Healthy Happy Holidays

Everyone knows that January is peak season for purchasing new gym equipment / clothing / memberships, etc. as people make ill-fated New Years Resolutions to get their workout regime (and their bodies) in shape. Today’s gift ideas could be considered a preemptive strike against holiday flub – after all, routine is harder to break when you’re in it BEFORE the New Year hits – but they’re also good picks for your friends and family members that are already on the active living train. I really scoured the fitness world for some fresh ideas here, ones that health buffs likely don’t already have. Whether you’re looking to freshen up someone’s workout routine or introduce them to one, hopefully one of these clever ideas will do the trick.

Quirky Drift
Drift – $199 @ Quirky
Whether you’re a workout junkie or a couch potato, you’ve likely heard the words ‘core strength’ being bandied about, often in tandem with the dream of a taut tummy. While working your core – the mid-section of your torso including your abs and lower back – will help you tone up those areas, it also improves your skills for a range of fitness activities, by increasing your balance and overall strength. Drift is a core trainer in the form of a balance board that somewhat simulates popular activities like surfing and snowboarding. It features two positions that will cause the board to rock and roll every which way – only to be stabilized by drawing on your core strength. The result? A truly fun, flexible workout that helps you burn calories and strengthen your lower body. Having taken Drift for a spin myself, I can tell you this is a great pick for the person that really hates to sweat or grind their way through a grueling workout, but DOES however, like to compete against themselves. When you start timing how long you can stay up or have a playful rivalry with a house mate, trust me, you’ll step onto this board with ease – even if you’re actually doing your body a whole heck of a lot of good.

Leslie Sansone Walk To The HIts
Leslie Sansone Walk to the Hits Party Songs & Radio Mixes – $16.98 each
In some ways it’s pretty incredible that someone has monetized the sheer art of walking into a wildly popular fitness series, but that’s the power of perky fitness hostess Leslie Sansone, who specializes in DVDs that get you to ‘walk’ three miles from the comfort of your own living room. Of course, walking isn’t a totally accurate description of what all these programs encompass – they also include light jogs, shuffles, and other move-in-place steps. Compared to her past DVDs, Walk to the HITS are particularly unique in that they also incorporates some HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) segments to really dial up your heart rate and shed belly fat. Both DVDs include upbeat music that’ll definitely have you eager to ‘step up’ your regime: from Lionel Richie to LMFAO. Plus they work great during the winter months when you can’t head outdoors without getting all frosty. Also a smart pick for those suffering from injuries or ongoing ailments, as well as a light to moderate form of exercise for pregnant women (of course, check with your doc before beginning any fitness routine).

SPIbelt – $21.99 @ Podium Imports

When you’re pounding the pavement, the last thing you need is a key jabbing into your leg or a cell phone slipping out of your grip. SPIbelt is here to fix all that. This comfortable ‘Small Personal Item Belt’ is designed to tote the essentials you don’t want to be without while hitting the trails – whether on foot, on your bike, on rollerblades, or even during winter activities. Despite its compact size, the SPIbelt can actually hold something as big as a Smartphone or passport, but also works fine if you’re simply stashing a lip balm with SPF, your inhaler or other medicine, some cash or a credit card, or of course, your keys. Best of all – it won’t bounce. The adjustable strap allows you to cinch it around your hips without squeezing them. Available in dozens of colours and patterns, this handy fitness accessory also works if you’re traveling and want to keep your most precious valuables close. Really want to keep it slim & trim? They’ve also got wrist and ankle bands that hold a single key or coin. Podium Imports is the best place in Canada to shop online for your SPIbelt purchase (although they also note some bricks & mortar locations if you want to peruse in person). They offer free shipping over $100 or if you buy 2+ belts (simply use the code SPI2FREE at checkout).

Spiritual Gangster
Spiritual Gangster Tanks, Sweaters & Accessories – From $18 
Don’t get me wrong. Yoga is great. But it can veer a little too much toward the airy side of things for me. That’s why I love, love, love yoga brand Spiritual Gangster. Their tongue-in-cheek gear is meant to be worn to, from and during your practice – combining crazy comfort with style and a bit of sass. Think: relaxed fit tanks, body-skimming sweat capris, cuddly hoodies, quirky sayings. Apart from their line of tops for men and women, they also carry a line-up of hats, jewellery and other accessories so you can proudly declare yourself a true Spiritual Gangster. An awesome choice for the yoga practicing friend of yours that can do without the ‘love yourself’ side of things – but still wants to show off her yogi pride.

