Tik Tik Tik Titika Boom

I am *excited* about today’s featured brand. For one thing, they are Canadian – Titika Active Couture (hereby Titika) was created and is still designed to this day in Toronto. For another, as someone who works out on the regular, I have to tell you what a h-u-g-e difference cute activewear can make in motivating you to get off the couch to s-l-i-m down. Although…that’s not all Titika is about. Their gear has a ton of design and chicness behind it, with ripped-from-the-runway inspiration and plenty of pieces meant for lounging and hitting the town, amongst their more traditional gym fare. Today I’ve handpicked a few of my faves – all of which would make swell gift ideas for the gym bunnies and lounge ladies alike in your life.

Titika LeggingsRomanesque Leggings – $106 + Notradame Leggings – $88 + Simone Crops – $68
These chic leggings above pretty much demonstrate what I was talking about in terms of the day-to-night, gym-to-drinks appeal of Titika’s clothing. Made from super comfortable, moisture wicking Supplex Lycra, these pants will hug your body like nobody’s business and won’t ride up whether you’re rocking a downward dog or on mile 10 if your spin class. The chic mesh panels on the side not only look sexy, they also provide extra ventilation. But perhaps what’s even cooler, if you’ll pardon the pun, is the fact they can easily be dressed up for a night on the town post-barre class. Throw on a tunic or a knit sweater and you’ve instantly got a chic girl on the go look.

Titika E-Cozy Sweater BE-Cozy Sweater B – $138
You know how sometimes when you’re watching an ep of Project Runway, Heidi will say something akin to, “A million girls would kill for that sweater”? That’s sort of how I feel about this chic, versatile cotton sweater that’s the latest incarnation of one of Titika’s most popular products. Rendered in plum purple and classic black, this drapey sweater can be worn loose or tied up for a cool to-the-gym or post-gym smoothies look over your leo or sports bra. But I also think it works equally well with a pair of jeans, or with one of the aforementioned trendsetting Titika leggings. Or you know…don’t go out at all. Wrap yourself in its snuggly softness, settle down for a cup of tea, and just bask in the fact you are probably in the 1% in terms of coziest people in the world.

Titika Carren PantCarren Pant – $78
If you’re looking for straight up workout gear because you’re shopping for someone who actually hits the gym on the regular, than you can’t go wrong with these punchy leggings. In fact, Titika offers tons of ‘bottoms‘ in multiple lengths – from full-lengths like those above, to crops, to shorts. Their workout-geared pants in particular are all made from Supplex Lycra, a material known for its anti-shrink, anti-wrinkle properties (plus it wicks moisture away during your workout so your body doesn’t have to exert as much energy in trying to cool you down). For whatever reason, I kept on gravitating back to these black leggings with two bright pops of colour – but if you want something a little more subtle, the same style is also available with lace panels in the same spots.

Titika JacketsRunners Jacket B – $98 + Munich Jacket – $88
People abroad must think we’re nuts. As soon as the weather pops above zero in the winter (and even when it stays well below) I see plenty of folks zipping up in their performance gear and going for a jog in the snow. If you’re shopping for someone that’s content to pound the snow-packed pavement, then consider outfitting them with one of Titika’s quick-dry, active jackets. They actually offer much more heavy duty options than the two I’ve highlighted above, but these two appealed to me for their versatility. If you are going through a ‘mild’ bout of winter and don’t want to sweat it out in your parka en route to the gym, a lightweight zip up is a great way to keep the heat in and cold out for that sprint from the car to the building. It can also be layered under other pieces as a way to stay warm while wicking away any sweat that can build up while say, skating with your guy at an outdoor rink (bonus points for the high neck on both of these to offer that much more protection). And as with virtually all of Titika’s pieces , they also make swell loungewear for when you just feel like putting on something touchably soft.

