Frosty The Bro-Man

Let’s get to it shall we? Today marks the first of many themed gift guides for the season. For the third year, I’m writing a guide geared toward ‘bros’ – whether by blood, by kinship, or by pure manly bromantic relations, sometimes a guy has to buy another guy a gift. All those gift guides ‘for him’? They don’t really jibe. No bro is going to buy their best buddy a bottle of cologne or a three-pack of boxers or a $1,000 watch. And while I’m sure most guys would be happy with a six-pack of beer or a video game, these ideas are a little more creative – and will be equally, if not moreso, appreciated.

Stuff You Should Know About StuffStuff You Should Know About Stuff by Tripp & Tyler – $16.50
Everyone has that friend. You guys have bonded in one way or another, yet you see the flinty eyes people give your bro when you’re out and about. This book from sketch comedians Tripp & Tyler will save you many an awkward conversation about proper social etiquette. Covering everything from computer tips for mom & dad to proper phone usage to yes, even tips on buying Christmas gifts for your enemies, this random, laugh out loud funny book also offers some genuinely useful pieces of advice. Admittedly, your guy friend isn’t going to change overnight – especially not if he’s guffawing on the train when reading this on his commute into work – but trust me, the end results (and yeah, his amusement) will totally be worth it.

Tipsy ElvesTipsy Elves Sweaters – $69.95 each
Ugly Christmas sweaters, as you may know, have become quite the ‘trend’ over the last few years. However I can attest that said trend has led to serious pillaging of your local Value Village. The good news is, Tipsy Elves is here to save the day. This awesome brand – which earned extra credo upon Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec putting up some funding – creates brand new ugly Christmas sweaters – most often with a cheeky twist. Iconic winter prints are turned on their head with sexual innuendo, visual puns, and classic characters put in compromising positions that’ll make everyone laugh before asking, “Where did you get that?” The styles above are just four potential picks for your bro (or for that matter, lady bro). With a dozen new designs launching this holiday season, there’s even a new collection featuring those hideous (or hideously awesome) doodads like sparkly pompoms and faux suspenders. A perfect gift to bequest right before heading to an ugly sweater party of your own!

Blair's Death Hot SauceBlair’s Original Death and After Death Hot Sauces – $9.49 / $11.49 @
If you and your buddy are the types to sign waivers at sports bars so you can bite into a ghost pepper chicken wing, this is the hot sauce for you to bond over. Loaded with some of the spiciest peppers on the planet – including habaneros, fresh cayenne and smoky chipotle – start with the Original Death sauce for a bit of zip to your favourite BBQ dishes. Once you’ve graduated from that, dip into the After Death – a seriously fiery sauce that’ll only take a few drops to burn your tastebuds and as per the brand’s promise, make you feel alive. And hey, it’s easy on the budget too – so you can afford to pick up your pal a six-pack of his fave brew to cool off after your meal.

Toy BoardersToy Boarders – $5.95 per package
Don’t adjust your screens – what you see above is for reals. Your favourite little green army men have been revamped, in the spirit of making love (or at least, sweet moves) instead of war. Given that kids can create entire worlds around soldiers, why not do the same with much more positive role models in the form of surfers, skaters, and snowboarders? Designed by sports enthusiasts, each package of Toy Boarders features real moves that bonafide boarders of any type would tell you are legit. Buy a pack for your bro that’s seriously into surf, snow or skateboarding, use it as a stocking stuffer idea, or buy it for a little bro – your son, nephew or family friend will tear into these like mad.

Sex Panther CologneSex Panther Cologne – $39.99 @ Vat19
So first of all, I hope that any of you considering buying this for someone recognize that it’s not exactly a serious gift. Anyone that’s seen and endlessly quoted Anchorman knows that 60% of the time, this alluring man juice works every time. For reals though, this is a fun gift for anyone that idolizes Ron Burgundy and will get a thrill upon opening the box and realizing that it growls. I’m not kidding. The box growls. Beyond that, the cologne isn’t quite as um, exotic as described in the film. It’ll make your bro smell better. And maybe even feel a little better when you’re on the prowl. Cause you know, Sex Panther. Hey, at least it’s a good conversation starter. Heads up, shipping’s on the higher side here – about $15 – but it’s totes magotes worth it. I mean. Sex Panther!

