Find of the Month: Sanuk

Call me crazy, but springtime is absolutely the number one time of year for me to invest in a new pair of shoes (or two, or three). Something about kicking off my salty, grimy ol’ boots and letting the crisp April air hit my feet just makes my heart (and my wardrobe) sing. This year I’ve discovered a whole new line of surf-inspired shoes from Sanuk.

Sanuk Fur Real

The coolest thing about the brand is the story behind each pair. Founder Jeff Kelley envisioned a company that would use everyday innovations and comforts in a fresh way with the shoes he created – crafting the first few pairs right in his own backyard. The first-ever style he devised is known as the ‘Fur Real’ ($35), a men’s sandal with indoor / outdoor carpeting for a finish that’s both super cosy, and super all-weather practical (that’s actually the Fur Real II pictured above). They’ve since become an iconic part of a material line-up that includes wire mats and yoga mats alike. I love ’em because the shape works for guys of all ages, yet they magically emit some surfer coolness upon sliding them on.

Sanuk Sidewalk Surfers

Of course, innovation goes beyond the mere materials a shoe is made of – at Sanuk, it also comes down to function, as with the stylish Sidewalk Surfers kicks they carry (women’s start at $55, men’s at $60). It has the flexible sole of a sandal, but the classic slip-on upper keeps your foot in place – making it easier (and comfier) than ever to strut along the boardwalk. The Sidewalk Surfer has a crazy amount of iterations that vary in colour, shape, pattern, and even details like whether it has laces – but every last pair is ultra stylish while maintaing a chill vibe. Plus the price point makes them perfect for birthday bashes for your favourite betty or boy.

Sanuk Yoga Sandals

One particularly notable line within the Sanuk family is the Yoga sandal. If you’ve ever wiggled your toes on the plushness of your yoga mat, you’ll easily empathize with the brand’s desire to bring that comfort into your everyday. Each pair of sandals in the Yoga line is indeed made from the same cushy, smushy yoga mat you practice downward facing dog on, all capped off with a funky band in a print or colour that matches your personal style. Have I mentioned yet that nearly all of these shoes are actually vegetarian / vegan friendly? To borrow a yoga term, consider it good karma to don a pair of animal-friendly kicks.

Sanuk Chill Collection

As much as I flip for Sanuk’s line of crazy comfy sneakers and sandals, I’m also a realist – up here in Canada, we’ve gotta have slightly warmer footwear in rotation for a good portion of the year (including those chilly spring cold spells). Luckily if you’re hoping to keep your beachy persona going year-round, Sanuk also features a ‘Chill’ line of earthy shoes, boots, and slippers lined with snuggly fleece to keep you toasty warm till sunny season prevails. Prices start from $60 for the ladies, and $55 for the gents – the selection here’s pretty diverse so be sure to browse for yourself and pick out a slightly cooler weather pair or two to add to your Christmas wish list for next year.

Sanuk Kid Shoes

It’s probably also worth noting at this point that Sanuk does feature a limited (mostly) unisex children’s line as well, so if your little tyke is eyeballing those Sidewalk Surfers or Yoga sandals, get ’em a pair for some cute matchy-matchiness.

Sanuk Misc Sandals
As for where to buy these fab shoes? I recommend the website – it’s super fun to browse, and it’s the easiest way to guarantee your favourite style is in stock. There’s also tons of fab offers like free shipping and bonus giveaways when you shop online. If you’re really dead set on getting your hands (or feet) on these beauties in person, they’ve got a great retail locator to help you track down your nearest shop, or just try your local swim / surf / skate shop – Sanuk’s pretty prolific amongst that set.

Finally, let’s talk about the big, big, big promotion Sanuk’s got going on this year. Every month for the rest of 2013, you can actually win a year’s supply of Sanuk shoes. That’s right, 12 pairs, so your feet can bask in pure comfort for 365 days straight (and then some). And here’s what’s extra freaking cool about this April. This month TWO winners will be chosen to win a year’s supply of Sanuk shoes…and one of those winners will be a Canadian Gift Guide reader! Crazy super awesomely pumped? Then read on to find out how you could be slipping into some new shoes for an entire year:

1) Leave a comment by April 30th with links back & names of TWO of the pairs you’d pick if you were the lucky winner! I’m going to be a stickler on this one guys…if you don’t have the shoe names & links, your entry won’t be counted, so GET BROWSING

2) Entries are limited to one per person / per email address / per household (or more if you score bonus entries). A random draw will be conducted on or around May 1st to select the winners, who will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen in their place.