Titika ClutchClutch – $22
Fitness wear doesn’t usually scream ‘clutch bag!’ but hear me out on this one. Titika offers two versions – basic black and the gold embroidered style you see above – of small clutch bags that are the definition of multi-purpose. They’re classy enough that you could easy nab one from your backpack and stuff it with essentials for a post-workout night on the town. But while you’re getting your sweat on, they also serve a purpose at the gym. Because of their water-resistant lining, you can stash things like your sweaty sports bra or swimsuit to keep them apart from your other (presumably dry) things. Or to flip things in reverse, you can use the case as protection for things you definitely don’t want to come into contact with your fitness gear; like toiletries, a change of underwear, or electronics. The price point is just right too, making this an affordable introduction to the brand for a good friend that’s receiving a gift from you this Christmas.

Titika Sports BrasEra Bra – $32 + Virtual Bra – $44 + Inferno Bra – $40
How many different ways can one reinvent the humble sports bra? Apparently dozens, if you take a peek at Titika’s ‘Bras‘ section alone (keep in mind – they’re regularly adding new designs!) While the brand offers some more traditional cuts, they also push the style factor up by experimenting with unique strap placements and cutouts that allow your back to stay cool – and look pretty damn hot. Of course, pretty isn’t overpowering practical. All of Titika’s sports bras are still designed with performance in mind, with four-way stretch, removable cups, and a good amount of support. These inspired sports bras are particularly ace for the hot yoga maven in your midst; if you’ve ever sweated your way through a class suddenly you’ll get why open back or sheer tees are so popular in the yoga community – although really, these’ll work for any workout. Be sure to check out the alternate colours available for the styles I highlighted above!

While I’ve highlighted six product types above, there’s way more on offer at Titika – which also operates shops throughout Southern Ontario for those of you looking to try their gear on for yourself. Want a cute tank to show off your sexy new sports bra? They’ve got you literally covered. Looking for some cute fitness-oriented stocking stuffers? Try out one of their bang-banishing no-slip headbands. Ultimately I’ll wrap things up by saying ‘watch this space’. Titika has already made an impressive splash in the Ontarian market (and online shoppers across Canada, for those in the know, which now includes you) and I see great, great things for them in the future.

Oh, and I see great, great things for you too. Titika is giving you the chance to pick out a top and bottom of your choice (subject to sizing availability of course), so you can sweat off your holiday calories in style (or you know…lounge in style). Want to win this stylish prize? Here’s how to enter:

1) First things first (I’m the realest…) You’ve gotta subscribe to the Canadian Gift Guide by entering your email (or clicking ‘Follow’) in the ‘Gift of Gab’ Box’ on the righthand column of this page.You MUST be a subscriber to enter this giveaway – if you already subscribe, go you! Once you’ve signed up, leave a comment on this post by December 26, 2014, telling me what styles from Titika Active Couture you’d pick if you were the winner.

2) Entries are limited to one per person / per email address / per household (or more if you score bonus entries). A random draw will be conducted on or around December 27, 2014 to select the winner(s), who will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen in their place.

3) Entries are limited to Canadians that have reached the age of majority in their province. Quebec is not eligible for this promotion.

4) Bonus Entry: There are a few ways to score extra entries into this super sweet draw. Whatever entries you take part in, it is imperative that you leave proof of your bonus entry activities in separate comments. If you do them all in one comment, they won’t be counted.

– Follow Titika Active Couture on Instagram and either Regram one of their photos or share one an image on their site on your own feed. Link back to your shared photo below.

– Follow Titika Active Couture on Twitter and send out a Tweet about this giveaway that tags them and me (@cdngiftguide) and links back to this post. Link back to your Tweet in a separate comment below.

