Flash Post: Sizzling Slice

Camp Chef Pizza Oven

What It Is: Believe it or not, an artisan pizza oven that you can take on the road with you – provided you own a camp stove as well. This sleek oven cooks up your favourite pizzas on a ceramic pizza stone, giving you a gourmet, wood-fired taste whether you’re tailgating before a football game or enjoying a family vacation in the woods. Please everyone’s palette with this must-have glamping piece of cookware! It sure beats soggy eggs or burnt weenies cooked over the fire.

Who It’s For: Your princess-y best friend, to take on her summer camping trip with her hubby. Your brother and his wife, to keep the kids at bay when they road trip across the country this summer and hit Canada’s campsites. Your master chef family member, so they can still serve up lip-smacking treats even when you lose cell reception in the great outdoors or break out the goods in the parking lot of a football stadium.

What It Costs: $149.99 (doesn’t include the camp stove)

Where It’s At: You can backorder many items from the manufacturer – Camp Chef – on Cabela’s Canadian website.

Looking for a bonus entry into yesterday’s Sultra giveaway? You’ve found it! Leave a comment below on whether you can see yourself serving up gourmet pies while enjoying the wonder of nature to earn yourself a bonus point into the draw.

14 Responses to “Flash Post: Sizzling Slice”
  1. Debbie Bashford says:

    Heck yes! You be a hit at the camp grounds I think

  2. cookie3 says:

    Oh for sure! What a great idea, after all who doesn’t love pizza?

  3. Julie G. says:

    It’s a great idea, but I probably wouldn’t use it – too big to drag along.

  4. I would certainly bake gourmet out on the road. The nice thing about being on the road / vacationing is you have lots of time to do this kind of thing.

  5. love this idea; we always cook pizza on the bbq so this would be even better

  6. Jayne myers says:

    Great idea but I don’t think I would use it. I’d like to try the pizza though.

  7. betr2 says:

    Now that’s glamping! My friends on the road would love it. They have everything with them ….including the kitchen sink.

  8. Joan G says:

    I’d use one but on the patio – too bulky to take camping.

  9. Suzanne G says:

    No I can not picture myself hauling this around as it looks like it would take up to much space when going camping

  10. diane p says:

    Yes, I would love this.

  11. Donnas says:

    I doubt that I’d use it very often.

  12. Elaan says:

    At the local park for a picnic! For sure.

  13. Alison K says:

    Sultra Bonus Entry: I can see myself serving up gourmet pies while enjoying the wonder of nature. Everyone will flock to our campsite ­čÖé

  14. Suzanne G says:

    No I can not see myself using this

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