3) Entries are limited to Canadians that have reached the age of majority in their province. Quebec is not eligible to participate in this promotion.

4) Bonus Entry #1: Check the Canadian Gift Guide every single day for the rest of the month – you’ll find bonus entry opportunities galore. 

5) Bonus Entries #2-#4: As I mentioned, Sanuk is giving away two of these prizes. You can try your hand at winning through the Canadian Gift Guide, or you can enter in one of the three other ways through Sanuk directly. As an extra bonus, if you do any of these, I’ll pop your name into the Canadian Gift Guide draw an extra time too!

Option 1: Make a purchase on to automatically earn an entry. If you do this, leave a comment below telling me what pair you bought. Just be prepared – if you’re chosen as the winner on this bonus entry, I’ll be checking with Sanuk to make sure you actually bought from them!

Option 2: Like Sanuk Canada on Facebook and enter their monthly photo contest. As above, if you win on this bonus entry, I’ll be verifying you entered 🙂

Option 3: Tweet your photo from the Facebook photo contest using the hashtag #SanukComfort365 and @SanukCanada for a third entry. This one’s simple to verify for bonus entry purposes; just leave a link back to your Tweet in the comments below!

168 Responses to “Find of the Month: Sanuk”
  1. Alison K says:

    Hard to choose but TWO of the pairs I’d pick if I were the lucky winner would be:
    1)TRIPPY TOES in blue (SKU:SWF1129)
    2)TORREY in black (SKU:SWB4005)
    Thank you.

  2. Joan G says:

    For myself I want the Standard Boho in Turquoise –

    For my hubby it’s Overboard Sumbrella in Grey –

  3. Annie Demill says:

    I love these two options; EMBER and the MASON Women’s Actually love them all!

  4. mousecat says:

    I’d pick the following:
    – from the chill collection: (in black)
    – and from the sidewalk surfers: (in navy)

  5. Loralie Baker says:

    So many to choose from but if I won my top 2 picks would be the yoga goddess
    And I’m Game

  6. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    a difficult choice but I would choose the women’s Torrey boots, see and the women’s Anthem Rush shoes, see

  7. Great contest! If I won, I’d choose:

    the Multi-coloured Flurry boot:


    the Mason Women’s in sage:

  8. I’ve Liked Sanuk and entered their April contest.

  9. beth says:

    Id like these Dream Catcher & standard ponco 🙂 super cute

  10. Evan says:

    I would love to pick the following 2 pairs. Thanks so much, and have a good week.

    1) Anthem shoes in black – SKU:SMF1108 –

    2) Vagabond Chill – SKU:SMF1054 –

  11. Brenda Penton says:

    My picks would be: Shuffle in black
    and the Yoga Mat Wedge in black

  12. Debbie Bashford says:

    I liked Sanuck on facebook and just entered their monthly photo contest for April

  13. Debbie Bashford says:

    Here is the tweet of the photo I entered

  14. Susan says:

    I had never heard of Sanuk’s before your post today! My picks would be the following pairs: The Anthem Women’s Sidewalk Surfer in black ( and the Women’s Yoga Mat Sandal in electric blue (

  15. Louise says:

    I love the TORREY SKU:SWB4005
    in black size 9
    in size 9

  16. leah leitch says:

    Liked, entered on their fb page. Mason Women’s in sage:

  17. Donna L. says:

    My picks: I’M GAME SKU:SWF1057 in Giraffe colour,
    and GET LEI’D WOMENS SKU:SWF1128 ,

  18. Donna L. says:

    I Liked Sanuk Canada on Facebook and entered their April photo contest as Donna Lyn.

  19. Anne L says:

    Decisions, decisions but I’ve narrowed it down. I’d love to win the Yoga Mat Wedge http:/ and the Ember Liked on facebook and shared.