146 Responses to “Tik Tik Tik Titika Boom”
  1. dorcontest says:

    Yes, I subscribe by email. If I win I would choose the Reagan Tank top or the Kimball Sweater. So hard to decide. Also for the bottom I would choose the Charge Pant but I also did like the Lynch Pant. See what I mean? LOL Thanks for the review and the giveaway.
    dorcontest at gmail dot com

  2. I love the Runners Jacket B and the Carren Pant.

  3. dorcontest says:

    – Follow Titika Active Couture on Twitter @doreenlamoureux and tweeted

    dorcontest at gmail dot com

  4. Debra says:

    Lovely looking clothes. I would like the e-cozy sweater – even the name is great. Also the romanesque leggings. Difficult choice though.

  5. Laura says:

    I absolutely love all of your choices but mine would be the E-Cozy Sweater B and the Carren Pant.

  6. intensev5 says:

    I really like the RUNNERS JACKET top and the WISDOM PANTS B bottoms.

  7. Cheryl A says:

    Lynch Pant and Pipa Top…

  8. Susanne Craig says:

    I really like the E-cozy Sweater style and the Clutch.

  9. Linda says:

    Would love to try the E-Cozy Sweater with the Carren pants

  10. Jason Quarrie says:

    I’d HATE to have to choose a winning top+bottom combination, since if I win this would be a gift for my girlfriend and I’d want her to pick the combination she loves most. But the ones that catch my eye the most are the Simone Crops + Virtual Bra.

  11. Lara A says:

    The virtual and inferno bra…love them both!

  12. Lynn M says:

    Really like the runners jacket (and the Munich jacket as well).

  13. pat h says:

    I’d choose the runners jacket b and clutch

  14. Alison K says:

    I’m a subscriber. If I were the winner, I’d pick their Ornette Jacket top & their Wisdom Pants B bottoms … I’m all about staying warm & comfy! Thanks 🙂

  15. Alison K says:

    @titikaactive bonus entry: FOLLOWING & TWEETED https://twitter.com/SoulSeeker0/status/544171739773952000

  16. C. Dowling says:

    E-Cozy Sweater B

  17. C. Dowling says:

  18. C. Dowling says:

    Followed on Instagram

  19. KerriR says:

    I would pick the Titika E-Cozy Sweater BE-Cozy Sweater B

  20. dabrowne says:

    i would pick the runners jacket

  21. Katherine says:

    I would love a Runners Jacket! They look so warm and stylish. Also the clutch would be great to store keys, my cell and plastic bags when I walk my dogs lol 🙂

  22. Leah says:

    I’d pick the Julia Sweater or the Kimball sweater!

  23. Manuel Vizcaya says:

    I would get the E-Cozy Sweater B to match the Romanesque Leggings.

  24. I’d get the Lucky Fleece leggings and the E-Cozy Sweater B in purple. So cool!

  25. I follow TitikaActive on twitter

  26. Evren Ay says:

    I like the E-Cozy sweater!

  27. Susan Patterson says:

    My choice would be the E-Cozy sweater -thanks!

  28. Julie G. says:

    I’d choose the E-Cozy Sweater B in Black Heather and the Charge Pant.
    I’m a subscriber.

  29. LINDA says:

    I really like the runners’ jacket.

  30. Valerie Gibson says:

    My choice would be the Munich Jacket.

  31. Toks W says:

    Love the Prim Jacket. That’s be my pick

  32. SandyS says:

    Every cozy sweater looks so comfy

  33. Katie says:

    I would pick the Reagan Tank and the lucky fleece leggings

  34. I really love the look the cozy sweater, and it looks cozy, I also like the Soul leggings

  35. Audrey Skinner says:

    I would choose the Munich jacket and the Carran pant.

  36. Linda says:

    I’d choose the E Cozy Sweater B and Wisdom Pants B–pretty clothing.

  37. I would choose the Runner’s jacket and the Carran pant

  38. mcmc says:

    E-cozy Sweater style and the Clutch would be choice

  39. linnett says:

    The E-Cozy sweater and the Munich jacket, thanks

  40. aclily19 says:

    E-cozy sweater

  41. Karen says:

    Love the clutch bag and the carren pants.

  42. Kelly says:

    I like the E-cozy sweater!

