Father Christmas

After last week’s momstravaganza, I’m looking at Christmas gift ideas for dad. While they’re definitely geared toward a slightly more mature audience, that’s not to say you won’t find some inspiration for any of the guys on your shopping list. And…onwards!

Red Green's Beginner's Guide to Women
Red Green’s Beginner’s Guide to Women: (For Men Who Don’t Read Instructions) – $29.95 (List)
Red Green is practically a Canadian institution at this point for the titular Red Green’s brand of hokey yet tongue-in-cheek sense of humour. If dad is a lifelong fan and has a duct tape wallet or two kicking around, he’ll enjoy getting wrapped up in laughter after opening this clever, goofy book. Truth be told, having paged through it myself (I’m not *quite* the target audience obviously), your MOM might be equally happy. Although the book is very much meant to be a parody of sorts, it also packs quite a few smart little gems and life lessons into the mix.

Orange Whip TrainerOrange Whip Trainer – $129.99 @ Golf Town
If your dad is like my dad (and many other dads), he is constantly looking for ways to improve his golf swing and really, overall game. The Orange Whip Trainer might just be the gadget he’s been looking for. The theory behind it is it forces you to focus on the rhythm and balance of your swing, as opposed to the point-by-point positions that many folks tend to get hung up on. The most amazing thing perhaps, is the fact it can be used in a very small space, year-round – a must for Canadian golfers for the majority of the year. Apparently it just takes 5-15 minutes of swing practice a day to get your golf game in top top shape.

Frank Sinatra Jack DanielsJack Daniel’s Sinatra Select – $299 (MSRP)
Ol’ Jack has teamed up with Ol’ Blue Eyes for a special Sinatra Select blend of the famed Tennessee whiskey. This is a pairing that’s actually got some history behind it – Sinatra was well-known for having a glass of Jack Daniels on stage with him while crooning away the night. This unique blend has been specially prepared by exposing the spirit to extra layers of toasted wood on the inside of the barrels they were aged in, which was then combined with Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey for a rich, oaky, spicy drink that finishes with a vanilla note that’s as sweet as Frank’s voice. Housed in an exclusively designed bottle and packaging, this collector’s piece is available in select stores throughout B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec (see link for details).

Quirky Prop PowerProp Power – $19.99 @ Quirky
Where has this invention been all of your dad’s life? That’s what he’ll say after opening this way smart extension cord. Clocking in at 6 feet long, Prop Power easily wraps around your ladder so you can bring your key power tools to new heights when working on a DIY project at home. With 3 outlets and a bendable gooseneck, the idea here is to make it so you don’t have to unplug and replug every five seconds, plus you can get your tools close by where and when you need them. It also works for technical purposes – if say, for example, you want to keep your laptop’s power source handy, simply wrap the Prop Power around your desk leg and you’ll have easy access.

Billy Crystal Still Foolin' Em
Still Foolin’ ‘Em: Where I’ve Been, Where I’m Going, and Where the Hell Are My Keys? by Billy Crystal – $29.99 (list)
You’ve loved to laugh alongside him for decades now – and beloved movie star and frequent Academy Awards host Billy Crystal isn’t afraid to show his age. In this charming collection of frank essays, Crystal talks candidly (and hilariously) about the downsides of growing up, or really, getting old. From dentistry to Sophia Loren, he’ll have dad guffawing at the blunt realities of being a twilight-yeared male, but also bring a smile to his face as he finds ways to relate to and reminisce with relate with this Hollywood legend. Filled with humour and heart in nearly equal parts, this is a great choice for any baby boomer that’s feeling their age, yet is still forever young at heart.

Calvin Klein Dark ObsessionCalvin Klein Dark Obsession – $62 – $82 @ Hudson’s Bay
I don’t know about your dad, but mine loves collecting new colognes. Although my dad’s pretty adventurous when it comes to dabbing on new scents, I liked this particular option from Calvin Klein because it combines the old with the new – a reinvention of a quintessential scent crafted nearly 30 years ago from one of the original designers-turned-parfumers. This latest masculine incarnation is a little exotic yet also very warm and soothing – with international notes of Brazilian green mandarin, French clary sage, and Madagascar vanilla bean – the latter of which really rounds the scent out to give it that toasty feeling. One of the surprisingly scrumptious masculine undertones at play is also suede, to give this otherwise vanilla, woodsy scent a rugged cowboy aura.

