All About You

Good hYOUmanWhat It Is: A very neato tee shop called good hYOUman based in the U.S. Their sticking point? You get to be the designer! Start by selecting what style you want – from a drapey, oversized tee to a slouchy sweatshirt to a breezy sundress (they’ve also got pants). Then, customize your pick by selecting a colour and a message from one of the 20 or so available – from inspirational messages like ‘My Life Story Will Be A Good One’ to silly ones like ‘Pets Are People Too’ to perfect-for-the-gym types like ‘The Best Things In Life Make You Sweaty’ to take charge mantras like ‘F*** Cancer’. Once you’ve come up with the perfect tee, simply order it in your size and presto, an instant, super special message top.

Who It’s For: Your way too cool for anything teenage daughter. Your best friend that’s going through a challenging time. Your bridesmaids, as fun tees to wear while getting ready on your wedding day. Also…they’ve got styles for guys and kids, so feel free to extend this list.

What It Costs: The tees start at $37, the sweaters are in the $55 range, with other items in between. Shipping is a flat $20 rate to Canada, so stock up.

Where It’s At: The good hYOUman website is the place to go if you want to design your own top. But their products are sold in various combinations all over the interwebs, so feel free to hunt ’em down for yourself.

Bonus entry into this week’s Then and Always giveaway. Tell me in the comments below – which message from good hYOUman‘s website would you rock yourself?

7 Responses to “All About You”
  1. Sherry K says:

    Not Crazy Just Human – well a little bit crazy shirt would work for me.

  2. Donnas says:

    I’d choose the message “Not Crazy … Just Human (maybe a little crazy)” from hYOUman

  3. Susan says:

    The message I would choose is Thankful.

  4. Joan G. says:

    You Only Live Once but If You Do it Right once Is All You Need is my favourite

  5. beewbedard says:

    ‘The Best Things In Life Make You Sweaty’

  6. cookie3 says:

    We are supposed to be different.

  7. Athena says:

    give up on giving up

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