Music Notes

Rob SheffieldWhat It Is: Author Rob Sheffield has led a life worth living about – although somewhat mired by the tragedy of the untimely passing of his young wife (as documented in the heart-wrenching Love Is A Mix Tape), his adventures as a music journalist in New York City and abroad make for good essays that combine in-depth audophile insight with nuggets about living life to the fullest (or not). His latest offering, Turn Around Bright Eyes, just came out a few short weeks ago and makes a great gift for anyone that either loves karaoke or loves Sheffield’s writing. Combining his love for the Japanese art of covering popular tunes with some sharp, romantic, and witty insight about life, it’s at times a little rough around the edge, but only because it’s so filled with emotion and thought.

Who It’s For: Your indie music loving little brother, to prove his street cred at college. Your classic rock loving dad, because Sheffield’s age and occupation point him squarely in the direction of the classics. Your Chuck Klosterman loving best friend, because Sheffield is in the same vein (he even namechecks Klosterman in TABE) but still offers a fresh voice.

What It Costs: The books range in price from about $11.99 – $28.99 depending on the format you purchase them in (and whether you buy online).

Where It’s At: Booksellers around the country, or online at places like Indigo.

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5 Responses to “Music Notes”
  1. Victoria Ess says:

    Oh these are so cool! My bff would love these, especially the Bright Eyes one.

  2. Joan G says:

    One of my friends is both a reader and a karaoke enthusiast – I think she would love this book.

  3. Susan says:

    My son loves all kinds of music, so would probably be interested in these books.

  4. Diane says:

    These would make a great gift.

  5. Alison K says:

    DiaNoche bonus entry: I think these would be great books to give to my singer friend who happens to do bandkaraoke!

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