A Tisket A Tasket

Easter is this weekend guys…and as always, it’s one of those occasions where I’m like, “Gifts? Really??” But I guess people DO fill up Easter baskets and they DO shop for home decor and they DO bring hostess gifts. So if you’re looking for some Easter treats of the non-edible variety…I’ve got a few ideas below.

Fortune Cookie Soap Bath + BodyFortune Cookie Soap ‘Easter Collection’ – $4.25+
So if you’re looking for Easter goodies that LOOK good enough to eat, look no further. This innovative brand has whipped up a feast of Easter bath treats, including a soapy chocolate bunny, a creamy-scented whipped body butter, and event a fortune cookie bath bomb infused with Easter grass. There’s genuinely enough products here to actually concoct a non-edible Easter basket for your wife or mother, to pamper her in a way that won’t invite unnecessary calories.

La Vie En Rose Easter Bunny CollectionLa Vie En Rose Easter Bunny Line – $16.95 – $24.95 each
The kids can have their treats – you can enjoy a special treat for bedtime with one of these cute bunny-themed items from La Vie En Rose. From snuggly sleep shorts to oh-so-soft nighties and tanks, this is a great way to make sure ‘mom’ still gets a gift that isn’t horrifyingly calorie-laden.

Easter Cookie Cutters Box Set

Easter Cookie Cutters Box Set – $17 @ Williams Sonoma
To me, I will always associate Easter with visiting my grandma’s place and biting into one of her trademark sugar cookies in the shape of a bunny. Whether baking is a tradition in your household or you simply want to surprise a hostess with a lovely seasonal gift, this pretty collection of spring-themed cookie cutters equals hours of fun with the kids and a tasty reward for all.

Ciate Flower ManicureCiate Flower Manicure Set – $30 @ Sephora
Your teenage daughter has informed you that Easter (and hunting for treats) is so not cool. What to do? Why not gift her a spring-themed gift that’s sure to appeal? Nail polish mavens Ciate have released two ‘Flower Manicure’ kits, including a pretty pastel base, floral decals, and a tough top coat to keep your springy look as fresh as a bouquet of tulips. A cute way to get your kid in the spirit of things without breaking the bank.

Playmobil EggsPlaymobil Eggs – $7.99 each @ Scalliwag Toys
Here’s a sugar-free treat for the kids to ‘unwrap’ come Easter Sunday. Playmobil has a line of collectible, limited-edition eggs each Easter, featuring a miniature playset for them to wile away the hours (perhaps consulting with the flowers). Scalliwag Toys has a Pink Fairy, Ranger, Mini Playground and Knight set, however you can also try your local toy store for one of the newest collectibles from Playmobil, including Flower Fairy, Native American Girl, Biker, and Robo Gang Spy Glider.

Want a bonus entry into my Marc Jacobs giveaway? Tell me in the comments below – how do you celebrate Easter? Would any of these pressies make it into an Easter basket in your home?

18 Responses to “A Tisket A Tasket”
  1. Debbie Bashford says:

    A few treats and always a new outfit and an Easter brunch with family. I woul love to get the La Vie En Rose Easter Bunny Line stripped top!

  2. Joan G says:

    We have just as much fun as the grandkids hiding Easter treats – as they get older we have to be more creative finding good places. I would love to have the Easter Cookie c\utter Box Set to make some Easter themed cookies.

  3. Leah says:

    We celebrate with a family gathering. My daughter is too young now But eventually the playmobil egg might make it into her basket.

  4. Katie says:

    The playmobil eggs would be great for my nephews.
    We celebrate with two hunts – a chocolate egg hunt and a treasure hunt. We also have a classic turkey dinner.

  5. diane says:

    We celebrate Easter with family and my daughter would love the La Vie En Rose nightie.

  6. katydidit21 says:

    We celebrate with family and lots of special Easter food. Those Easter bunny pj’s would make into my niece’s basket for sure!!!

  7. Victoria Ess says:

    We have dinner at my in-laws’ house.

  8. Julie G. says:

    We have an easter egg hunt for our grandkids, it’s fun.

  9. neednewspace says:

    I usually bake a whole slew of traditional Polish Easter breads. But this year, we have a new puppy and I don’t think she’ll give me the time! I am definitely stopping at Sephora to pick up the Ciaté nail kits for my two daughters! And maybe a little something for me? 😉

  10. Glogirl says:

    We celebrate Easter by having an Easter Sunday dinner with as many family members as can attend. I like the La Vie En Rose Easter Bunny Line! I’d love to find some pieces in my Easter basket!

  11. Susan says:

    We celebrate as a family and have Easter dinner together. I know the children in my life would love the Playmobil eggs.

  12. Susan T. says:

    We have a ham dinner but with no kids in the family the Easter Bunny doesn’t visit us! Lol! I love those bunny PJ’s a lot! Better than chocolate for me!

  13. Ashley L says:

    We celebrate Easter by having a big family party and a ham dinner!

  14. JaimeeM says:

    Those cute cookie cutters would make fun cookies! and those playmobil eggs would make it into my sons easter basket. I dont do too much on easter, keep it simple and to a minimum with my sons birthday in may.

  15. Sherry K says:

    I always buy chocolate treats for the kids (the grown up ones, too), but I would love to make decorated sugar cookies with the super cookie cutters.

  16. cookie3 says:

    We always celebrate with a nice dinner, but the Easter Bunny doesn’t visit us anymore since the kids moved out. Love everything you came up with but if I have to pick I’d go with the Ciate Flower Manicure Set

  17. beewbedard says:

    we have dinner together and the easter bunny hides the treats

  18. Alison K says:

    Marc Jacobs bonus entry: I eat chocolates all year long so I don’t need to celebrate Easter 😉 Shame there aren’t any baskets in my home ‘cos the Playmobil Eggs are really cute.

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