Flash Post: Back At One

O1 The One watches

What It Is: A very cool line of watches from brand 01 The One. The above is just a sampling of the line’s future-chic lineup, but generally speaking you can expect luxe touches like digital screens, real leather bands, and steel or silver accents to give your timepiece a decidedly modern feel. Although some people believe watches are going the way of the dinosaur since our cell phones are practically glued to our hands, I still say a watch is a way to make a unique-yet-practical fashion statement, and to be honest, you look a hundred times more polite subtly glancing at your always-exposed watch than you do in hauling out your cell phone. So look sharp with one of these funky watches – and prove they can be a part of our future once and for all.

Who It’s For: Your little brother or sister’s grad gift, to remember this special time. Your dad for Father’s Day, because his brassy 1980s watch could use a serious update. Your husband for his birthday, because it’s something he’d never splurge on for himself.

What It Costs: Prices vary, but start at a reasonable $135 (or less, if you can find them on sale) and climb up to $495 for the limited ‘Art’ editions (like the one on the far right above). Most of them are in the $150 – $225 range.

Where It’s At: You can buy 01 The One watches in just about every province in Canada – use their handy store locator to track down a fine store near you. I also recommend Watchismo for access to their full line-up.

Tom’s of Maine bonus entry: If you saw yesterday’s awesome post on Tom’s of Maine, you may want to earn yourself a bonus entry by telling me in the comments below which style of 01 The One Watch you like the best. Access all of the lines by clicking on the Watchismo or 01 The One links above.

12 Responses to “Flash Post: Back At One”
  1. janicour says:

    IMy favourite is the turning disc. I love the art edition also, but a little pricey for me.

  2. Grace F says:

    The majority of these look like something out of a Will Smith movie. I love the KERALA TRANCE – Binary LED in Blue 01. Definite arm candy, but I’d be staring at that thing not just casually trying to figure out the time…I’d be glued to it in stern concentration trying to figure out what the time was. Still love the look of it and would probably buy it for someone that loves doing calculations in their heads.

  3. Erika E says:

    My favorite is the Art Edition, SC125B1.

  4. Joan G says:

    The Spinning Wheel AN04G03 caught my eye.

  5. diane p says:

    I like Odin’s Rage best.

  6. cookie3 says:

    my favorite is the SD227R1 Slider Red Dual Time

  7. Pamalot says:

    my fave style is the SLSL140B3

  8. Dreena says:

    My favourite is this one: SC125B1 Britto Special Edition Split Screen.
    I love Romero Britto’s art.

  9. Alison K says:

    Tom’s of Maine bonus entry: the style of 01 The One Watch I like the best is their Slider – SD130R1. Thank you

  10. donyadonya says:

    I totally agree with you that a watch completes an outfit !! I love seeing a man wearing a watch. He seems so much more polished.

    Hard to pick, but my favorite watch is… AN09G06 Anadigi White Aqua Blue !!!! You have to look at it. It is so unique !!

  11. Debbie Petch says:

    It is hard to choose! I guess the SAMUI MOON.

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