Tracy Anderson Perfect Design Series DVD Box Set
Tracy Anderson: Perfect Design Series: Sequence 1-3 – $39.98
There are a few big marquee names in fitness these days, and Tracey Anderson is definitely one of them. Her unique workout programs are filled with fresh moves that (almost) make it a breeze to get through, even if you’re huffing and puffing a bit. This box set includes three DVDs targeted toward beginners, intermediate, and advanced fitness buffs – something I particularly like because it always gives you something to strive for as opposed to plateauing on a single DVD. You’ll work all of those problem areas – like your abs, butt and legs – in progressively more challenging moves, but don’t sweat it! By the time you hit the third DVD, your body should be in pretty incredible shape.


The FRoller
The FRoller – $49.95

Whether you’re a seasoned exercise pro or just getting back into the swing of things, muscle aches and pains can be truly killer – and recurring. If you’ve ever watched programs about pro athletes, they’ll often dip into an ice bath to help soothe their worn out bodies – but for the average Joe that’s a little bit overkill (and not particularly pleasant either). The FRoller is designed to simulate ice massage but without the mess. Simply store it in your freezer and pull it out whenever you’re in need of some relief. The spinning blue discs are attached to an easy-to-grip black pole – all you have to do is apply some pressure to your sore spots and The FRoller will help ease tension and strain. Back problems? Get a friend or family member to lay it down on you for total body relief. This is a great pick for younger high school and college athletes that are pushing their body to new limits, but it’s also a good choice for older folks that are grappling with new sore spots they’ve never had before after a tennis match or soccer game. And with shipping at a reasonable $10, you may want to snap up a second one for yourself.

YoFoMat – From $33

Going places? The YoFoMat wants to go there with you – because let’s face it, regular rolled-up mats aren’t the most conducive to traveling or even really toting around town. Made from extra thick foam and longer than your average mat, it easily folds up into a compact square and comes with its own travel bag so you can easily stash it in your luggage or in your daily work tote. Because it’s already designed to be folded, it’s also useful if you’re going into a pose that requires a bit of extra support under your hips, knees, or wrists. Slip-resistant, eco-friendly, and super easy to clean, this is a great companion to your friend’s existing mat or perfect for the business traveler.

Element Barre Conditoning
Element: Barre Conditioning – $16.98
Don’t be fooled by the idea of channeling your inner graceful ballerina – this workout hurts. In a good way, mind you. Barre classes have become all the rage in recent years for their mix of stretching, isometric (static) poses, and cardio. After all – wouldn’t we all love long, lean dancer bodies? This DVD features two basic barre routines that can be done from the comfort of your home with little more than a chair and a mat. Trust me, by the time you’re 10 minutes into it, you’ll be huffing and puffing and sorta kinda despising instructor Sadie Lincoln saying the term “Just one inch!” as you bob through tiny, strenuous movements.

Wrist Assured Gloves – from $29.99

Although I love a good invigorating yoga routine, I don’t love the wrist strain I sometimes get with it. And given that, like most people, I spend many hours a week on the computer that further puts a strain on this essential part of the body, a solution that protects your wrist during workouts would be lovely. Wrist Assured Gloves (or WAGs) come equipped with their patented ergonomic gel pad technology to help better distribute pressure and cushion your hands from whatever surface you’re working with – from a set of weights to the handlebars of a bike to a yoga mat. Available in three levels of support, they’re ideal for those just looking for a bit of relief from mild discomfort all the way up to folks that have suffered from wrist injuries, these might be just the ticket to enable you to finally perfect your chaturanga – or whatever wrist-intensive move you’re struggling with. Not sure they’re for you? They even offer a money-back guarantee and Canadian shipping rates equivalent to their U.S. ones, so you can give them a whirl with no worries. Check out their awesome gift sets as well to give your hands some extra love & attention.

10 Minute Solution Butt Lift
10 Minute Solution: Butt Lift – $16.98
Everyone’s got at least 10 minutes to dedicate to taking care of their bodies – right? While this DVD allows you to get your booty in shape for as little as 10 minutes a day, it actually features five micro workouts that can be mixed and matched for an energizing, rear-toning routine. Each workout features a cycle of five moves which you do for 45 seconds each before repeating (particularly useful for the moves that only take place on one side of your body). It’s a great solution for the busy, harried mom that sometimes can only squeeze in the shortest of workouts, yet it’s also super versatile given the multiple ways you can combine the routines.  