  20. Tina says:

    I pick:

    1) TORREY in tan; and
    2) ENDURO in black

  21. Jennifer L. says:

    I would love these 2 pairs:

    Fraid Too Women’s in Cream:
    and the Kid’s Root Beer Cozy in Black:

  22. ginette4 says:

    I would pick their Plain Jane and Bedouin Summer shoes

  23. ginette4 says:

    Entered to win on their site 🙂

  24. debra says:

    would choose shore leave and torrey

  25. Courtney Miller says:

    I would choose the Torrey and the Snowfox Chill

  26. angela mitchell says:

    I’d love the Bedouin in Charcoal:
    and the Yoga Sling in purple and orange:

  27. melinda says:

    love flip flops ,must have :YOGA PARADISE & YOGA MAT

  28. Kaylee says:

    So so hard to just pick two! I think I’d go with
    1) Yoga Paradise –
    2) Dotty (in pink)

  29. Vesper says:

    The 2 that I like are womens (1) Ember – (2) FLURRY –

  30. Andrea says:

    It’s hard to choose! But I think I’d choose:
    1. Yoga Paradise:
    2. Anthem Rush:

  31. Jaime Brown says:

    The 2 I would pick would be:
    2. FLURRY

  32. Stacey says:

    June bug and dotty! so cute!

  33. I would pick for my 4 year old son the Root bear cozy’s
    and for my 14 year old son the Base line raw.

    Thank you!

  34. I also Liked Sanuk Canada on Facebook and entered their monthly photo contest. TY!

  35. Loralie Baker says:

    Bonus entry1:liked Sanuk Canada on Facebook and entered the photo contest
    Bonus entry 2: tweeted my pic

  36. michelle tremblett says:

    ohhhit would be a hard pick, but it would be either – from the chill collection: (in black) or Yoga Spree Wedge –

  37. intensev5 says:

    I like the TRIPPY TOES and TORREY shoes

  38. Aaron says:

    I would pick:

    1) Anthem shoes in black –

    2) Vagabond Chill –

  39. Dayna Wilson says:

    Oh my gosh where to start… I immediately gravitated towards sandals, as that’s what I need most right now…lovin’ Yoga Chi: (in red!) and Ibiza Gypsy in amber… then I went over to sidewalk surfers and ohhh my god, I want like, every single pair.

  40. Holly Daniels says:

    I would pick Trippy Toes : – They’re so cute! I’m in love with them! and I would pick Kiss & Tell : because everyone needs an awesome pair of sandals!

  41. Kristen says:

    Love the colour of these Standard Poncho
    As well as these Passport Sandals

  42. Michelle B says:

    I would choose
    1, Yoga Mat Wedge ladies sandal in black.
    2,Enduro mens boot in black

  43. Carolyn says:

    I entered the Sanuk Canada contest on FB

  44. Myra says:


  45. holly messana says:

    1st pair is the Yoga Paradise
    2nd pair is Torrey

  46. lindsay d. says:

    i love the ibiza gypsy in turquoise b/c i don’t have anything like them:

    the flurry boots would be cool, too, b/c they’re so much more interesting that your average winter boots:


  47. Kimberley Macpherson says:

    I would choose the Torrey boot and the Yoga Goddess

  48. Edmond says:

    Pick me, pick me. Your next winner!!! Show me the money!
    I would choose: Enduro Black color Shore leave Grey color

    . It would be a dream come true and means a lot more to me than anyone else to win the prize. Starving artist here desperately needs new shoes to go out to find work and eat again. Winner, winner. Chicken dinner. A life changing experience. Top of my bucket list.

  49. Emilia says:

    Cabrio Breeze
    I would choose one for me and my husband, fun shoes

  50. Holly says:

    I want the Ibiza stitch sandals or the Torrey boots!

  51. SONJA says:

    I WANT THESE TWO!! One for our cold Canadian winters (long longwinters) and one for our beautiful summers!!

  52. Mike Ambrose says:

    My #1 is the Grifter II in khaki ( and my second choice is the Enduro in brown (

  53. Mandy says:

    TORREY in black (SKU:SWB4005)
    TRIPPY TOES in blue (SKU:SWF1129)

  54. Couple paper champions not including the link I see!

    I gots’ta’ be found chillin in the Enduro (Brown) kicks. These kittens are bad ass!

    Secondly, the Shore Leave (Grey) editions look super fly! I shan’t be found sidewalk surfing in anything less then something as cool as this.

    Rad shoes!