  43. c conway says:

    I would love the Munich Jacket and the Carren pants. Thank you

  44. Joan G. says:

    the E-cozy Sweater and the Careen Pants for me

  45. Burcu says:

    I love Dame Top and Jane Top

  46. eeverg says:

    Romanesque Leggings and E-cozy Sweater for my picks

  47. Brayden says:

    I would love to wear the E-cozy sweater B this winter!

  48. Mike Mottishaw says:

    I would choose the E Cozy sweater, the clutch and the Runners Jacket all for my niece Amber- right up her alley!

  49. Patricia says:

    Love the E-Cozy Sweater B

  50. KellyPC says:

    I really love the Ariosto Sweater in the grey ombre & the Wisdom Pants “B” I love the purple heather color of the Lucky Leggings too!

  51. Joanne Thompson says:

    I would choose E-cozy Sweater B if i were a winner.

  52. Dale Steele Nicolov says:

    I would choose the Jane top and the lucky fleece leggings.

  53. katydidit21 says:

    I would choose the E-Cozy Sweater B and the Romanesque Leggings.

  54. katydidit21 says:


  55. Victoria M says:

    The Munich Jacket is awesome.

  56. Grace says:

    I love the Dame top and Lynch pants!

  57. Taps says:

    I would like the E-Cozy Sweater B.

  58. nicolthepickle says:

    I am a subscriber and I like the Angelica leggings and the Arch top is really nice too.

  59. nicolthepickle says:

    I tweeted!

  60. lisa bolduc says:

    love the prim jacket with the inna pants

  61. Tracy says:

    I would get the E Cozy Sweater B (for me) and the Wisdom Pants B (for my teen daughter- who would probably never take them off again!).

  62. Galyna B says:

    If I won I would definitely pick the E-Cozy Sweater B and the Romanesque leggings. I want everything though, it’s really all nice:)

  63. carrie says:

    lynch pant and munich jacket !

  64. Lindsey says:

    the e-cozy sweater and Romanesque leggings

  65. Candace Rudy says:

    LOVE the leggings. I want all three! But if I had to pick I would take the Simone.

  66. Elaine R says:

    I subscribe by email. I would choose the Gee Bee Sweater and the Wendy Crop Pants.

  67. Rae D. says:

    Elle Jacket. The leggings are fun, too.

  68. Cahley Tod-Tims says:

    I like the Munich jacket and all the sports bras

  69. Jessica e says:

    subscribed: jssychan@yahoo.com. lucky legging in pink static heather and mosaic bomber top =)

  70. Mary Warner says:

    Inferno Bra

  71. lindsay d. says:

    i love the inferno bra!

  72. Suzanne G says:

    I would choose the Kate Top or Reagan Tank and the Simon Crops.

  73. Mike Mottishaw says:

    sure like the E-Cozy sweater !

  74. lorna says:

    e cosy sweater with wisdom pants

  75. Jessica Lord says:

    i would choose the e-cozy sweater

  76. Janice Lewis says:

    Paris Tank looks awesome!

  77. photomum says:

    I like the Charge Pants”

  78. aarone mawdsley says:

    I like Runners Jacket B – $98 + Munich Jacket – $88

  79. Sunshine G says:

    I’d pick the Carren pants.

  80. Sherry K says:

    I think I will choose the Ariosto Sweater and the Lynch Pant, but there are a lot of great things.

  81. M. Archambeau says:

    I like the Eara shorts and the E-Cozy sweater. But I’d wear them separately!

  82. Vanessa L says:

    I would choose the Munich Jacket and the Notradame Leggings!

  83. cookie3 says:

    I’d pick the Chandra top & Wisdom Pants B

  84. Jennifer Deol says:

    Even if I don’t win this fabulous prize, I’m getting:
    Preach Tank in Pink Silver Yarn and Romanesque Leggings in Black

  85. Lisa Morrison says:

    I would pick the Dame Top.