Kan JamKan Jam Set – $39.99 @ Canadian Tire
I have this board game with a disclaimer on it that reads: It looks easy…till you try it. The same could be said of this unique, but ultra fun looking party game. Let me break down the rules for you. Two teams of two split up and stand beside their official Kan Jam buckets. Your teammate throws the included flying disc toward you, earning points if they touch the bucket on their own, or if you help guide the disc toward the bucket and either tap or sink it (there’s actually a pretty amusing video on the Kan Jam site on how to play. Watch it.) The first team to 21 wins – however there’s a Golden Snitch-esque rub. If someone, without aid, gets the disc into the front slot, that’s an instant win. Boo-yah. This recreational sport has taken off since its launch – with world championships picking up steam and even schools getting in on the fun. And fun you will have – a perfect game for both adults and kids, you and your bros can hang up that ol’ washer toss game. There’s a new sheriff in town.

Popcord image

Popcord – ~$61 / £34.50
Few things stress me out more than when I’m out and my phone dies, or my husband is out and his phone dies. Enter Popcord, the world’s sleekest on-the-go mobile phone charger. Instead of hauling around your smartphone cable, all you have to do is hook this baby onto your key ring. Popcord can be plugged into any USB – from your car to your computer and beyond – giving you on-the-go charging power with way less fuss. It’s available in six different colours and can be purchased in either an Apple-compatible or a micro USB connector format, making it suitable for your best bro no matter what type of phone he’s got. Super sleek and super smart – Popcord means one less thing to haul around in your pockets.
BONUS OFFER: Want to score a Popcord this holiday season? Get 20% off your purchase when you order by December 24 by entering the code CANADIANGIFTGUIDE at checkout.

Star Wars Origami
Star Wars Origami –
$15.85 @

I feel like Star Wars is picking up some buzz again. And I say this because I, someone decidedly not a Star Wars geek, is relatively aware of happenings on the set and exciting casting announcements from the latest foray into a galaxy far, far away. Still, there’s nothing wrong with getting in touch with the classics – or your inner artist. This nifty book features detailed instructions from an origami master to create all of your favourite characters and icons from the films – from Yoda to Han Solo to a lightsaber. What makes it extra cool is the fact it comes with custom, built-in origami sheets with Star Wars iconography on them, making this a total package for nimble fingers and those with way more spatial intelligence than me.

Rattler Strap Flint LacesFlint Laces – $13.95 @ RattlerStrap
If I was on Survivor, you better believe I’d be investing in a pair of these beauties. If you’re shopping for an outdoorsy type, bump this one to the top of your short list. These laces look ordinary, feel ordinary, and work just like ordinary laces. But if you’re out in the wilderness, sans matches or a lighter, believe it or not, these laces are an incredible survival tool. The tip of the laces contains a 1″ ferro rod. All you have to do is remove the rubber cap, pull it out, strike it on steel (like your multi-purpose knife) and presto – you’ve got flames-a-plenty. While it’s obviously a great pick for whatever bro you go on that annual camping trip with, it’s also as well idea to stuff any guy’s stocking. Available in brown and black, these Flint Laces ship for about $7 up north – but they’re really and truly priceless in a pinch.


Arborist ToquesArborist Toques – $24 each @ Drake General Store
Whether you want to show some regional pride or simply shout out ‘I Am Canadian!’, these adorable retro-inspired knit toques are a great way to stay warm while flashing your patriotic side. Available in a range of designs and colours, it’s probably worth noting that many of these toques actually have a second side. The ‘hockey’ one for example is actually a sweet tribute to Canada’s favourite ‘Hockey Night’. And there’s another style not pictured that reads as ‘British Columbia’, for all you ski bunnies hitting the Whistler slopes this season. Yeah there’s pom poms. But when your hat’s this cool, any bro will embrace the pom. Trust me.

