Flash Post: So Pop-ular

Party Roulette

What It Is: A party-friendly spin on Russian roulette. Blow up one of the included balloons, wrap a plastic band around it, and take turns pulling the trigger at your next fete. Whoever accidentally pops the balloon loses (or wins)! How you play is really up to you. If you’ve got a prize to give away, maybe this is how you decide who gets it. Or if you’re pregaming for a big night out, maybe this is how you determine who has to take an extra shot. Either way it’s a bunch of silly, trigger happy fun.

Who It’s For: Your little brother’s housewarming party. Your best friend’s stagette. Your parents’ annual family gathering at the lake.

What It Costs: $22

Where It’s At: Amazon.ca

Sanuk bonus entry time! Are you a CGG subscriber? If so, smart girl / guy. Remind me in the comments below plus tell me what you think of this wacky gift.

16 Responses to “Flash Post: So Pop-ular”
  1. Debbie Bashford says:

    I am a CGG subscriber. I’m not wild about this SO POP-ULAR thing, it’s not my cup of tea and I don’t know anyone that would appreciate it as a gift in my circle of friends.

  2. leah leitch says:

    CGG subscriber. This is fun and you’d go out with a bang for sure!

  3. Loralie Baker says:

    Sanuk bonus entry- yep I most definitely am a CGG subscriber…I think this is a fun idea although perhaps the design could change a little I am not so keen on it resembling a gun. There is too much gun violence in our world so trying to mix a party game with a gun look alike seems like an outdated notion 🙂

  4. Victoria Ess says:

    Subscriber! This looks like a fun gift for someone with a sense of humour. I wouldn’t gift it as a standalone gift though.

  5. Maggie says:

    Sanuk Bonus Entry – Yes, I am a subscriber. I think this toy looks like fun. I like the idea of using it for a drinking game.

  6. pacificnxnw says:

    I’m a subscriber!
    And, I can see this being cool to som e people, but I wouldn’t get it 🙂

  7. Joan G says:

    Definitely not a fan of this item.

  8. Annie Demill says:

    I’m a subscriber! I think my nephews would get a kick out of this.

  9. diane p says:

    I’m a subscriber. I think some people would enjoy this as a gift.

  10. I am a subscriber and I think this gift would be fun for a party…perhaps include some cocktails?!

  11. Julie G. says:

    I am a CGG subscriber & I think this is certainly a unique party game.

  12. Laurie says:

    Sanuk bonus entry — I’m a CGG subscriber (love that I found you!). I think this is a little silly — I’m not a fan of gun-related things.

  13. Taps says:

    I am a CGG subscriber & I think this will be a big hit.

  14. mousecat says:

    Sanuk bonus entry, CGG subscriber. This is so wierd!! I bet it would be funny with a few drinks in me!!

  15. Alison K says:

    Sanuk bonus entry: I’m a CGG subscriber. Interesting gift but not for me & my nervous heart.

  16. Susan says:

    This is certainly unusual, but I wouldn’t spend the money on it! I could see it for a guys party though! I am a CGG subscriber!

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