On A Barrel Roll

Custom Whiskey BarrelsWhat It Is: A collection of traditional whiskey barrels made with American white oak, designed to hold your favourite fine spirit. Apart from their kitschy classic design and convenient stand, these working drink dispensers can also be customized with several different text options, plus they’re available in three sizes (from 1L to 3L). Roll ’em out as a fun gift for the imbiber in your life, and don’t be surprised to see them on display at your pal’s next party.

Who It’s For: If you and your buddies are known to share a sifter of brandy, consider customizing the barrels as a fun groomsmen pick. Or thank your future father-in-law or your own dad by throwing in a bottle of premium single malt. Or ladies, consider this as a sweet pick to outfit his man cave, as a birthday, wedding, or anniversary present.

What It Costs: $69.99 – $89.99 depending on which size you choose. Customization is free!

Where It’s At: Print Canada Store

Bonus entry into my Better Than Vegan giveaway – tell me in the comments below, would you buy this for anyone on your shopping list?

8 Responses to “On A Barrel Roll”
  1. Joan G says:

    They are kind of neat but I can’t justify the cost for anyone on my gift list.

  2. andrea4444 says:

    I have a friend that might like this 😉 Interesting gift idea as usual!

  3. Katie says:

    This is an interesting concept, but I can’t think of anyone who I would buy one for.

  4. cookie3 says:

    They are great for the man cave for sure.

  5. Susan says:

    No I would’t purchase this for anyone on my list.

  6. Victoria Ess says:

    These are really novel! I would buy them for the right person.

  7. Alison K says:

    Better Than Vegan bonus giveaway: if I had the right occasion (Octoberfest perhaps?), I would buy this for someone

  8. diane says:

    Nice, but I don’t know anyone who I can buy them for.

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