Frosty The Bro-ManKudos for making it this far – I don’t blame you if you got distracted along the way and clicked through to check out or buy some of these awesomesauce gift ideas. But here’s the fun part. I’ve got a sweeeeeet prize package to give away, valued at over $225. If you’re the lucky winner of my ‘Frosty the Bro-Man’ gift pack, you’ll be scoring a:
– Tipsy Elves sweater of your choice
– Copy of Stuff You Should Know About Stuff
– Popcord
– Collection of Toy Boarders
– Pair of flint laces from RattlerStrap
– Kan Jam set

Want to win it? Here’s how to enter:

1) Leave me a comment below by November 17, telling me which of these kickin’ gifts for bros and buddies you’d most like to gift (or get) and why.

2) Entries are limited to one per person / per email address / per household (or more if you score bonus entries). A random draw will be conducted on or around November 18, 2014 to select the winner(s), who will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen in their place.

3) Entries are limited to Canadians that have reached the age of majority in their province. Quebec is not eligible for this promotion.

4) There are six ways to score bonus entries into the draw – do one or all of them or three of them, I don’t care! For each bonus entry make sure you leave a separate comment below – otherwise your entry won’t be counted.

Tipsy Elves – Follow and Tweet @TipsyElves and @cdngiftguide, with a link back to this post – make it fun! Leave a link to your Tweet in a separate comment below.

Ben Bella Books – Is the publisher of Stuff You Should Know About Stuff. Follow and Tweet @BenBellaBooks and @cdngiftguide with a link back to this post – be creative! Leave a link to your Tweet in a separate comment below.

Popcord – Follow and Tweet @pop_cord and @cdngiftguide with a link back to this post – have fun with it! Leave a link to your Tweet in a separate comment below.

Toy Boarders – Follow @toyboarders on Instagram and comment on or like one of their photos. Link back to the photo below, including your Instagram username.

RattlerStrap – Makes the Flint Laces I featured in this post. Like RattlerStrap on Facebook and leave a comment as to why you’re keen to score a pair of laces for yourself. Link back to your comment in a separate post below.

Kan Jam – Is on Facebook. Like them and leave a comment on why you’re so psyched to try out this awesome game. Link back to your wall post in a separate comment below.


184 Responses to “Frosty The Bro-Man”
  1. Sylvie Rozon says:

    I’ll definitely get the Star Wars Origami for my crafty husband. Love your ideas.

  2. Sherry K says:

    The Popcord would be the most practical, but my husband would have a lot of fun wearing one of the Tipsy Elves sweaters – maybe the dinosaur one.

  3. Sherry K says:

  4. Sherry K says:

  5. aly3360 says:

    I can actually think of a different guy in my life for each of those gifts, but I think the Kan Jam set would be the funnest and go over the best with my bro friends. I imagine the more beer you drink the funner that game gets.

    ayoung3360 (at) gmail (dot) com

  6. Victoria M says:

    The Canjam game is genius!

  7. Evan says:

    The Tipsy Elves Sweaters would be great to gift come late-December. Thanks so much.

  8. Steph says:

    Loved this. I am trying to find the perfect gift ideas for my boyfriend for Christmas. Out of this list, I think he’d most appreciate the pair of flint laces from RattlerStrap. Thanks!

  9. Margaret Palmer says:

    Great ideas for hard to buy for guys. I have already added the Star Wars Origami and the flint shoelaces (my favourite idea) to my shopping list. Thanks!

  10. Erika E says:

    I would love to give the Kan Jam Set as a gift. Looks like fun!

  11. Would keep the book Stuff You Should Know About Stuff for myself since I am always being told I am full of random knowledge so I would like to add to that.