Cufflinks.comCufflinks – $40+ @ Cufflinks.com
While the idea of gifting dad a pair of cufflinks may seem pretty standard…the dizzying array of options at Cufflinks.com is seriously ANYTHING but standard. From precious stones to personal hobbies, 3D designs to multi-functional links (flash drive or rubber stamp anyone?) there is literally something for every shirt-and-tie wearing dad (including a line-up of wallets, tie bars, and other male accessories). To me, cufflinks are one of the few places Dad really gets to have some fun with his formal work wardrobe – it’s the equivalent of that fantastic clutch or statement necklace for a gal. And even if not every person notices, you can bet it’ll put a smile on his face every time he looks down and catches a glimpse of the amazing pair you picked out. As an aside, you can also pick up a limited number of the links at Hudson’s Bay.

Canadian Trail SnowshoesCanadian Trail Snowshoes – $159.99 @ Canadian Tire
A Canadian-made product from a Canadian store for a beloved Canadian activity – what’s not to like? These lightweight aluminum snowshoes are a long way from their wood & hide ancestors, but no less practical. With ergonomic binding and sturdy Luxor buckles, I like the idea of snowshoes as a gift as an alternative to the ski junkie. If dad likes to head up to his winterized cottage, this is an activity he can rock pretty much throughout the winter – plus if for some reason he gets snowed in and mom really needs him to run to the corner for a carton of creamer, he can tread through the non-existent trails with ease.

Winter Cocktails
Winter Cocktails: Mulled Ciders, Hot Toddies, Punches, Pitchers, and Cocktail Party Snacks – $24.95 (list)
I’ve heard time and again that as young men get older, they are surprised to find they have a taste for the upper crusty scotches, whiskies, cognacs and liqueurs that dominate their dad’s liquor cabinet. Although dad likely has his go-to drink sorted out by this point, that doesn’t mean he won’t be interested in dabbling with some twists on a classic – especially these recipes, designed to warm up your soul (and your body temperature). With over 100 recipes to choose from, you’ll likely to get to reap the rewards of this gift as dad makes everything from mulled wine to tea punch – photographed beautifully and relatively straightforward to take for a spin in your own household. Not only is it seasonally appropriate, it just feels festive.

Logitech Harmony Smart ControlLogitech Harmony Smart Control – $129.99 @ Best Buy
I put this on here because my dad has one and loves it. Being the tech lover / entertainment synchronizer that he is, I feel like he’s onto something, particularly for the older baby boomer set that is tired of fiddling with a million different remotes, but still loves having the devices that ‘need’ said remotes. This amazing device wirelessly syncs to virtually every device you’ve got set up – from your video game system to internet services like Netflix to your cable box, TV, Blu-Ray player and beyond. Not only is it easy to use and set up, it’ll also help dad declutter his man cave.

Father ChristmasBecause dads are awesome, I thought it might be nice to pull together an awesome prize package to celebrate the big man himself (not Santa, in this case). One lucky winner is going to score a Quirky Prop Power, a copy of Winter Cocktails, a bottle of Dark Obsession, a set of cufflinks (your choice, including Star Wars, Star Trek & DC Comics options), and a copy of Billy Crystal’s hilarious memoir Still Foolin’ ‘Em, for a total value of over $240. Want to win? Here’s how to enter:

1) Tell me in the comments below by December 11th: which of these gifts would most rock your dad’s boat (or your own)?

2) Entries are limited to one per person / per email address / per household (or more if you score bonus entries). A random draw will be conducted on or around December 12th to select the winners, who will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen in their place.

3) Entries are limited to Canadians that have reached the age of majority in their province. Quebec is not eligible for this promotion.

4) Bonus Entries: Give a high five to the awesome partners on this post and earn yourself some bonus entries. Do any or all of the following, be sure to leave comment(s) with your activity (ies), and you’ll have more of a chance to win!:

Quirky – Follow Quirky on Twitter, tag them (and me @cdngiftguide) in a Tweet about the giveaway, leave a link to your Tweet below.

Winter Cocktails – Is published by Quirk Books and distributed by Random House of Canada, who you should follow on Twitter, tag them (and me) in a Tweet about the book, with a link to your Tweet below.

Calvin Klein Dark ObsessionFollow Calvin Klein on Twitter, tag them (and me) in a Tweet about the cologne, leave a link to your Tweet below.

Cufflinks.com Follow them on Facebook, leave a comment about which links you’d most love to own, leave a link back to your comment (it can be done, Google it). Heads up: You may see a CGG-specific Cufflinks.com FB post – if you do, leave your comment there. If you don’t, their regular wall is just fine.

Still Foolin’ ‘Em – Is published by Raincoast Books, who you should like on Facebook and leave a comment about this title and why you’d like to read it, leaving a link back to your comment below.

