And Crisp Apple Strudel

What’s that? You get an extra weekend post this month? Well my post commitments stacked up, and I have my reasons for wanting to carry on with my long-delayed series based on ‘My Favourite Things‘, so here you go. In lieu of actually just featuring a bunch of STRUDEL (yum), I thought I’d play off the apple and the baking side of things. Enjoy!

And Crisp Apple StrudelL to R:

2-Pack Spiced Apple Toddy Wallflowers Refills – $12.50 @ Bath & Body Works
Have you tried Bath & Body Works Wallflowers? It’s worth telling you right here, right now, they are crazy powerful. And spiced apple toddy? That’s pretty much fall in a nutshell.

Williams Sonoma Classic Mulling Spices – $19
I recently came across a jar of this stuff at Williams Sonoma and it took me a lot of willpower not to pick it up. Get delicious apple cider in a snap by throwing some of these spices into a vat of apple cider, red wine, or a mixture of the two.

Apples To Apples On The Go – $19.99 @
The precursor to Cards Against Humanity, this family-friendly game is a snap to pack into your carry-on for those inevitable holiday season flight delays.

NYX Butter Gloss in ‘Apple Strudel’ – $7.99 @ London Drugs
Boom. I found something actually called ‘apple strudel’. Pat on the back for me. Anyway, this universally flattering pinky-toned lip gloss is a stunning stocking stuffer for any beauty maven.

Hey, how about an extra entry into yesterday’s StudioWedBox giveaway? First, follow me on Twitter (@cdngiftguide). Then, Tweet about this post and link back to it. Finally, share your Tweet below. Bingo, you’ve got an extra entry. Oh and hey, tell me what you think of today’s apple-y gift ideas too.

5 Responses to “And Crisp Apple Strudel”
  1. Susan says:

    I’d like to try the travel sized Apple to Apple.

  2. nicolthepickle says:

    Mmmh, those mulling spices sound so good right about now. Well in some cider of course.

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