Peruvian Power Foods
Peruvian Power Foods: 18 Superfoods, 101 Recipes, and Anti-aging Secrets from the Amazon to the Andes – $23.95 (list)
Staying healthy isn’t just about how much you work out – it’s very much about what you eat. Anyone that’s had a conversation about nutrition has likely heard about superfoods: nutrient-rich foods loaded with antioxidants, cancer-fighting substances, and other beneficial qualities. This book notes that 18 of the world’s most potent food items all derive from the Andes region. Author and Doctor Manuel Villacorta breaks down each superfood’s top benefits and then applies them (sometimes mixing and matching) to over 100 recipes that’ll improve your brain power, flush fat, and even help a male’s libido – among other awesome outcomes. Before you go thinking the recipes will be a one-way ticket to bland, think again. Slimmed-down, uber-chocolately brownies made with cacao find a place amongst recipes for dishes like white bean hummus and pichuberry muffins. The results? You’ll feel great, look great, and have great food to eat and drink.
Tracey Anderson Dance + Cardio and Cardio Hip Hop Party
Tracy Anderson: Dance+Cardio – $16.98 and Dance Off The Inches: Cardio Hip Hop Party – $16.98
On the days I’m really not super jazzed to work out, one of the few things that can get me off the couch is the promise of a fun dance workout. These two DVDs each offer a fun spin on fitness by getting you to get into the groove while toning up your bod. Tracey Anderson’s take is actually quite well suited for beginners (even the most gangly, uncoordinated ones) – there’s no formal instruction, but the moves are easy enough to pick up that you should have no problem picking up either one of the two routines. It’s not super high intensity, but it definitely makes you feel like you’re getting a good workout in. Meanwhile, this isn’t the first Dance Off The Inches DVD I’ve done, and I have to say they’re all equally fun. Start with the Step Guide to get a hang of the key moves, then jump into a non-stop danceathon as you learn three full routines that’ll make you feel worthy of being a back-up dancer for whatever pop queen comes calling (in your dreams).

lululemon Bang Buster HeadbandBang Buster Headband – $18 @ lululemon
Your best friend just got a cute new cut replete with full face-framing bangs…only problemo? She’s now constantly shoving them out of her face mid-pose or griping about how they stick to her forehead after a round of bikram yoga. The solution? A bang-taming headband from the likes of lululemon. Made from moisture-wicking fabric, this handy band will not only keep your bangs in place, it’ll stay put through even the most bouncy of workout classes. Available in a wide range of pretty colours and patterns (that are actually reversible), you can match your yoga gear with ease.

Aquabells – $46.95

Over the last few years, I have done a lot of moving around the country and a lot of traveling. As someone that keeps up a relatively diligent fitness routine, it’s always been a pain to not be able to tote my weights. Problem solved with Aquabells – portable, collapsible dumbbells that weigh a mere 26 oz (less than 2 lbs) when not in use. When you get to your destination of choice, simply fill up the weights with water for up to 16 lbs of proportioned resistance – you only fill the chambers you need to get to the right weight level. Whether you’re a P90X grad that wants to keep up your muscle mass or you’re popping in a fitness DVD that requires a bit of weight training, these weights are incredibly versatile. Guaranteed not to leak, these water weights are a great choice for your gym-loving spouse, constantly traveling best friend, or even for your coworker that wants to squeeze in a few sets during the day.

Three Minute Egg
Three Minute Egg – From $44
Despite its relatively simple premise – your body bending into and holding different poses – yoga is often more accessible when you throw in some simple aids. A grippy mat, the right outfit, and some tools for those of that are less flexible can take your practice from painful to invigorating. The Three-Minute Egg is a unique yoga aid that combines the functions of a block, bolster, belt and blanket so you can stretch a little further and support yourself a little better through every last pose and sequence. Use the eggs to properly align your body, get deeper into poses, and protect yourself from overextension or strain. Speaking as someone who’s husband can’t even sit cross-legged, these things would be a miracle in my household (we practice yoga together). With a variety of densities and cute wordplay like ‘Hard-Boiled’ and ‘Namsteggs’, do some reading up and learn what set will best ease your loved one into a more improved state of zen.