5) Bonus Entries Part Deux: Want to score an extra 10 entries (max) into the draw? Pin as many of the items above as you’d like to relevant Pinterest boards (i.e. ‘gift ideas for men’ or ‘books’ / ‘sports’ etc. where appropriate) and you’ll earn one extra entry per pin.

185 Responses to “Father Christmas”
  1. Leah says:

    My dad would live the power prop since he’s always working on his house and cottage

  2. The dad in this house would love the Canadian Trail Snowshoes and the Power Prop. These would rock his boat.

  3. Jennifer R says:

    The snowshoes would be awesome! We still have the old school kind that people now hang on their walls!

  4. Julie G. says:

    Th snowshoes would be the hit for the Dad in this house. I could also see my brother enjoying the Red Green book – he’s a huge fan!

  5. Erin W says:

    My Dad (and my husband) would love the prop power! It would be the best gift of the year….I’m going to have to pick a couple up…

  6. kittypride says:

    The Prop Power by Quirky would make an awesome gift, very useful and different 😀

  7. cookie3 says:

    Hubby would love the Prop Power

  8. Victoria Ess says:

    My dad would love the Logitech Harmony Smart Control — like your dad!

  9. Victoria Ess says:

  10. Victoria Ess says:

  11. Well, my father is deceased, but my husband would love the Jack Daniels lol
    andrea_hockeygirl at hotmail dot com

  12. Victoria Ess says:

  13. andrea_hockeygirl at hotmail dot com

  14. Victoria Ess says:

  15. Victoria Ess says:

  16. Victoria Ess says:

  17. Victoria Ess says:

  18. Victoria Ess says:

  19. Victoria Ess says:

  20. Victoria Ess says:

  21. Victoria Ess says:

  22. Victoria Ess says:

  23. Victoria Ess says:

  24. My Dad would love the wireless remote, because he’s forever deprogramming the one he’s got.

  25. Joan G says:

    Calvin Klein’s Obsession would be ideal – I love the fragrance on my man.

  26. angela m says:

    My father passed away, but my husband and father of my children would love the Calvin Klein’s Dark Obsession


  27. Lisa says:

    My father would love the cologne he has random ones all over the house , always tryin new fragrances lol!

  28. Cairine says:

    I think the snowshoes would be a hit with my husband.

  29. Charmaine says:

    I think my husband would appreciate the Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select most!

  30. CarolAnn Westbrook says:

    My father passed away many years ago, but my husband would be happy with any of the gifts, especially the bottle of Jack Daniels Bourbon. He has liked it since discovering Mint Julips at the Kentucky Derby.

  31. Calvin Klein’s Dark Obsession for my dad.

  32. mousecat says:

    The Canadian Trails Snowshoes for sure!

  33. Ramona Roden says:

    I hope those orange pants are not included. Wow!

  34. Louise Gilbert says:

    Jack Daniels Bourbon he would like

  35. Lauren says:

    The Jack Daniels’ Sinatra Select would be great!

  36. Gizele says:

    Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select

  37. Nancy says:

    It would have to be Billy Crystal’s memoir.

  38. linnett says:

    I would have to with the Logitech Harmony Smart control, thanks

  39. Jane Hammill says:

    Dark Obsession by Calvin Klein mmmmm what a wonderful prize and thanks for the contest

  40. Chantelle says:

    While I think my dad would enjoy almost all the gifts on this list I think his favorite would be the Orange Whip Trainer

  41. Janet says:

    My husband would love the Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select.

  42. Linda B. says:

    Would love the Logitech Harmony Smart Control!

  43. May says:

    I think it would simply be the prop power!

  44. Donna L. says:

    He’d like the Orange Whip Trainer

  45. Brenda Lacourciere says:

    Logitech Harmony Smart Control – $129.99 @ Best Buy

  46. Brenda Lacourciere says:

  47. Natalie SQ says:

    The snow shoes would be the gift for my dad and the gold swing for my father in law.

  48. Pam says:

    lots of great gifts for dad

  49. Jessica Pang says:

    My dad would love Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select – $299 (MSRP)

  50. Kimberley says:

    My Dad would love the Logitech Harmony Smart Control.

  51. darlene boyle says:


  52. Melissa Avey says:

    The Jack Daniel’s!

  53. Lorraine says:

    The power prop would be useful all around the house

  54. Joe says:

    All of them.

  55. thomas rusinak says:

    i want “Winter Cocktails” now!

  56. Marlene says:

    Calvin Klein Dark Obsession – $62 – $82 @ Hudson’s Bay

  57. hope ryckman says:

    oh my dad would love this: Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select! after he’s shovelled the snow, nothing more he would enjoy than a sit down in his favorite easy chair with a delicious jack daniels in his hand! he deserves i too for being the great man in so many ways he is!

