10 for $10: Back to School Edition

I always find it funny when back-to-school features roll out in September, because as depressing as it is, come mid-August most folks are already shopped out and prepped to head back to the classroom. With less than a month to go for students of all ages and grades to return to class, I’ve picked out 10 fun items you may want to stash in your backpack, or whatever the cool kids are carrying around these days.

Colorblock Pen by Poketo

Colorblock Pen by Poketo – $6 @ Magic Pony
Am I the only one that had a favourite pen each year of school that I’d inevitably lose? These pretty-yet-quirky colorblock pens pair unique shades with one another without sacrificing function.

Chalkboard Tablet

Hanging Chalkboard – $8.47 @ The Stitchin’ Chicken
Whether or not you’re headed back to class this year, doesn’t mean you can’t bring a little nostalgia into your home with these cute hanging slates. Get some coloured chalk and write love notes or to-do’s for a rustic, charming decor accent.

Crocodile Creek Ice PacksCrocodile Creek Ice Pack Sets – $5.95 for 2 @ Indigo
Incidentally pretty much everything this kid-friendly brand carries is affordable and fun; I love their themed ice pack sets (which match several other pieces) as a way to showcase your little one’s current interests while keeping their lunch fresh and cool.

30 CM Twist N Flex Ruler30 cm Twist N’ Flex Ruler – $1.99 @ Scholar’s Choice
Where the heck was this ruler when I was growing up? Toting around a 30 cm ruler was always a hassle (most of mine broke) but this nifty revisit of the school staple can bend (and be sturdy) for easy storage and transport.

Roots Pencil CasesRoots Pencil Cases – $7.99 each @ Bentley
I’m going out on a limb here and guessing kids still *use* handheld writing devices – we haven’t totally given into the digital side, have we? Assuming not, I love these chic, unisex pencil case designs from Canadian brand Roots.

Lego ErasersLEGO Brick Eraser 4-Pack – $3.95 @ Mastermind Toys
Because what kid doesn’t love LEGO? These also work from a hipster angle for all you Uni students.

Martha Stewart Everyday BindersMartha Stewart Everyday Binders – $4.89 each @ Staples
I love that toward the end of my school career, supplies got so much more fancier without really costing too much more. If you want to trade in bland ol’ binders for something with some pop, these pretty Martha Stewart-designed options more than fit the bill.

5" Corn Plastic Scissors5″ Corn Plastic Scissors – $4.29 @ Grassroots
Some people mind that annual stock up of supplies a drain on your wallet and the environment alike. I get it. Grassroots however, offers tons of eco-friendly school supplies, like these scissors with a corn-based handle that makes it 45% biodegradable. Also awesome for your officemates.

Lunch Box NotecardsLunch Box Notecards – $8.45 @ PrintSmitten
Calling all sappy parents! Shell out the $8 for this template and you can tuck little notes into your kid’s lunch for ever and a day. Or you know, just leave them reminders.

Joe Fresh Graphic TeeJoe Fresh Graphic Tee – $10 @ Loblaws / Joe Fresh
Clotheshorse that I am today, one of my favourite parts of back-to-school was perusing my options for a ‘First Day’ outfit. Joe Fresh has tons of covetable-yet-affordable pieces, like this too cute graphic tee (which has two variations).

Interested in another Macadamia Natural Oil entry? Just leave me a comment below – what’s your fave 10 for $10 idea?

9 Responses to “10 for $10: Back to School Edition”
  1. cookie3 says:

    I really like the Martha Stewart binders.

  2. Victoria Ess says:

    My favourite is the hanging chalkboard.

  3. Joan G says:

    I think the hanging chalkboard is the most practical for a to-do list.

  4. Grace F says:

    I really love the Martha Stewart Binders which I would use in my own home office. I also love the nostalgia provided by the Lego erasers! And those chalkboards I would even put in my kitchen…very cool finds!

  5. diane p says:

    My favourite is the ice pack set.

  6. Vesper says:

    Macadamia Natural Oil extra entry – my favourite is the Hanging Chalkboard

  7. Susan says:

    Lots of great ideas — the Martha Stewart Binders are my favourite.

  8. janicour says:

    Love the lego erasers.

  9. Alison K says:

    Macadamia Natural Oil bonus entry: my fave 10 for $10 idea would be the, “Crocodile Creek Ice Pack Sets – $5.95 for 2 @ Indigo”. Great whimsical drawings.

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