Loop De Loop

MiraCurl Miracle

What It Is: I’m actually pretty damn good at curling my hair at this point, after many mornings of practice. However I recognize many of my friends aren’t quite so handy with a hot rod, to which I introduce the MiraCurl; a pro-grade device that gently ‘sucks’ your hair in like a vacuum and moments later, reveals a perfect ringlet. While the device may look a little intimidating at first, an online demonstration highlights its ability to create perfect, shiny curls in no time. It’s pricier than a typical curling iron, but it’s also pretty foolproof – and can seriously shave down the time it takes to style your hair.

Who It’s For: Your hairstyling-challenged sibling, to rock her locks. Your never-met-a-hair-tool-she-didn’t-love best friend, to give her twirl-worthy curls. Your loves-to-lavish-her-locks mom, to give her a glam look for her next night out.

What It Costs: From the online sources I spotted it on, about $240

Where It’s At: Amazon and Canada Beauty Supply both carry it.

Bake & Destroy bonus entry! Would you try this device out on your hair? Tell me in the comments below!

15 Responses to “Loop De Loop”
  1. cookie3 says:

    I actually saw this device being tried out at my hairstylist’s. It is quite neat & very easy to use & hair doesn’t get tangled. If my hair were longer I’d definitely give it a try. Another benefit was that you couldn’t burn yourself like you could with a curling iron.

  2. I would love to try it. It does look complicated but I will take your word that it is easy. I love the things they come out with these days.

  3. janicour says:

    I have naturally curly hair, so I would not try it. It would make a great gift for my daughter though.

  4. Annie Demill says:

    My hair is to short to try this but my daughters would love it.

  5. Julie G. says:

    I have long hair & would definitely give it a try. It is definitely a new concept for me.

  6. Susan says:

    I don’t think I would try it myself, but would be willing to have a hairdresser use it on me. Great idea, but I don’t think I’d be patient enough to use it at home!

  7. Betty S says:

    i think it would be fun to try, but I would not pay the price

  8. Joan G says:

    My hair’s too short but my grand daughter would make great use of this product.

  9. Grace F says:

    I already have curly hair and I’m actually more into the straighteners. Seen this several months ago at my hairdresser’s salon. They actually were very gung-ho about it when it first arrived, but not so impressed after a few months. The curls apparently didn’t hold for the duration of the day, and customers were very disappointed. Good thing to own though if you’re looking for curly hair, since touchups during the day can be done yourself.

  10. linnett says:

    would love to try this, right now I just wash and dry but this looks like fun to try, thanks

  11. Victoria Ess says:

    It looks so intimidating! I love using the wand to curl my hair, but I’m sure I would get the hang of it.

  12. Alison K says:

    Bake & Destroy bonus entry: I’d try this device out on my hair. Can’t be any worst than it already looks like 😛

  13. Diane says:

    I’d definitely like to try this.

  14. stacey h says:

    i’m hesitant about trying this – my hair is like a nest on most days – i’m pretty sure it would knot up.

  15. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    Bake & Destroy bonus entry! Thankfully I have short hair so this wouldn’t be anything for me. If it really works one of my daughter might be tempted, it is pricey though.

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