  58. Taps says:

    The Calvin Klein Dark Obsession is the one i would like for my dad.

  59. Evan says:

    The Logitech Harmony Smart Control would definitely be the perfect gift for dad come this time next month. Thanks.

  60. my fiancee would love the Frank Sinatra Jack Daniel’s he’s an actutal fan of his even though the man has passed on

  61. the Dark Obssesion By Klein i love the smell for my fiancee

  62. gmamaye says:

    No more dad’s for either of us anymore but my husband would love the Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select, to warm his spirits of the winter days!

  63. Meghan F says:

    My Dad would love the prop power….my husband would love the Jack Daniels….and my father in law would love the golf swing tool.

  64. This dad would like the Logitech Smart Control. Rob

  65. I think the Snowshoes would make the perfect gift. 🙂

  66. Athena says:

    Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select – $299 (MSRP)

  67. Athena says:

  68. Athena says:

  69. Lynn A says:

    BOTH myself and my husband could maybe operate tech thingies if we had Logitech Harmony Smart Control

  70. The Prop Power by Quirky would make an awesome gift for hubby..

  71. Cassidy Thedorf says:

    Dad would LOVE the smart control! And everything else, for that matter. Thanks!

  72. Prop Power – $19.99 @ Quirky

  73. Audrey Skinner says:

    The Harmony Smart Control would be the perfect gift for the man in my house.

  74. Steve T says:

    I love the Jack Daniels, would come to good use when company comes during the holidays..

  75. Marilyn says:

    It would have to be the snowshoes for my guy

  76. Janice Lewis says:

    I think my Dad would most enjoy the custom cuff links, his are a million years old

  77. Edmond says:

    power prop
    Pick me, pick me! Your next winner!!! Show me the money!!!

  78. Michael says:

    The Winter Cocktails book because we all need a few drinks to get through Christmas Day…

  79. Mike Mottishaw says:

    sure would love the Calvin Klein fragrance! it would rock my boat just fine indeed…

  80. Lisa says:

    My dad would love the book Still Foolin’ Them by Billy Crystal

  81. GARRY S says:


  82. Maria T says:

    My dad is the greatest handyman EVER! He would simply love the Quirky PowerProp and he’ll brag about it to all of his friends!

  83. jan says:

    I don’t have a dad- he passed away when I was young,but my favorite would be the prop power or the snowshoes.I’d like to think he would feel the same.

  84. jm says:

    I like to win prop power

  85. lisa bolduc says:

    my dad would love the Logitech Harmony Smart Control

  86. Susan says:

    My dad is no longer living, however, he would have liked the Prop Power by Quirky. He was a great handyman.

  87. Rekha says:

    My dad passed away, but he would have liked the JD, I think. My hubby and eventual father himself would probably get a kick out of the cufflinks but not have opportunity to wear them, so he may prefer the winter cocktails book. We love to entertain, and we’d like to know more than a G&T or a rum and coke!

  88. Oh my, gotta be the snowshoes as my son lives in the Shuswap. That is who they would be for as his Dad is no longer with us.

  89. beewbedard says:

    my dad would like Prop Power

  90. Sandi Tymchuk says:

    The Jack Daniel’s would be great for my husband, instead.

  91. beewbedard says:

  92. Lauralee P says:

    My dad would like the orange whip trainer for sure.

  93. Debbie Petch says:

    he would like the prop power.

  94. Debbie Petch says:

    I liked and commented the cufflink facebook page.

  95. Marlene Vazquez says:

    He would love the Prop Power

  96. Debbie Petch says:

    I liked and commented on the Rainbow Books.Facebook page.

  97. intensev5 says:

    the Prop Power

  98. Melanie says:

    That remote is amazing!

  99. Jasen H says:

    My father would like the Logitech Harmony Smart Control the most.

  100. julie says:

    Those Darth Vader cuff links would be a hit around here.

  101. carrie says:

    can i say all of them? no? ok the darth vader cuff links is my vote

  102. Definitely the Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select – that would rock his world!!
    rebthecatsitter at gmail dot com

  103. I follow Quirky on twitter and tweeted


  104. I follow random house on twitter and tweeted


  105. I follow Calvin Klein on Twitter and tweeted


  106. CLC says:

    The prop power would be something my dad could really use.

  107. andrea4444 says:

    The Logitech Harmony Smart Control!!

  108. Christina Ferguson says:

    The Prop power would definitely be on my Dad’s wish list.

  109. nicolthepickle says:

    My Dad would totally love the Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select.