  12. janicour says:

    I like the Pop cord. Great idea for anyone on your list.

  13. janicour says:

  14. First Thank you for the gift idea’s. I have such a hard time with buying for the boys in the family. I particularly like Blair’s Death Hot Sauces. I have a 26 yr old guy to buy for & he loves his hot sauce so this caught my eye.

  15. janicour says:

  16. janicour says:

  17. Julie G. says:

    I like the Tipsy Elves sweaters, that dinosaur one is perfect for a guy I know.

  18. blairs hot sauce for my hubby who loves to try new hot sauce

  19. Taps says:

    I love to gift the Sex Panther Cologne for my brother.

  20. the sweaters are hilarious, perfect for any of my bros.

  21. Marlene says:

    Tipsy Elves Sweaters – these are ugly & would be great for a christmas party at the local pub. This would be great for my friend Jay..

  22. Adam says:

    The best out of the bunch has to be the Tipsy Elves sweaters. None of my friends would ever think of re-gifting one of those!

  23. Sara LB says:

    I call ‘dibs’ (that’s right!) on the PopCord. My fiance CONSTANTLY lets his phone battery die, and it’s starting to get a bit silly now. So this would be *perfect* for a Christmas gift.

  24. Sara LB says:

    (Tipsy Elves Tweet)

  25. Sara LB says:

  26. Sara LB says:

  27. Stephen T says:

    The Tipsy Elves sweaters make me go Ho Ho Ho!!

  28. I think that the Popcard would be the best selection for my husband. He travels a lot and is constantly needing to charge his phone. This looks great – thanks so much!

  29. Audrey Skinner says:

    I would love to give my brother the Kan Jam Set. He would use it to entertain at the cottage.

  30. Cahley Tod-Tims says:

    I would love to get a Tipsy Christmas sweater for my brother, love the one of the santa peeing Merry Christmas

  31. Jessica e says:

    a Tipsy Elves sweater would make a kickin’ gift for my husband. He likes funny things like that.

  32. Tracy says:

    My husband would love the Tipsy Elves Sweaters – $69.95 each, specifically the dinosaur with the teddy bear -what a great sweater to wear to work on casual Friday the last week of work before Christmas!

  33. Caroline says:

    I would love to gift one of the Tipsy Elves Sweaters. I think they are hilarious!

  34. gloria konelsky says:

    Death and After Death Hot Sauces for my gourmet minded son and his collection of hot sauces!

  35. Rosanne Robinson says:

    The Tipsy Elves Sweaters are perfect for my hubby, we LOVE them!

  36. Darlene Boyle says:

    tipsy elves sweater

  37. Susan says:

    I think my son would love the Kan Jam set!

  38. louise says:

    Popcord, would be great my husband would love this and so would I 🙂

  39. Shelagh Macdonald says:

    Love the Kan Jam. Would be a great addition to my husband’s annual cottage man-weekend activities!

  40. Matt says:

    Those Tipsy Elves Sweaters are great! I’d love to wear the T-Rex one when I go hangout with my friends this holiday season!

  41. GARRY S says:


  42. CLC says:

    My sporty guy would love the Kanjam

  43. Brad says:

    sex panther soooooo cool

  44. Chelsea says:

    Hands down I would get the Blair’s Original Death and After Death Hot Sauces for my husband. We love having “hot” competitions at our place, when we have guests. It’s so fun…and funny to watch everyone 🙂
    But I am kind of torn between that and a Tipsy Elves Sweater – hilarious for a party, or even on Christmas day. I think my hubby would get a kick out of it!
    P/S: I love the name of “Frosty the Bro-Man”. Sounds like something I may have to implement for a gift exchange this year… Very creative!

  45. Alison K says:

    Of these kickin’ gifts for bros and buddies, I’d most like to gift the “Stuff You Should Know About Stuff by Tripp & Tyler – $16.50” book to my dear bud ‘cos he has so many toilet stories it’s not funny. The book would have permanent tabs in them & he would probably end up handing the book around just to get his point across! Hilarious!

