Flash Post: Dottie P’s

Dorothy Perkins The Bay

What It Is: I’m not a fashion blogger, but given the fact I write what is essentially a ‘shopping blog’, you all can probably guess I love perusing the fashion aisles as much as the gift-y aisles. While doing some blog research the other day on The Bay website, I literally stumbled upon today’s find. First of all, a big round of applause for Bonnie Brooks – girl keeps on surprising me by bringing lines to Canada I *never* imagined would be here. Case in point? Dorothy Perkins. Now, don’t be fooled by the frumpy name – gals in the know refer to it as Dottie P’s in the UK, where this brand originates. They’re known for carrying a line of affordable, work-appropriate clothing that also transitions easily into evening thanks to the special little details each piece carries. For example, that little blue toile top above? If you look up close, it’s actually got sweet little lace inserts on the cap sleeves. And that precious polka dot dress? Instead of a girly ribbon, it reveals three slashes of flesh across the hem and shoulders. The best part is The Bay has a pretty stellar return policy for their online clothing; if it doesn’t work, bring it back to your closest Bay store, no harm, no foul. Just pay close attention to the UK sizes this brand carries. With that, ladies, open your pocketbooks!

Who It’s For: Your pseudo-expat sister that spent time overseas and still has fond memories of the ridiculous shopping. Your sweet and stylish coworker as a fun birthday present. Your fashion blogger cousin, because she MUST be on top of the latest and greatest brands available here.

What It Costs: In my perusing, I didn’t see an item over $100. Basic tees start at $21, blouses are in the $35 – $60 range depending on detailing, and dresses are in the $60-ish range. Incidentally there are also plenty of pants, blazers, and skirts – I just didn’t focus in on them for my little collage above.

Where It’s At: The Bay, online and I assume, in-stores.

If you’re clamoring for this month’s Sultra curling iron giveaway, chances are you’ve got a bit of style yourself. Visit The Bay and tell me the name of the piece you’d most love to own for yourself to earn a bonus entry!

13 Responses to “Flash Post: Dottie P’s”
  1. Taps says:

    I have alwys liked the look fo Dorothy Perkins but somehow thought it was expoensive.. they are actually very great price.. love the Black and ivory spot print tea dress. Sutra entry bonus..

  2. Great prices! I like the DOROTHY PERKINS Wedgewood Print Top for a Sutra entry bonus

  3. Joan G says:

    The Sunset Landscape Tee caught my eye/.

  4. Linda Peters says:

    Love the look of the Navy Embelished Neck Top * 007-5373923

  5. I lived in the UK for quite a while and love Dottie P. I still wear the purple mac I bought years ago. I’d pick the Black & Blush Dobby Skater dress. It’s purty.

  6. Alison K says:

    Sultra bonus entry: the name of the piece I’d most love to own for myself is the, “DOROTHY PERKINS Blue floral cutout maxi”. Though I do like the “DOROTHY PERKINS Navy Mandrian Neopreen Skater Dress”, I’m not sure how comfortable it would be considering it’s made out of neoprene … NEOPRENE?

  7. diane p says:

    I like the Wedgewood Print Top.

  8. SueSueper Sue says:

    I like the DOROTHY PERKINS – Maddox Satchel

  9. Suzanne G says:

    I would love to own the DOROTHY PERKINS Stone Cotton Sateen Blazer. So versatile

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