Feeling Druzy

Druzy PendantsWhat It Is:Calling all brides-to-be: If you’re still on the hunt for a gift that says ‘Thanks for being a part of my special day’, then I’ve got the perfect pick for you. This delicate filled necklace is available in gold, rose gold or sterling silver, and allows you to both customize the colour of druzy pendant and a cute little initial charm to go with it. With 13 shades to choose from, why not select a stone closest to your gal’s birthstone, her bridesmaid dress, or her favourite colour? Subtle enough to blend in with any gown yet special enough to be treasured forever, this is a perfect, affordable way to say you care.

Who It’s For:I mean, bridesmaids are the natural target audience here, but they’re also gems for your best friend’s birthday, your sister’s Christmas gift, Mother’s Day, early year anniversaries – and beyond.

What It Costs:Each necklace is about $46 CAD, as of writing this post.

Where It’s At: Etsy shop Wrenn Jewelry, which ships worldwide.

Summertime means weddings – but it also means great escapes to the lake. How about a bonus entry into my lakehouse essentials lawn mower giveaway? Visiting the Wrenn Jewelry link above and tell me in the comments below: what colour of druzy pendant would you love to own (or gift)?

13 Responses to “Feeling Druzy”
  1. Debbie Bashford says:

    oh this is hard so many colours that I like, the Mystic looks interesting and could be worn with anything I think

  2. Julie G. says:

    Think I’d have to select the Rose Gold Filled Black one.

  3. Sparkled Beauty says:

    I’d pair Orchid with rose gold

  4. cookie3 says:

    I’d pick the Sterling Silver one with Orchid

  5. May says:

    So pretty, I would pick the sterling silver with petunia!

  6. Joan G. says:

    I like the Orchid on rose gold.

  7. Susan T. says:

    I like the aqua blue for me and would buy the petunia purple for my best friend.

  8. Alison K says:

    A Shore Thing bonus entry: visited Wrenn Jewelry & the colour of druzy pendant I would love to own is their Cobalt Blue. It’s so rich in depth.

  9. Victoria Ess says:

    I’d love the Orchid in Rose Gold.

  10. Susan says:

    I would choose the Aqua Blue in Sterling Silver.

  11. Kimberley says:

    A friend’s 40th birthday is coming up and I would love to give her a Druzy necklace in Mystic.

  12. linnett says:

    Orchid with Rose Gold is nice, thanks

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