Element Targeted Toning Pilates
Element: Targeted Toning Pilates for Beginners – $16.98
I honestly think people who do pilates have one of the most admirable physiques, which makes sense when you consider all of the muscle groups this hybrid workout style taps into. Filmed against a glorious ocean backdrop (like all Element DVDs, natch), this DVD features three 20-minute workouts as well as one micro abs workout. Given you aren’t using any weights, it most closely emulates a cross between a yoga and a barre workout, with quickly moving routines that almost enable you to ignore the pain as your muscles get shredded. They may be labeled as beginner routines, but there’s still quite a bit of challenge for both newcomers to pilates and those that regularly practice it. Truthfully, it’s a really good value when you consider you can mix and match the routines for a longer workout, or just squeeze in a quick sweat session before getting back to the rest of your life.

Healthy Happy Holiday

My commitment to whipping all you readers must be pretty in-depth, as I’ve got a pretty rockin’ fitness prize package up for grabs valued at approximately a whopping $680+. Whoop! You could take home a Namastegg Starter Kit, a set of Aquabells, a copy of Peruvian Power Foods, an adult & kid’s SPIbelt, a FRoller, a Wrist Assured Gloves Exercise Pros Tool Kit, an extra long YoFoMat in the colour of your choice, alllll of the fitness DVDs featured in this post and 3 tops of your choice (from a men’s & women’s selection) from Spiritual Gangster. Want to win it? Here’s how to enter:

1) Tell me in the comments below by December 27th: which of these fitness gift ideas would inspire you (or someone on your list) to get fit this season and beyond?

2) Entries are limited to one per person / per email address / per household (or more if you score bonus entries). A random draw will be conducted on or around December 28th to select the winners, who will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen in their place.

3) Entries are limited to Canadians that have reached the age of majority in their province. Quebec is not eligible for this promotion.

4) Bonus Entries:

Three Minute Egg Follow them on Twitter and send out a Tweet to them (and me @cdngiftguide) about why you need these ergonomic yoga blocks in your life. Leave a link back to your Tweet below.

Aquabells – Like them on Facebook and leave a comment as to why you need these travel weights. Leave a link back to your comment below (it can be done, Google it).

Peruvian Power Foods – Is published by HCI Books. Follow them on Twitter, Tweet them and me (@cdngiftguide) as to why you’re curious to read the book. Leave a link to your Tweet below.

SPIbelt Is distributed in Canada by Podium Imports. Like them on Facebook, leave a comment about how handy the SPIbelt would be in your life, link back to your comment below.

The FRoller – Like them on Facebook, leave a comment about how The FRoller would relieve your aches and pains (or someone’s you know), link back to your comment below.

Wrist Assured Gloves – Like them on Facebook, leave a comment about why you’d benefit from having some WAGs, link back to your comment below.

YoFoMat – Is made by Khataland. Like them on Facebook, leave a comment about which colour of YoFoMat you’d pick (their web link is above), link back to your comment below.

Spiritual Gangster Like them on Facebook, leave a comment on your favourite SG style (their web link is above), link back to your comment below.

Anchor Bay – Is the distributor for all of these fun get fit workout DVDs featured in this post. Like them on Facebook, leaving a comment about your favourite release from the batch I’ve featured here, and link back to your comment below. You can also earn an extra entry by Following them on Twitter and sending a Tweet out about your favourite featured fitness DVD and why you’d like to try it (be sure to tag them!)

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    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

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  104. The butt lift video would be great for me. It would get me started on where I want to go.

  105. Molly Mandzuk says:

    All these gift ideas would be great for my mom who has chronic back pain. I think these items would help strengthen her back!

  106. criticalreviewer says:

    The aqua bells seem like a great idea to me!

  107. criticalreviewer says:

    The aquabells seem like a great give to me!

  108. The dance dvd 🙂 VERY generous thanks so much

  109. mousecat says:

    I think Tracy Anderson: Dance+Cardio – $16.98 and Dance Off The Inches: Cardio Hip Hop Party would inspire me the most, for sure!

  110. The drift looks like it would be really fun

  111. Elizabeth says:

    I really like the idea of the Barre,the 10 minute butt lift,the Pilattes for beginners and the Tracey Anderson dance and cardio DVD

  112. amy says:

    The roller is pretty neat- no matter what craze you start in January its nice to know its got your strains covered

  113. The Aquabells would inspire me!!
    rebthecatsitter at gmail dot com

  114. I follow 3minutegg on twitter and tweeted

  115. Athena says:

  116. Athena says:

  117. Crystal Kordalchuk says:

    Any of them really but the 2 that interest me the most would have to be the videos … Barre Conditioning & Dance+Cardio! I love working out to videos!!!