  46. Alison K says:

    Tipsy Elves Bonus Entry: Followed & tweeted

  47. Alison K says:

    Ben Bella Books Bonus Entry: Followed & tweeted

  48. Shelley N says:

    I would love to gift the Popcord to one of the many techie family members as it would be a really handy item for one of my phone obsessed nieces or nephews or even great for my husband.

  49. SandyS says:

    Would love the Tipsy Elf Sweater. There is always a party for the ugly Christmas Sweater. The more “tipsy” you are the better the sweater!!!

  50. HopeR says:

    i would want the tipsy elf sweater, for my wonderful husband who has a great sense of humor, not only would he keep warm over the holidays but give a chuckle to family and friends when they visit1

  51. Brenda Penton says:

    I’d love to gift the Blair’s Original Death and After Death Hot Sauces to my husband. He LOVES hot sauce. The hotter, the better!

  52. Krista Embertson says:

    Tipsy Elves sweaters are where it’s at, our son just decided to take Paleontology here in Calgary, so the dino sweater is perfect on so many levels.

  53. Anne Derkat says:

    The Flint laces would be great for my son and his family who camp a lot.

  54. Caroline says:

    I’d love to surprise my son with the flint laces as he’s an avid hiker/backpacker
    you made my morning with all these unique gifts, am going to have a closer look at all of them!

  55. Thanks for the Love #toyboarders !!

  56. cookie3 says:

    I would love to surprise our fishing buddy with a set of the hot sauces.
    Blair’s Original Death and After Death Hot Sauces This friend collects hot sauces & I haven’t seen these at his place yet.
    Also like the popcords which would be great for my son.

  57. voodoo1973 says:

    These are all sweet gifts my husband would love to find under the tree, but the sweaters are the bomb!

  58. Anne says:

    I would gift the Tipsy Elves Sweaters – maily because they just make me laugh- a lot!

  59. Carly Zeeman says:

    I would love to give my husband the Kan Jam and give my brother the Elf sweater, they both would get such a kick haha! Thanks for another great contest opportunity!

  60. Carly Zeeman says:

  61. Van says:

    I would give Stuff You Should Know About Stuff – because every guy needs to know stuff – but they will NEVER ask!

  62. Carly Zeeman says:

  63. Carly Zeeman says:

  64. Sylvie Chomiak says:

    Hi to all.With the holidays right around the corner it’s hard to find something for your guy.I have 3 of them at home.Confidently and to earn brownie points with my oldest son,would be the Popcords.Thanks a bunch for your great giveaway and your great site,Love it

  65. KellyPC says:

    My hubby would love it all but the Star Wars Origami would def be his fav!
    The Birthday Boy sweater is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time!!

  66. Dan says:

    Tipsy Elf Sweaters for EVERY ONE!!!!!

  67. Grace says:

    I would love to gift the Popcord to my boyfriend because he is constantly forgetting to charge his phone!

  68. Mike Mottishaw says:

    I really dig the Flint Laces! What an awesome gift for my outdoorsy bro who works keeping salmon spawns healthy!

  69. I think the sex panther Cologne is great!

  70. Erin McSweeney says:

    i would totally gift the Pair of flint laces from RattlerStrap for my brother who loves going camping outdoors, he would love them.

  71. carrie says:

    flint laces for my hunting husband- just in case he gets lost

  72. I’d love to get that tacky Dinosaur Christmas sweater for my husband.

  73. Ann says:

    I’ve been looking for an ugly Christmas sweater, so that would be perfect!

  74. nicolthepickle says:

    I would like to gift the flint laces to my brother in Law. He’s hard to shop for, but I bet he’s use these.

  75. nicolthepickle says:

    Fb comment for Rattlerstrap.

  76. nicolthepickle says:

    My tweet to tipsy elves.

  77. nicolthepickle says:

    My tweet to Ben Bella Books.

