Flash Post: Eye for an i

Cyclops iPad CaseWhat It Is: Arrrrrggghhhh! Turn your iPad into a cute-yet-ferocious monster with one of these adorable plush cases that simply slip onto your iPad (or in this specific case, iPad Mini). The extra padding protects your iPad from tumbles and getting knocked around in your bag, while the plush hands can actually be used to polish up your screen. Download free backgrounds to complete the look and give your iPad a truly one-of-a-kind makeover.

Who It’s For: With graduation season upon us, I imagine a good number of boys & girls are going to get an iPad of their own as a present. I like this as a fun add-on to remind ’em they’re still your little one, and it might be a good conversation starter when they hit the dorms next year. Otherwise? Your quirkiest friends and coworkers will probably get a kick out of it, as will your iPad-addicted parent; they can use it to scare the tots away (or conversely, pique their interest).

What It Costs: $7.47 + free shipping

Where It’s At: Everbuying.com

White Truffle bonus entry: Did you see yesterday’s profile of the amazing (wedding appropriate) accessory shop White Truffle? Earn a bonus entry by Pinning these cyclops iPad cases + leaving a link to your Pin in the comments below. Oh and tell me what you think, of course.

3 Responses to “Flash Post: Eye for an i”
  1. diane p says:

    I did see White Truffle shop, love their products. As for the Ipad cases, they are so cute! http://pinterest.com/pin/153333562285939442/

  2. Susan says:

    I think my niece would love this for her ipod!

  3. Alison K says:

    White Truffle bonus entry: Yes I did see yesterday’s profile of the amazing (wedding appropriate) accessory shop White Truffle – gorgeous! Pinned these cyclops iPad cases http://pinterest.com/pin/190347521723502820/. Cute but I don’t think I would purchase. I need something a bit more slimming.

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