  118. jay n says:

    Drift the drift looks like it would be a fun piece of equipment I could store under my desk until break time OR it could be used wile on the phone. Cool.

  119. BiancaH says:

    My husband has back issues, he could really use the FRoller and for me, everything else, I need all the help I can get!

    • Mike L'Homme says:

      Hi Bianca! As I mentioned above, the FRoller is fantastic on the lower back and saves the hands big time from massages. Please let us know if you have any questions! Happy Holidays! Mike L’Homme, Partner, HommeMade LLC (inventors of The FRoller) Twitter: @The_FRoller

  120. Holly says:

    I like the Aquabells!

  121. Jeannie says:

    I personally would love to try the targeted toning Pilates. I always wanted to try Pilates and this looks like a great DVD. Also I love the Aquabells! I light weights and this is such a great idea. Totally portable!

  122. Tina L. says:

    I like the Drift.

  123. SueSueper says:

    I think Tracy Anderson: Perfect Design Series: Sequence 1-3 would inspire me the most to get at it and keep going at it! 🙂

  124. Erin McSweeney says:

    the Dance Off The Inches: Cardio Hip Hop Party – $16.98 would inspire me to get off my butt.

  125. Suzanne G says:

    Tracy Anderson: Perfect Design Series: Sequence 1-3 would inspire me to get and stay fit for sure.

  126. Suzanne G says:

  127. Suzanne G says:

  128. Suzanne G says:

  129. amy scott says:

    this would be awesome stuff to get me into shape !

  130. KellyPC says:

    Drift looks awesome!

  131. Angela Mitchell says:

    I could totally use the 10 Minute Solution: Butt Lift:)

  132. Jenny says:

    The FRoller sounds brilliant. No more skipping yoga class because it’s lame to cart a yoga mat around with me on the bus all day!

  133. Dreena says:

    Those Aquabells are great! Neat idea. I also like the Tracy Anderson DVDs – they would help me get motivated.

  134. diane says:

    Tracy Anderson: Dance+Cardio and Dance Off The Inches: Cardio Hip Hop Party would inspire me to get fit.

  135. julia g says:

    I would give the FRoller to my dad.

  136. wai man says:

    try the Barre Conditioning dvd . simple equipment.

  137. Toks W says:

    I think the Element: Barre Conditioning would encourage me. It can be done from home and I’ve never been a huge fan of the gym even when I was super fit.

  138. aimee says:

    the minuite egg

  139. Henry Nur says:

    The YoFo mat looks great!

  140. Vicki says:

    I’ve tried yoga but some poses hurt my boney feet, so I thought the Three Minute Egg is a good idea.

  141. Vicki says:

    Three Minute Egg

  142. I think the book on power foods would help motivate me because I always need help in that category

  143. Laura says:

    I think the Aquabells sound like a smart idea, especially when you need to transport them from place to place.

  144. Carol A. says:

    I would love to try the Drift! It might encourage me to workout more.

  145. Vicki says:

    I could really use the aquabells since I move around a lot

  146. Heather A says:

    The F-Roller would be wonderful for all those cramped or sore and achy spots.

  147. I believe the Pilates for beginners and the walk dvd. Oh, who am I kidding. Everything listed here would be such an excellent way to get me going. 🙂

  148. I follow three minute egg on twiiter – @doreenlamoureux and tweeted

  149. like aquabelts on facebook – Doreen lamoureux and left comment

  150. follow HCI books on twitter – @doreenlamoureux and left tweet

  151. like SPI Belt on facebook – Doreen lamoureux and left comment

  152. like the FRoller on facebook and left message – Doreen lamoureux

  153. like Wrist Assured Gloves on facebook and left comment = Doreen lamoureux

  154. AJ Facendi says:

    There’s so many to pick from! I love the Bang Buster headband to keep my hair out of my face while getting sweaty. Amazing prize pack.

  155. sean pynaert says:

    My wife would really like the butt lift book

  156. stacey h says:

    three minute egg twitter bonus

  157. stacey h says:

    HCI twitter bonus

  158. stsjenn says:

    I think the aqua bells would be handy for my husband. He has wanted a set of dumbbells for quite a while now, and with him working out of town these would be handy for him to pack between jobs and home.

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