  55. Alicia B says:

    I would get these: June Bug (in black)
    and these: Ibiza ( in black)

  56. Tegan says:

    I am feeling very summery, so –

    June Bug –


    Yoga Paradise! –

  57. Lynn A says:

    I would choose:

  58. Lynn A says:

    Sorry about above. I would choose Yoga Serenity in turquoise and Ibiza Stitch

  59. martin h says:

    anthem waxed –
    enduro –
    so many awesome styles – want em all!

  60. Chantelle says:

    I would like the Torrey in black and the Yoga Sling in purple/orange

  61. l p says:

    CHIBA in black and TORREY in black (SKU:SWB4005) thanks

  62. Sara says:

    Tough choice but I’d pick turquoise June Bug
    And tan Dotty

  63. Lori Z says:

    I would LOVE to win:
    Carpe-DM @
    Ember @

    Thanks! 🙂

  64. Sara says:

    I also liked on Facebook and entered the photo contest there!

  65. Victoria Ess says:

    I’d choose CABRIO and JUNE BUG in black:

  66. Ali Grotkowski says:

    I would choose Yoga XYZ and Ibiza Gypsy both in black.

  67. Linda A says:

    I would choose the Yoga Serenity-
    and Plain Jane 11-

  68. Gizele says:

    I like the Bedouin Summer and the flutter shoes.

  69. Glogirl says:

    I’d like to have the Aurora sandals~
    I’d also love to have the Athena shoe~

  70. Sparkle says:

    These are the two I would pick: “Mason Woman’s” & “Ember”.

  71. I love the TRIPPY SHOES in Teal
    AND the
    ANTHEM RUSH in Navy

    rebthecatsitter at gmail dot com

  72. I entered to win shoes for a year on their Facebook page!

  73. I tweeted my photo from the Facebook contest!

  74. Vanessa says:

    I would love to have the Vixen Sandal ( and Dotty in Blue (!

  75. vivian mok says:

    i like the shoes very much tks i would like to win them

  76. Susan Laliberte says:

    I would pick the pink stripped shoe and the blue plaid one. I could not find the website that has the actual names of the shoes. They look awesome and comfortable. Shoes are very important to me. I have difficulty walking without the proper shoes. I hope I win.

  77. Beth says:

    Love these!
    Castaways and Trippy Toes!

  78. OMG! Sooooo many I love! I own one pair (splurge purchase treat from 2 years ago) and they’re still wonderful!
    I’d loooove to get:
    and: <— never seen boots before from them! 8-o

  79. andie says:

    Two pairs would be:
    Yoga Mat Kids Sandals, in teal for my daughter [] , and
    the Checkabone chill kids pr, in brown, for my son []

  80. Teesha says:

    If I could only pick two… ; )

    1. DOTTY in blue –

    2. JUNE BUG in black or turquoise –

    Thanks for the awesome contest and opportunity!

  81. The pairs I’d pick if I were the lucky winner would be:
    1)TRIPPY TOES in blue (SKU:SWF1129)
    2)TORREY in black (SKU:SWB4005)
    Thank you.

  82. Jennifer P. says:

    So hard to choose, but here’s an attempt:
    1. Yoga mat flip flops because they are the most comfortable flip flops ever and I really need a new pair:

    And 2. Shuffle:

    Thanks for the awesome contest!!

  83. Ria A. says:

    My top two pairs:
    1. Dotty in Pink:
    2. Torrey in Black

  84. azar says:

    I would pick: 1)PASSPORT for my son
    2)STANDARD PONCHO for myself

    thx for your good contest .I wish I be a winner

  85. diane p says:

    I would pick:
    pick pocket fleece,
    yoga mat,


  86. diane p says:

    I liked on facebook and entered the monthly contest.

  87. kolagirl says:

    1st pick would be the Torrey boot in tan.

    2nd pick would be the Yoga Mat sandal in orange

  88. Laurie says:

    What a great giveaway!

    I love the Ember for the colder days (… the grey are really nice!

    And I ADORE the the Trippy Toes! (, especially in pink.

  89. bkick1 says:

    thanks for the excellent & useful giveaway.
    1 – Ember in grey (
    2 – Yoga Mat sandal – orange (

  90. Sherilyn says:

    My 1st pick would be the Shorty Chill.

