Flash Post: Swing Low Sweet Chariot

Wedding Hammock

What It Is: The romantically-named ‘Wedding Hammock’ is made from weather-proofed, 100% cotton that’s been woven and crocheted into an intricate, vintage pattern. Simply string it up in your backyard for an elegant garden bed designed for tucking into a good book while enjoy a spot of sunshine (with plenty of SPF slathered on – English roses tend to wilt in the harsh light of day). I highlighted it because I’ve been perusing hammocks for awhile now and loved the classic detailing of this one…plus the affordable shipping rates to Canada (which mirror the US rates) are pretty darn attractive.

Who It’s For: Your mom, as a perfect centerpiece to her perfectly manicured garden. Your sister, to hang up at the lake for when she needs to get away from the kids. Your best friend, as a houseguest gift when you spend a few weeks at her beachside cottage this summer.

What It Costs: $119

Where It’s At: The elegant and old-timey Victorian Trading Company.

Comfort Revolution bonus entry: Go on and follow @comfortrev on Twitter and tag them in a Tweet! Leave a link back to your Tweet below along with your thoughts on this pretty hammock.

6 Responses to “Flash Post: Swing Low Sweet Chariot”
  1. I’ve no idea how to link back to a tweet? In any event – that cooling pillow looks amazing. So does this hammock. Personally I could do without the frills – but can appreciate them none the less. I’m actually on a hammock hunt myself up on the east coast of CA. I’m told there are great resources out near Peggy’s Cove for all you east coasters. Hammock season is in full effect!

  2. Annie Demill says:

    following on twitter and tweeted :https://twitter.com/anniebalanie/status/358225671518040065
    This hammock belongs on my verandah! I just love everything about it

  3. This hammock would make a great gift for any pretty lady.

  4. janicourj says:

  5. Alison K says:

    Comfort Revolution bonus entry: followed @comfortrev on Twitter and tag them in a Tweet https://twitter.com/SoulSeeker0/status/360589495562813440. My thoughts on this pretty hammock is it’s too white & frilly for my conservative home but I do enjoy a good swing so maybe my friends house instead 🙂

  6. laura says:

    This is so beautiful esp for somone getting married or anniversary gift. I crochet myself so I know how much time and effort went into this beautiful creation.

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