Flash Post: Having A Ball

LED Beach Ball

What It Is: Sure it may look like an unassuming, slightly Americana beach ball – but in reality, this inflatable toy is filled with LED lights that are impact-activated. Perfect for late night pool parties or games of dodgeball on the sand (my family’s favourite summertime activity), watch as flashes of red, blue, and green illuminate your fun time and capture the imagination of little ones in particular. Best of all, they come in a handy two-pack so if one bubble bursts, you’ve got a back-up on hand.

Who It’s For: Your fave nieces & nephews, when you take ’em out for a beach trip. Your own kids, as a fun way to spend their summer nights. Your hostess friend, as a unique houseguest gift when you’re spending a week at their cabin.

What It Costs: $12.98 for two balls, however shipping is quoted by calling them. I’d like to imagine it wouldn’t be too much given these would flatpack, but that’s all I know.

Where It’s At: The very fun toy shop HearthSong, which features tons of glowing gift ideas & toys.

Dream Grill Giveaway Bonus Entry: Were you rubbing your tummy after yesterday’s grilling post? Earn a bonus entry sending out a Tweet with a link back to this post + tell me what you think of the beach ball in the comments below.

9 Responses to “Flash Post: Having A Ball”
  1. Debbie Bashford says:

    I tweeted https://twitter.com/skeetersden/status/343319999261339649 I like that it would be fun to play with even when it starts to get a bit dark out

  2. This ball is the coolest!

  3. Joan G says:

    Sounds like it might be fun but why do they come in packs of two – may be an indication they have a short life expectancy.

  4. Annie Demill says:

    This would be so much fun where we live out in the country and believe me it’s dark when the sun goes down. tweeted : Ann Demill ‏@anniebalanie 9s
    ‏Check out this neat illuminated ball; tons of after dark fun! http://wp.me/pXaoj-2dm @canadiangiftguide

  5. Susan says:

    Looks as if these would be fun — especially at night! Kids would definitely love them.

  6. Joan Brown says:

    This would be great fun to play at the beach. The kids would love it.

  7. Pamalot says:

    I think this would make a great birthday present idea. thank you
    my tweet

  8. Donnas says:

    The nieces and nephews would have a “ball” with this.

  9. Alison K says:

    Dream Grill Giveaway Bonus Entry: tweeted https://twitter.com/SoulSeeker0/status/346384402667945985 & I think the beach ball would be a great addition to our camping gear. Thanks

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