Rolling Rock

Slim CeraWhat It Is:Hailing from Japan, this seemingly innocuous brush-shaped (and if we’re being honest, lip sync microphone aid) roller may seem a little puzzling. But what if I told you this little device was potentially the solution to eliminate pricy spa facials from your life, while revitalizing your skin? Made from pure Tourmaline, quartz and other minerals, the gist of this device is simple, and manual: roll it over your skin for three minutes a day, three times per day, to stimulate your facial muscles, squeeze out clogged dirt and oil, and smooth things out. While it was originally conceived for your face, it also works wonders on other lumpy, bumpy or tired areas of your epidermis.

Who It’s For:Your perpetually teenage-skinned friend (in a zitty way), as a natural, stimulating way to clear up her pores. Your try-anything beauty-obsessed sibling, as a cool way to look young as she ages up. Your spa-addicted wife, as a way to give herself the royal treatment at home.

What It Costs:£170.00, which works out to about $310 Canadian at present. Before you balk, keep in mind – a facial at a spa typically runs you at least $70. You’ll have paid for itself with just a few uses (depending on your frequency of spa visits). Also for the record, 350,000 (picky) Japanese customers have already snapped this baby up!

Where It’s At: Being Content, a UK-based store that offers free global shipping (and won’t charge international VAT tax).

Speaking of skincare, how about a bonus entry into my new Skincando giveaway? Tell me in the comments below: would you splurge on this pricy manual device?

17 Responses to “Rolling Rock”
  1. janicour says:

    I really like this. I would not spurge on myself, but it would make a great gift for a teenager.

  2. Kimberley says:

    I would not splurge on this item. It looks interesting and I am intrigued by it, but the price tag is too hefty for me.

  3. Annie D says:

    It’s a bit pricey but I would love it. Maybe I can put it on my Christmas wish list 🙂

  4. Susan says:

    Although a home facial sounds wonderful, the price is too off-putting for me.

  5. cookie3 says:

    It sounds great, but too pricey for my wallet.

  6. Suzanne G says:

    I would not splurge on this item unless I saw an actual study and the results.

  7. mousecat says:

    No, the price is too high, though it sounds intriguing!

  8. Susan T. says:

    Wow! I don’t think so but I did buy a Clarisonic so I’m obviously not totally averse to the idea!

  9. Victoria Ess says:

    I don’t think I’d splurge for this although it’s a great idea!

  10. Alison K says:

    Skincando bonus entry: unfortunately I would not splurge on this pricy manual device even though it does sound like a great product (if it does actually work). Maybe I could find something less pricy to roll around on my face instead…rocks? 😉

  11. Lisa S says:

    I don’t think I would spend the money – just because I tend to buy great contraptions like this and then never use them.. I’m lucky if I remember to wash off my makeup!

  12. Joan G says:

    I don’t think I could ever justify the cost – I’ll look for a more economical solution.

  13. beewbedard says:

    It is really not something I would splurge on

  14. jessica says:

    nah, I’ll pass =)

  15. ikkinlala says:

    I probably wouldn’t. It’s an interesting concept, but there are less-expensive alternatives.

  16. I probably wouldn’t pay out real money for this. But I’d try to win it, if I saw a contest with this as a prize,

  17. linnett says:

    It is a bit pricey but would give it a try, thanks

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