  86. Maggie Jorge says:

    cozy sweater and munich jacket

  87. Tina L. says:

    I like the Marathon Jacket.

  88. Brenda Penton says:

    I would pick the Alicia Pants and the Alice Jacket

  89. Pam says:

    those bras would be great for hot yoga

  90. Kiersten says:

  91. Kiersten says:

    i like the runners jacket b!

  92. Julia H says:

    I’d pick the Lucky Fleece Leggings.

  93. Irene says:

    I like the piping down the sides of these Charge Pants. http://shop.titika.ca/collections/shop/products/11291

  94. SamanthaD says:

    Followed @titikaactive and tweeted.

  95. Susan T. says:

    So many great options! I love the E-Cozy Sweater B and the Wisdom Pants B.

  96. Susan T. says:

    Instagram bonus entry: http://instagram.com/p/wvH8pgKS7z/?modal=true
    I’m @suekitty13

  97. GARRY S says:


  98. Jasen H says:

    If I won I’d get the E-Cozy Sweater B and the feather light scarf

  99. Loretta Krauter says:

    I’d be lining up for the gold embroidered clutch – love it!

  100. stellar says:

    If I won, I’d love to have each of the Marathon jacket, Elle jacket, Lace sweater and the Wisdom pants B!

  101. stellar says:

  102. truckerofbc says:

    My wife would love this clutch

  103. shelby says:

    Infared bra

  104. Huguette E. says:

    I like the Simone Crops pants and Emporis Tank top.

  105. Carla B says:

    I would pick the reagan tank and the wisdom pants.

  106. teganmtaylor says:

    Love the Romanesque Leggings & the Inferno BRa

  107. Jennifer Weidmann says:

    I love the bras. The backs are so unique.

  108. SueSueper says:

    I would choose the ELLE JACKET and the LYNCH PANT

  109. aly3360 says:

    I like the jane top in grey static heather and the Lynch pant. I think those are the two i’d pick if i won.

  110. aly3360 says:

  111. beach650 says:

    so glad you posted about this – I had no idea Titika existed and it’s full of awesome! top: MARBLE JACKET ( or the Jody Jacket) and SIMONE CROPS

  112. beach650 says:


  113. Dreena says:

    I like the Flashdance Top in Black and the Crisp Pant.

  114. Dreena says:

    Followed and tweeted:

  115. stacey h says:

    i like the ‘jane top’ and Lucky FLEECE Leggings. they are all so pretty!

  116. Victoria Ess says:

    I love the Era tank and bra! The Mitchell bra also looks awesome!

  117. zahra premji says:

    I would pick the Simone capri and the Julia sweater

  118. marylarock says:

    Oh its easy…E cozy sweater!

  119. Donna L. says:

    I’d pick the Era tank and Edward jacket.

  120. Donna L. says:

    I Follow @Titika Active Couture on Twitter and tweeted https://twitter.com/jamgrl88/status/546578208187891712

  121. kelly says:

    I’ve never heard of this line before, after viewing some of the items I will be heading to their website for a further look see.

  122. mitchel bra andNOTRADAME LEGGINGS

  123. Laura F. says:

    I would choose Simone Crops and the Wayne Tank

  124. Sylvia S. says:

    I like the Studio Jacket.

  125. Janet says:

    I would pick the E-Cozy sweater B and Wisdom pants B. Everything looks so wearable and beautiful!

  126. Wanda Bergman says:

    I like the Kimball sweater.

  127. aimee says:

    E cozy sweater and the simone crops

  128. ksceviour says:

    I`m a subscriber,,and I would chose the Orsay Sweater and the Lynch pants!

  129. ksceviour says:

    I follow them on twitter & tweeted

  130. ksceviour says:

    I follow them on instagram and regrammed this pic

  131. Trevor says:

    My wife and my daughter both love the Marble Jacket.

  132. Trevor says:

  133. Michael L. says:

    I like the Studio Jacket.

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