Flash Post: Mist A Spot

Prepara Oil Mister

What It Is: A homespun alternative to those spray oil cans. Prepara’s Tabletop Oil Mister allows you to control how much oil you get with every spritz, for a healthier, leaner mealtime. Use it to grease up baking trays and pots, or create your own oil infusion using fresh herbs and chilis and season veggies or meat before throwing it on the grill.

Who It’s For: Your BBQ-loving dad, to give him another tool in his grilling arsenal. Your super-chef sibling, to spritz onto her world-famous bruschetta before your next dinner party. Your kitchen gadget-collecting mom, to continue to fill up her drawers accordingly.

What It Costs: $24.95 – obviously it’s reusable. You could also store your infused oils in other containers and simply swap ’em in depending on what you’re whipping up.

Where It’s At: Williams Sonoma.

Hey Sanukers – tell me: would this fancy schmancy oil spritzer make your kitchen wish list? Tell me in the comments below to earn yourself a bonus entry.

18 Responses to “Flash Post: Mist A Spot”
  1. Debbie Bashford says:

    What a nifty gadget, definitely on my list of goodies I want

  2. Joan G says:

    Definitely – a nice alternative to enhance flavours and eat healthier.

  3. Annie Demill says:

    I have bought something similar before and the pump quit after a short time but I loved it while it worked. This one looks much nicer and hopefully the quality is better also. I love the look of this.

  4. leah leitch says:

    I like it a lot, will make you feel like a real chef!

  5. Loralie Baker says:

    Sanuk bonus entry- would love this! Love the idea of infusing flavors into the oil 🙂

  6. Francine says:

    Sanuk bonus entry – love the colours – on my wishlist, for sure!

  7. diane p says:

    Definitely on my wish list, love the look and colours.

  8. pacificnxnw says:

    I’d love one of these for my kitchen!!

  9. I’d use this. I use the spray oils available from the grocery store, but am always a bit taken aback by how they smell (to the point of occasionally thinking, “do I really want to eat something I’ve baked with this?”

  10. Maggie says:

    Sanuk Bonus Entry – Yes, I would definitely put this on my kitchen wish list.

  11. Victoria Ess says:

    Yes I would! This looks really great!

  12. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    Sanuk bonus entry- these look really interesting and I would put one on my wish list – not that anyone every looks at my list. Still it is also a super idea as a gift too.

  13. mousecat says:

    This would totally make my kitchen wish list!!

  14. Susan says:

    I’d love to have one of these in my kitchen. Great for salads, baking, and barbecuing! Attractive too (and I like that it is glass not all plastic).

  15. Lori Z says:

    I would definitely use one of these — great for year round and especially for BBQ season!

  16. Alison K says:

    Sanuk bonus entry: this fancy schmancy oil spritzer would make my kitchen wish list! So versatile. Thanks.

  17. julia g says:

    Sanuk bonus: These would be great for cutting calories.

  18. Juliee says:

    yes it would be on my wishlist

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