  110. nicolthepickle says:

  111. nicolthepickle says:

  112. nicolthepickle says:

  113. nicolthepickle says:
  114. nicolthepickle says:
  115. Sunshine G says:

    The harmony smart control looks cool!

  116. Samantha Turnbull says:

    I think my dad would enjoy the sinatra jack daniels!

  117. nikki says:

    Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select

  118. Leah says:

    I’d love to gift Billy Crystal’s book Still Foolin’ ‘Em. I’ve heard great reviews!

  119. Kim Pike says:

    My dad (or husband) would really enjoy the Red Green Book. Funny (at least for them).

  120. gbomberry says:

    Lovely group of gifts, would love any one of them for gift giving to my better half.

  121. The Jack Daniels but they are all awesome!

  122. The Calvin Klein Dark Obsession!!,,They are all great gift ideas,thanks!

  123. Daniel N says:

    My dad would like Red Green’s Beginner’s Guide to Women: (For Men Who Don’t Read Instructions) – $29.95 (List)

  124. jack daniels senatra select ..wowzer

  125. Tierra G says:

    My Dad would love the Winter cocktail book.

  126. fifaleaf says:

    My dad would love Calvin Klein Dark Obsession

  127. Vanessa says:

    My dad’s a tech nut so the Logitech Harmony Smart Control would be best for him!

  128. Emilia says:

    The Canadian Trail snowshoes, we love going up to the local mountains

  129. KellyPC says:

    My Father passed when I was 21 but my hubby is a huge fan of Jack Daniels. Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select

  130. Shannon Mark says:

    the snowshoes definitely!!

  131. Brenda Penton says:

    The Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select would rock my dad’s boat! He’d be in heaven!

  132. Lucy says:

    Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select!!!

  133. Emilia says:

  134. Emilia says:

  135. Emilia says:

  136. rhansen says:

    The snow shoes are pretty awesome!

  137. Deborah F says:

    Definitely the Prop Power

  138. Please, my dad needs Still Foolin’ ‘Em: Where I’ve Been, Where I’m Going, and Where the Hell Are My Keys? by Billy Crystal

  139. Jeannie says:

    I think my father would most like the Prop Power. That is right up his alley!

  140. Emily Dexter says:

    I think he would like the Billy Crystal book but I think he needs the CK cologne! haha 😉

  141. Vicki says:

    the Logitech remote is perfect for hubby

  142. Julia H says:

    I’d say that the cufflinks would most rock my Dad’s boat…he’d get a kick out of them.

  143. Rick Smith says:

    Dark Obsession by Calvin Klein

  144. Darcie says:

    Definitely the smart control

  145. Dreena says:

    My father is deceased but I always used to buy him a new fragrance for Christmas.
    So, for my husband, out of these ideas, he would be sure to like the CK Dark Obsession scent.

  146. Dreena says:

    I follow Calvin Klein on Twitter as @Alexandrina_M and tweeted:

  147. Sherri F says:

    Jack Daniels Sinatra Select for sure!!

  148. Tegan says:

    My dad would love that power cord!

  149. joyce s. says:

    I think the power cord would be a big hit.

  150. wai man says:

    snowshoes so i don’t sink into snow

  151. Angela Mitchell says:

    I think my Dad would like Prop Power the best.

  152. Donnas says:

    He’d love the Quirky Prop Power extension cord.

  153. Donnas says:

    Following Quirky on Twitter

  154. Donnas says:

    Calvin Klein on Twitter

  155. Lorna M. says:

    The Canadian Trail Snowshoes are pretty cool. I really like the colour.

  156. beach650 says:

    Ah, the Quirky Prop Power – finally a gift my dad would use that I could afford!

  157. Shelley Nelson says:

    My husband would love the Prop Power since it would be great when he is using his power tools.

  158. Colleen M. says:

    My Dad would love the Jack Daniels!!!

  159. Frank Dendwick says:

    Jack Danel’s for my son-on-law

  160. Leslie Zillman says:

    Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select

  161. May says:

    My dad would love the Quirky Prop Power, it’s just what he needs!

  162. Frank C says:

    The Billy Crystal book or the booze. I cannot decide!

  163. Helisa says:

    for MY dad? the power prop probably lol, for my husband, the Jack Daniels (which he would give to me muahahaha)

  164. edmontonjb says:

    My dad would love Billy Crystal’s memoir

  165. aimee says:

    jack daniels

  166. diane says:

    My dad would love prop power.

  167. Heather Arnould says:

    Jack Daniels Sinatra Select would definitely make my Dad’s Christmas.

  168. midgeknows says:

    he would love Canadian Trail Snowshoes – $159.99 @ Canadian Tire

  169. amy says:

    My hubs would love the snowshoes they look awesome!

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