  78. I would like the Kam Jam set….looks like a lot of fun to give or receive.

  79. ikkinlala says:

    I’d like to give the Kan Jam set because then we could all play it.

  80. beewbedard says:

    I like the Kan Jam Set – for my son

  81. aarone mawdsley says:

    I want the Popcord – ~$61 / £34.50 for my boypal!

  82. Susan T. says:

    I love all of these gifts but the Tipsy Elves sweaters are hysterical. I have a few friends who would absolutely love them. What a great conversation starter at a party! Lol!

  83. linnett says:

    The Tipsy Elves sweathers would be great for my brother as he is always playing prank at Christmas time

  84. Susan T. says:

    Toy Boarders bonus:
    I’m @suekitty13

  85. Have several guys in mind for those awesome sweaters. The Kan jam set would be a great addition to party time.

  86. LOL.. now that I’ve commented on Facebook I have NO idea how to show the link on here. NOT as computer literate as I thought I guess.

  87. Heather Swanson says:

    I would give my boyfriend John the Elves sweater for the classic Christmas picture.

  88. Edith Rennes says:

    The death hot sauce…my son-in-law would love it

  89. gemma potter says:

    I’d love to see my husband in a tipsy elves sweater this Christmas!

  90. Angela Mitchell says:

    I’d love to get my dad a Tipsy Elves sweater for Christmas — he would look hilarious in it!

  91. edmontonjb says:

    I would love to give the flint laces to my husband. He’s an outdoorsman who would think they were the coolest thing ever!

  92. katydidit21 says:

    I would love to give my son a Tipsy Elves Christmas sweater. He would love it!

  93. aly3360 says:

    Following benbellabooks and tweeted

  94. I’d LOVE to gift my husband a Tipsy Elves Sweater…they’re hilarious, and it would be perfect for Christmas day!

  95. Suzanne G says:

    I would like to gift the Kan Jam Set to my son as he loves trying out new games to play outside.

  96. Suzanne G says:

  97. Suzanne G says:

  98. Suzanne G says:

  99. Shelley N says:

    tweeted tipsy elves

  100. Joan G. says:

    My daughter could really use the Popcord – she always letting her phone lose power – sometimes at the worst possible time.

  101. Lisa Morrison says:

    I would give Popcord to my husband. I hate it when his phone dies.

  102. Michael says:

    I’d keep the Ugly Sweater for myself, but everything else would find a home with other family members!

  103. Rick Roussel says:

    Blair’s Original Death and After Death Hot Sauces Give me the ease sauces I love making hot wing and trying new flavours

  104. Maryanne says:

    My brother could really use this stuff!

  105. aly3360 says:

    Following pop cord and tweeted

  106. intensev5 says:

    My husband would love one of those great and funny xmas sweaters from Tipsy Elves Sweaters

  107. The tipsy elves sweaters are awesome! There’s always sweater parties at Christmas.

  108. mousecat says:

    I’d be most likely to buy Copy of Stuff You Should Know About Stuff as a gift – ’cause I’ve witnessed some awkward situations. Maybe I could help a guy out?!

  109. truckerofbc says:

    The Flint Laces would be great or the Sex Panther

  110. Burcu says:

    I’d love to get Popcord so I can charge my phone on the go

  111. mark blommers says:

    those tipsy elfs sweaters would be awesome! i go to a christmast sweater party every year, and those would be perfect!

  112. L.S. Watson says:

    the phone charger and the little green boarder men. i know so many guys who love the little green army men….

  113. Kiersten says:

    The Tipsy elvis sweaters are hilarious and I would love to have one

  114. melanie borhi says:

    Tipsys elves sweaters because they look so rad and I can wear for the upcoming holidays 🙂

  115. kevin snyder says:

    those tipsy elves sweaters are awesome. the birthday boy one is hilarious

  116. mcmc says:

    The Ugly Sweaters are so funny they would be worth wearing

  117. aly3360 says:

    Following Toy Boarders on instagram and liked and commented on this photo

  118. SueSueper says:

    I would most want to gift Blair’s Original Death and After Death Hot Sauces because I have a few men in my life that I would like for them to get a good KICK out of theses sauces! ❤

  119. lorna says:

    kanjam for my son!

