sure!

  46. beewbedard says:

  47. Female – Marc Jacobs Dot
    Male – Calvin Klein Encounter

  48. lucy says:

    Ed Hardy Skulls & Roses for Her and Calvin Klein

  49. Dayna Wilson says:

    tweet 2:

    vote for your favourite scents in the Canadian Fragrance awards, and be sure to check out @cdngiftguide to #win fragrances for him and her!— Dayna W (@daynacw) March 16, 2013

  50. ginette4 says:

    My top female fragrance is Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire

  51. beewbedard says:

  52. Marla says:

    Calvin Klein’s Encounter for the men’s
    Wisteria for the woman’s

  53. Shannon says:

    Calvin Klein’s Encounter — For men
    and Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck for women (I love this one!)

  54. jeffrey n says:

    Calvin Klein’s Encounter — For men
    Marc Jacobs Dot – for women

  55. jeffrey n says:

  56. Anne Derkat says:

    Chanel Coco Noir and Roberto Cavalli

  57. Tara B. says:

    TAylor Swift Wonderstruck for women
    Roberto Cavalli – love it on my husband!!

  58. kolagirl says:

    Ed Hardy Skull & Roses, Only The Brave Tattoo Diesel

  59. kolagirl says:

  60. kolagirl says:

  61. Sherry F says:

    female – Valentino Valentina
    male – Mont Blanc Legend

  62. kolagirl says:

  63. kolagirl says:

  64. kolagirl says:

  65. beewbedard says:

  66. beewbedard says:

  67. My top fragrance picks are Ed Hardy Skulls & Roses for Him and Balenciaga Florabotanica for her!
    rebthecatsitter at gmail dot com

  68. Shannon says:

    Have not tried any of these fragrances.
    My signature scent has been Paloma Picasso for the past 21 year, post Vanilla phase.

  69. Alison K says:

    My top female & male fragrance picks are “Chanel Coco Noir” for women, gotta go with a classic & “Mont Blanc Legend” for men ‘cos I like to packaging.

    Bonus Entry #1:


  70. lori butler says:

    Calvins Klein Encounter for men, Marc Jacobs Dot for women thank you

  71. Glogirl says:

    My picks would be Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted and Mont Blanc Legend.

  72. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    My favourites are Chanel Coco Noir and Boss Bottled Sport.

  73. tweet

  74. Carolyn says:

    MEN’S Calvin Klein’s Encounter
    WOMAN’S Burberry Body

  75. dea says:

  76. dea says:

    Balagencia Florabotanica for women and Ed Hardy Skulls & Roses for men.

  77. sheryl says:

    i just love ed hardy fragrances

  78. Burcu says:

    Lancôme La Vie Est Belle and Calvin Klein Encounter

  79. June says:

    Marc Jacobs Dot for females and L’Eau D’Issey Pour Homme.

  80. dea says:

  81. sarah p says:

    My pick for womens is Chanel Coco Noir, and for men’s, Kenzo Homme sport

  82. tweet 3

  83. Barbara99 says:

    Calvin Klein’s Encounter is my favourite!!

  84. dea says:

  85. tweet 4

  86. dea says:

  87. Michelle L says:

    Probably would choose the lady gaga fame 🙂

  88. tweet

  89. Emily says:

    Lady Gaga Fame for the ladies and Hugo Boss sport for the men!

  90. aimee says:

    givenshy and boss

  91. tweet

  92. Belinda McNabb says:

    Chanel Coco Noir for women and Roberto Cavalli for men

  93. Belinda McNabb says:


  94. william fraser says:

    calvin klein encounter for men i liked on facebook!!!

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