    My 2nd pick would have to be Vagabond Kids for my son !! He would look super cute in them !

  91. Rebecca says:

    OMG it’s so hard choosing just two. Here goes: Torrey and I’m Game

  92. Shannon says:

    I would get the Dotty:
    And another pair of Shortys in blue:

  93. Maggie says:

    I would like the Snowfox Chill in Grey – and the Donna in Baja –

  94. Maggie says:

    I did this : Like Sanuk Canada on Facebook and enter their monthly photo contest.
    They posted my entry on their timeline on Wednesday, April 10.

  95. Maggie says:

    I tweeted my photo from the FB contest.

  96. Taira Birnie says:

    Such a tough choice, love them all! I think I would pick June Bug Turquoise for myself and Root Beer Cozy Black Camo for my little dude 😉 and

  97. Layla says:

    Great giveaway! Would love to be cruising in new kicks for the summer!

    My picks are:

    1. Womens Sidewalk Surfer: Castaway, black stripes,
    2. Mens Sidewalk Surfer: Standard, black,


  98. I love the Yoga Paradise for me:
    And the Ibiza Flower Patch for my daughter’s:
    My husband and I already have sidewalk surfers and love them!

  99. Rachelle Livingstone says:


    My first pick is Scribble in Sand

    My second pick is Castaway Sunbrella in Black

  100. Noel Acres says:

    My 1st pick of these awesome shoes would the be the STANDARD CHECKED OUT-

    My 2nd pick of these awesome shoes would be the Standard Carlton in Brown -

  101. Darlene Jamin says:

    So hard to pick, but would start with Yoga Sling in purple-orange and the Scribble Chill in grey

  102. Natalie Van Kesteren says:

    I love SANUK their sandals are to die for I would pick The yoga spree funk and yoga serenity

  103. Yoga Sling in black for me… or the Ibiza Flower Patch in pink for my daughter

  104. Kayla Gilbert says:

    If I won, I’d pick: Donna Hemp as my first pick:

    and YOGA MAT WEDGE SKU:SWS3053 as my second pick:

  105. Ari says:

    Dotty Sidewalk Surfers
    Kiss & Tell Sandals

    great giveaway!!! ❤ crossing my fingers!

  106. Mari-ann Tierney says:

    These shoes are HOT! Love them! would love You Got My Back II – – and then I couldn’t make up my mind between the Yoga Sling - – or the Yoga Goddess (love that name!) –

  107. Michelle says:

    Oooh! I spy with my ‘lil eye… (Yoga Sling, Black…Comfy functional) (Black/Fuschia…Comfy chic)

  108. Piroska says:

    The 2 sandals that are my faves: Fraid Too:
    and the Aurora:

  109. Justin says:

    Ember and trippy toes

  110. Sara says:

    VAGABOND KIDS in moss ( and for the colder months CHECKABONE CHILL KIDS (

  111. Juliee says:

    My picks are-
    Flurry in black –

    Junebug in turquoise

  112. Dee B says:

    I would choose Cabrio Breeze- Adobe and Bedouin Summer-Tan

  113. Mary says:

    I love them all

  114. valerie caldicott says:

    I would choose
    and June Bug

  115. Julie G. says:

    I like this:RASTA NECTAR SKU:SWS2180
    and this:ARMY BRAT SKU:SBF1063

  116. Shauna says:


  117. my daughter loves sanuk

  118. Karissa K says:

    Soooo many favorites! My top 2 are:
    – Tweedy II
    – I’m Game (Especially the Giraffe pattern :))

  119. Karissa K says:

    I also entered on the Sanuk Canada Facebook page (y)

  120. I’d like the Sidewalk Surfers kicks (Laurel in Beige) and the Torrey (these would be awesome for the winter!)

  121. Sophia says:

    My two picks are:

    1) TORREY in the tan colour — (The TORREY just might make me look forward to our next winter!)

    2) BEDOUIN SUMMER in the red stripes — (a pop of colour is always great for summer footwear!)

  122. Jenn says:

    I can never say no to strips
    and these are just super cute

  123. Crystal Englot says:

    My two picks would be:
    Yoga Sling
    Yoga Goddess

  124. trever leblond says:

    first pair would be the base camp
    already have had two pairs and love them, second would be the rambler

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