  120. joyce s. says:

    I like the flint laces – would be great for camping.

  121. Edmond says:

    Re: OMG , luv the flint laces. Wow, $225 prize pack is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity.

  122. aly3360 says:

    commented on rattler strap facebook

  123. Amy M says:

    Love the Popcord and the flintlaces but my husband complains more about his phone dying than about being unable to start fires with his shoelaces.

  124. Janice Lewis says:

    I would gift the flint laces to me bf. We are campers and this would totally make his day.

  125. Amy says:

    I’d love a Tipsy Elves sweater for myself. They’re creative and colourful and great for xmas time.

  126. aly3360 says:

    like kan jam and posted

  127. Sunshine G says:

    My brother in law would love to try that hot sauce!

  128. JordanK says:

    My husband would LOVE one T-Rex Sweater from Tipsy Elves.

  129. Sarah N. says:

    I think the tipsy elves sweaters are very cute.

  130. Vicki H says:

    I want a Tipsy Elves sweater… I think I’d like the reindeer one…you don’t realize unless you take a second look….

  131. Nancy says:

    The Flint Laces because he, well we, likes campfires whilst camping.

  132. Victoria Ess says:

    I want the Tipsy Elves Sweaters!

  133. Kristy says:

    My hubby has been nagging me for an ugly Christmas sweater and the ones from Tipsy a Elves are perfect! I

  134. Victoria Ess says:

    instagram name: victoriaess2:

  135. Trevor Matychuk says:

    Star Wars Origami for my bro in law. He can’t get enough Star Wars stuff, right up his alley.

  136. Cheryl says:

    My son would LOVE the toy boarders! Although, I’d hate to step on them–ouch!
    Would be a great stocking stuffer, for sure.

  137. Elena says:

    The Tipsy Elves sweaters, they are hilarious and I’d love to give one as a gift to my brother in law

  138. Maegan Morin says:

    I would like to get the Kan Jam set for my husband!

  139. The Ugly Elves sweater for my sweetie. He is a collector! Thanks for the chance

  140. Shehnas Ay says:

    I would like to give my husband the sex panther cologne, so he can smell nice!

  141. Julia H says:

    I’d most like to gift the Star Wars origami because it’s something my boyfriend would love.

  142. Betty S says:

    I would love to give the Star Wars Origami, it looks like fun and a challenge

  143. Heather Arnould says:

    Definitely the Flint Laces. My brothers-in-law are great outdoors men and would l would love to gift these to them.

  144. Evren Ay says:

    Liked on facebook! Great gift idea for the hubby!

  145. Karen Daniel says:

    Hubby would love the Sex Panther!!!!!

  146. stacey h says:

    i would gift the hot sauce to my brother, i would love one of the touques!

  147. Aimee says:

    I’d love to get can jam game. My boys would love it

  148. Colleen Rose says:

    Tipsy elves sweater rocks !

  149. kim heintz says:

    The Tipsy Elves sweaters are ADORABLE.

  150. darci p says:

    The Christmas sweater has my vote!!

  151. NANCY says:

    The Kan Jam Set would be a great gift. Looks like fun!

  152. diane welburn says:

    i would love the popcord

  153. Amy says:

    Tipsy elf sweater would be soo fun for under the tree for my hubs

  154. Soon to be Mommy of 2 says:

    My husband loves eating hot wings so I’d love to buy him Blair’s Original Death and After Death Hot Sauces – $9.49 / $11.49 @

  155. Karim L says:

    The popcord is very useful but I would dig the Original Death sauces.

  156. RaeD. says:

    A Tipsy Elves sweater for fun!

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