Flash Post: Wake Up & Smell The…Bacon?

Maple Bacon CoffeeWhat It Is: If you’re reading this first thing in the morning and rubbing your eyes in disbelief – it’s real. Maple bacon coffee from Boca Java features a light roast drizzled with the morning time tastes of sugary maple and savoury bacon. Also cool? Boca Java’s direct trade policies with their farmers which ensure you’re getting some of the best beans for your buck. Plus again. Maple. Bacon. Coffee. It’s like a meal in a cup!

Who It’s For: Your coffee-addicted boss, so he can at least pretend to be eating a balanced breakfast. Your bacon fanatic brother, so he can perk himself up after a hard night of partying. Your brunch hostess, for a unique beverage everyone can join in on.

What It Costs: $7.99 a bag. I somewhat broke my own rules here which is to not feature items where shipping is a substantial amount proportional to the item costs (or more). Technically speaking you’re looking at $11 shipping. HOWEVER. Boca Java has tons of promotions when you spend a bit of time on their site AND it appears to be a flat rate; whether I had 4 bags or 1 in my cart, that rate didn’t change, so that makes it okay in my books. Plus, with all the delectable flavours they carry, you can always stock up and gift the coffee lover in your life.

Where It’s At:Boca Java

Want an extra entry into yesterday’s Cream Coloured giveaway? Just tell me – are you a coffee or a tea drinker? Would you sample this breakfast-inspired concoction?

13 Responses to “Flash Post: Wake Up & Smell The…Bacon?”
  1. Annie Demill says:

    Coffee in the morning and then tea in the evening. I would certainly try this.

  2. Julie G. says:

    I’m a coffee drinker & sure, I’d try this concoction.

  3. Joan G says:

    Coffee to get me started in the morning and tea with my meals – would probably try this but it will never replace my regular coffee.

  4. cookie3 says:

    I’m a tea drinker but this might convert me. Sounds delicious. Sure I’d try it.

  5. Linda Peters says:

    Tea for me, but hubby lives on coffee and I am sure he would love to try these, thanks

  6. diane p says:

    I am a huge coffee drinker and also I drink a lot of tea in the afternoon/evening. I would definitely try this concoction.

  7. Suzanne G says:

    I am a tea drinker and no I would not try this as I do not care for coffee but it does sound interesting

  8. Alison K says:

    Cream Coloured bonus entry: I’m a tea drinker & probably wouldn’t sample this breakfast-inspired concoction but I’d smell it 🙂

  9. SueSueper Sue says:

    I am a coffee drinker and I certainly would sample this breakfast-inspired concoction.

  10. I’m a coffee drinker. In that I NEED coffee, but will occasionally drink tea, too. I’d try the bacon-maple coffee. But I think I’d maybe prefer it if it smelled like bacon and maple but maybe tasted more like coffee. That said, I might go nuts for the bacon-maple flavour. Who knows until you try, right?

  11. Victoria Ess says:

    I am a coffee drinking and I’d definitely try this!

  12. Sunshine G says:

    My husband would be ALL over this!

  13. Donnas says:

    Coffee drinker and I’m really interested in trying this.

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